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  1. Zach nodded and smiled back at her when Sydney said that Lenneth was going to love being a big sister. "She's been wanting a sibling for a long time, but obviously I couldn't give her one before," he chuckled softly. He probably could have adopted a child when he was single, but then he had met Gideon and everything had clicked into place with him. But obviously now he was able to give their daughter that special sibling bond that she had been wanting.
  2. Zach was still in a little bit of shock after he had given birth, but it had been a surprisingly wonderful experience. Having his husband right there by his side, as they welcomed their new children into the world made the whole thing perfect. He hadn't believed the doctors when they had told them that there was still a baby in his stomach after they had pulled Aubrey out, but as it turned out the two little ones were hiding a secret. Gideon cutting the cords of their new daughter and son was the best part of his pregnancy, and he couldn't wait for Len to meet her new brother and sister. So Zach was still laying in his hospital bed with one baby in each arm while his husband went to get their older daughter.
  3. September 2, 2024 No one noticed at the party, or if they did no one said anything to me. But Len was so happy to find out that she's going to be a big sister. She has wanted this for so long, but obviously I couldn't give her a sibling when I was a single father. But now we have Gideon and soon this new baby, our perfect little family is growing and I can't wait to meet our new little princess. I know that Len will be an amazing big sister.
  4. Zch was perfectly happy with having more children, and he knew that Lenneth really wanted a brother or sister to play with. Plus she was seven now and he knew that she would be able to hold a baby and watch after it for a few minutes if need be. Zach looked up, out of ihs thoughts, when Gideon agreed that exploring sounded like a good idea. So he climbed out with him and smiled as he placed his hand in his husband's before they walked back into their room. He washed up and dried off before getting redressed. "What should we do first?" {Want to wrap this one up?}
  5. Zach closed his eyes and groaned as Gideon moaned on him while he bobbed his mouth up and down his shaft. He ran his hand through his husband's hair and gently pulled at it while he enjoyed the blowjob that he was giving him. "Shit," he moaned out as Gideon sucked on his balls. If he wasn't careful Zach was going to come soon. "Baby, fuck me," he groaned as he stared down at him, watching his mouth move over his cock.
  6. Zach's back arched and he kept moaning as Gideon pounded into his ass. "Oh fuck," he wwhisppered when he felt his husband fill him up with his come. Laying there feeling a little breathless, he could feel his own starting to dry on the bottom of his stomach. Zach smiled as Gideon clung to him and kissed his neck. He pouted as Gideon sat up on the edge of the bed, before she pulled him back down next to him so they could cuddle.
  7. Zach smiled when he heard her laugh this time. He had really missed that during their time apart, it had been one of his favorite things when they were younger and had been dating. Zach nodded when she asked if they knew the sex of the baby yet. "It's a girl," he smiled. At least as far as he knew it was but was he in for a surprise.
  8. Zach smiled when he felt Gideon nuzzle his hand with his cheek before he kissed his palm. He groaned as Gideon told him to come for him before he moaned loudly as he thrust harder into him. His hand that was cupping Gideon's cheek moved so he could tangle his fingers in his hair as they made out, while his other hand reached down to grab one of Gideon's so he could wrap it around his cock. It didn't take long after that, with Gideon pounding into his ass and stroking his cock it wasn't long until Zach was moaning out Gideon's name as he came all over his hand.
  9. Zach groaned softly as his husband continued to stroke him, making him nice and hard in his hand. He smirked when Gideon winked at him, before he moaned as he took him into his mouth. "Gideon," he moaned out as he reached down to run his fingers through his husband's hair.
  10. "Mhm," Zach replied when Gideon told him nothing. He wasn't against having more children, he just hadn't been expecting to have that conversation so soon after just getting married. He watched as Gideon floated around the pool, before he laid down to join him. "We should go explore something."
  11. "Me too," Zach smiled back at Gideon when he said that he was looking forward to it. He gasped softly when he moved to his other nipple, tugging at it with his teeth. Zach caressed his hands up and down his husband's sides, enjoying as he touched him back. He moaned lightly and his hips thrust up into Gideon's hand when he started to stroke his cock.
  12. Zach lovingly stared up at his husband, with a hint of lust for the other man in his eyes. He moaned as Gideon started to speed up a little and slid into him even deeper. He reached down to caress his hand over Gideon's thigh, before he leaned up to kiss him back. It was a little bit tricky with his large stomach but they always made it work. He smirked when he heard his husband moan and he reached up with his other hand to cup Gideon's cheek, stroking his thumb against his soft skin. "Oh god, right there," Zach groaned out against Gideon's mouth when he found his prostate.
  13. Zach was looking at a painting of some flowers and fruit, while he debated if he should say hello to her. He noticed as she started walking over to him and he smiled when he saw her laughing, he was sure that the sight of his stomach was probably amusing. He found himself chuckling softly when she asked what was new and how everyonewas doing. "They're both doing well, they're actually at the park right now." He answered as he reached down to caress his stomach without really realizing it. "As for me, well," he chuckled again as he looked down at his stomach.
  14. Zach wasn't entirely sure why he had decided to go into town today. While Gideon and Len were at the park he was going to just relax at home. Make himself some lunch and maybe read a book to Aubrey, but instead he found himself walking around Lillehammer. He thought about going to get some family tickets for the amusement park, almost like a last minute staycation for the family before the new baby came. But instead of walking towards the amusement park, Zach found himself walking towards the art museum. He didn't really mind looking at some art though, so he just went with it as he let his legs lead him to the museum. Some time after he had walked inside he could almost instantly recognize the beautiful brunette across the room, the only other woman he had ever loved besides his mother. What did he do? Should he go over and start up a conversation with her? They hadn't seen each other since Lenneth's birthday, before he had started looking obviously pregnant.
  15. Zach had actually debated on just skipping lunch that day, because absolutely nothing sounded good to him. But he knew that he had to have something because he wanted his baby girl to remain as strong and healthy as possible. So he grabbed a turkey sandwich, some fruit and a bottle of water from the dining hall before he walked over to the staff lounge to eat. Zach was roughly around seven months pregnant but he probably looked more around nine or ten months, thanks to a little secret unknown to everyone except the child growing inside of him. When he walked into the lounge he was a little surprised to hear an infant crying, before he saw Thomas with Phoenix. He walked over and set his things down on the table before he held out his arms to his brother-in-law. "May I?" He thought as he smiled softly at Thomas, holding out his hands to take his nephew. It had been a very long time since he had tried to calm an upset baby but with his own on the way he knew that he was going to have to get good at it again.