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  1. Before I say anything, I'm going to give you the code to reply. Name on MA: Name on Facebook: Moderation Title: List of "public" characters you post on: (Tag them up please.) Other social media accounts you want to be reachable on: (include alternate facebook if we can reach you there.) Do you agree to keep your contact info current as long as you are part of Team MA? Now I'm gonna tag a whole bunch of you before I post about it in our group. @Ed @Edan @Hunter @Victoria @Emma @Kelly @Kristie @Rachel @Rose - FB: Rose Rickson-Young - on mod break estimated date of return March 1st @Sarah Our posts will stay in this thread, and only FB and leave notices will go in this post. Thank you all for your prompt replies.
  2. Ben Braelynn CoraBeth Daisy Gus Kensi Mari Maxwell Oderic Sage Samson Sarah Uristan Xidus
  3. Rose

    In here are works by the writer, that are scattered across the net. I haven't decided what I will do with them, but I want them in one place. Feel free to read, if you want to copy anything out please ask.
  4. Rose

    All Hallows Eve

    RP Time: Oct 31: All Hollows Eve. At Beaux there will be a costume contest and trick or treating. For Adults we will be renting a castle in Marselle to host an old fashion Halloween.
  5. Rose

    Professional Quidditch Game

    RP Time: Nov 17: French National Quiddich vs French team to be decided. Students may attend with permission slips.
  6. Rose

    An American Thanksgiving

    RP Time: Nov 28: An American Thanksgiving. Location to be announced.
  7. Rose

    Town Weekend

    RP Time: Oct 12: Beauxbatons Town Weekend.
  8. Rose

    Town Weekend

    RP Time: Nov 30: Beauxbatons Town Weekend.
  9. Rose

    Adults on the Water

    RP Time: Sept 21: Adults on the Water Cruise. The school cruise ship will be open to adults only, in Nice, for a candle lit cruise around the Mediterranean.
  10. Rose

    First Day of Beauxbatons

    RP Time: Sept 3: The carriages will pick up students all across France for Beauxbatons. This evening will be the Back to School Ball.
  11. Here on MA we really welcome plots. If you would like to submit one for consideration this list should help you know who to PM. Student Plots: France - @Rose Norway - @Kristie UK - @Emily Adult or Site Wide Plots: @Ed Feel free to PM us an idea. We'll get back to you as soon as the Site Coven has had a chance to look it over. If we have questions we will ask them, otherwise you will get a yes or no quickly.
  12. What does one need to do to get a plot approved?
  13. Muhahahaha... I'm beautiful.