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  1. Nudity was definitely something to encourage right now - and maybe for most of their honeymoon. Oz continued working on undressing Jac, his lips caressing his husband's jaw and throat as he removed his shirt, and then moving to kiss his chest.
  2. "It hardly needs repaying," Ozias said softly, and then he leaned in to kiss his new husband soundly. He loved Jac so much that he felt as though his heart might burst, and he was thrilled that he got to spend the rest of his life like this. Gently, he kissed his beloved, his passion so far restrained; at the same time, his fingers expertly undid his new husband's tie and started on the buttons.
  3. LATE JANUARY 2023 PREVIOUS POSTS @Jacques Lowe "Vowing to be yours forever," Oz said gently, smiling warmly at his husband. His fingers slid up to undo his lover's tie, and he kissed Jac on his nose before going to capture his mouth tenderly. "I'm looking forward to spoiling you for the rest of my life."
  4. OZIAS WARWICK LOWETHIRTY-FOUR, BORN JANUARY 3, PUREBLOODHUFFLEPUFF ALUM, OWNER OF OWLS ÉLÉGANTES, INVESTORGAY, VERS, VERY SEXUALMARRIED TO JACQUES LOWE September 2022 [M] All Your Perfect Imperfections with Jacques Michaud October 2022 [M] I like the way you work it with Jacques Michaud November 2022 [M] You Can Sing Me Anything with Jacques Michaud January 2023 You Ought To Give Me Wedding Rings with Jacques Lowe [M] Penguins and Extravagance with Jacques Lowe