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  1. Maybe there was a potion to dull down the fire inside of her something she could look up or ask a healer. She needed to make sure she would have it returned if and when she needed it and the potions and stuff wouldn’t harm the baby. Beatrice knew Eli had been training to be a healer he healer her up when she was a drunken mess. As she kissed him his hand wrapped to her waist holding her as she kissed him back, as she pulled herself practically into lap as they kept kissing. Her hands moving th the back of his head as she held him closer, her legs moving to around his waist either side as she hummed softly against his lips as she pulled away for a second to breath.
  2. The one thing she was worried about was her fire ability, if she lost control she could do so much damage she had read up about magical abilities during pregnancy. “I hope so Eli, I’ll give you a few days just to be certain” she said wanting to make sure he had a clear head when he actually made his choice and what he wanted. Bea was so used to shutting people out and putting up walls she was used to people leaving. She didn’t want that to happen here but she understood it if it happened. There would be no bad blood between them yes she would be upset and hurt but she couldn’t force him to stay with her. “Okay sweetie” she said as he apperated home to get changed probably or get some stuff, though he ought to start leaving some of his here for moments like this seeing as they were not much serious then before. “Hi” she said smiling as she leaned in and cupped his face kissing him softly.
  3. Things would soon change and she hoped that she wouldn’t let the hormones get to her that much. She didn’t want to be grumpy and snappy at him but she was sure he would understand right? They had lots to talk about that was for sure but for now their conversation was pretty much over. Though cuddling in bed they could speak but she knew she would probably drift off. One thing was for sure she would miss whiskey for the next nine months something she had grew dependant of to help her cope and now she didn’t have anything to help cope if things got tough. “But you could just say that because of the moment” she said as he lead her to her room as she closed the door behind them. As she walked to her dresser she took out her silk top and bottoms she changed and then sat on her bed undoing her braid letting her long hair cascade around her body as she looked at Eli.
  4. Fate had a twisted way of working she had been heart broken when she had met Eli and now her and Eli were in this whirl world romance. It was so fast you could blink and miss it entirely. So far their relationship was good they had fought and they spent so much time together it was nice. Bea couldn’t wait to see what their future held for them, she knew she needed and wanted him in her life she just hoped he would stay the whole course. Her cheeks flared as he said that she was his everything to. It was nice to hear, really nice. “Eli” she said nuzzling his neck kissing his skin breathing him in. “Really?” She asked tilting her head as she pulled away a little to look at him. “Can we go cuddle in bed, as I don’t wanna fall asleep on you. As you would have to move me” she said honestly she was tired she had worked herself up all day to tell him this. Now she had she could relax but she was emotionally and physically drained. Her hands caressed his face as she shuffled off the sofa and stood holding her hands out for him.
  5. Once he had calmed down and colour returned to his cheeks she could relax not having to worry about him also. Beatrice hadn’t really thought about her future after Aaron they were engaged and were in works of planning a wedding until she found him cheating on her. Since then she didn’t even know what life was going to throw her way, she just knew she was so very happy and lucky that Eli remained in her life after the first night he found her. Saved her from herself and what could of happened. Since then she had grown to fall in love again something she didn’t think was possible at all until Paris. Bea didn’t regret anything, she just hoped that this wasn’t just a phase for him. That this is what he really wanted as there was no going back after this. “Me too Eli, you mean everything to me” she said kissing his cheek softly before she closed her eyes as he held her as she nuzzled into him. Being in his arms was like heaven the safest place for her to be. “I know it’s scary right?” She admitted there was no book on how to be the perfect parent and with what happened to her family she was terrified.
  6. The thought of someone killing their unborn child made her body physically ache as she tried not to think about that option. Then adoption to give birth to a baby and never seeing it again would kill her like if the baby died too while she was delivering it worse she wound never forgive herself. There was only one option and that was for her and Eli to raise it, as a family. As he placed his hand firmer against her stomach she smiled even more. Taking a deep breath she nodded her head able to breath properly since looking at the leaflets. “Phew because I didn’t know what you were thinking and I didn’t know what else to say. Other than let you come to this on your own” she said blushing more as he kissed her cheek. Seeing the colour go from his face she shifted placing her hand to his cheek. Hearing what he said she shook her head, Logan wasn’t around anymore to kill him even if Logan wanted to. He was off working across the world and wouldn’t be back for years. So he was safe for now anyway. “Don’t worry about Logan he’s not going to be around for a long long time” she admitted softly. As she yawned and snuggled into him, hoping he would relax soon.
  7. If she was honest with herself which she needed to be had already had her mind set on what she wanted. Even if that meant brining up a child on her own if she needed to. But Eli had said he was here either way and she wasn’t doubting him for a second. As he let her go and they sat down she had the adoption leaflet as she opened it pretending to read it as she tilted her head to see what Eli had. Biting her inner lip as he had another adoption and abortion which he had in his hands. “Well um” she said looking st him fully placing them down. Now finished with them, “I like the idea of having a little one around I know how crazy it sounds. The fact I’m so young with no experience of life yet. But it’s happened for a reason and I can’t just turn it away it’s not right” she said taking his hand and placing it on her stomach. She knew it was silly as she was like what less than a month or so, but she knew something was there. Part of both of them, a joined union inside of her forming.
  8. Taking another sip of her water she nodded her head at his words so she got all evening, and tomorrow with him. That would be nice for them both to spend that little extra time together to work on things. That was all she needed right now was to have the man she cared for, looking after her. “That’s more than fine with me, I don’t need asking twice” she said honestly with a massive smile to her lips, now finishing what was left of her water to calm herself. Seeing him grab his phone and then put it down again she wondered what he was going to do then of course duh. As she snuggled into him she closed her eyes as he spoke. Beatrice hadn’t even thought about any of the options she was still so young at eighteen. But what on earth was she going to do, she didn’t think she could abort a child, now she knew she was pregnant she felt very protective of her stomach. “Eli I have no idea what I want right now, and there isn’t a lot of time to decide either. We can read the leaflets and stuff but I want you to be honest with me I need to know what you want to. Don’t just go along with me” she didn’t want to bring a child into the world, if he wasn’t sure on it. Beatrice wasn’t choosing lightl as she thought that her stomach fluttered making her blush as she pulled away from him. Walking to the lounge she sat down crossing her legs. As she pulled the leaflets to her and waited for Eli handing him a few.
  9. Her eyes lite up when he mentioned that he could call in sick for her, meaning they would be together all day. Rather than just the few hours after he finished she was due back next week if she felt like it. Right now she didn’t she wasn’t sure what she could do now anyway now being pregnant did she want to risk it, being smacked again by another dragon. “Eli I would love for you to do that, but only if you are sure” she didn’t want to be a bad influence on him. She couldn’t help but smile at his suggestion though it meant the world to her. Beatrice didn’t want to dwell or argue over what they should of done because let’s face it they were both to blame. But it had been a great moment she just wished she had remembered that she still needed to take it. But then again they hadn’t been looking to sleep together, or hadn’t planned it anyway, it happened. As he followed her in silence wrapping his arms around her as he spoke she stopped what she was doing turning in his arms as she placed her wand down on the table. “Are you sure that’s what you want though? There are options I was given leaflets so we don’t have to decide right now but we do need to talk about it” she said leaning her forehead against his closing her eyes taking a small breath. He smelt good but also bad at the same time. Bea was grateful he didn’t go off on one which made her so happy. Her hands wrapped around his neck as she pulled herself into him for a proper cuddle.
  10. Feels breaths that’s what she was told by the doctor that and she couldn’t let her blood pressure get to high. What counted as high? Her mind raced wondering if she would cause the baby harm by stressing out so much. Not that she could be blamed this was a very difficult thing to come it with never mind experiencing it. Beatrice nodded she knew it was just he healing process though her wounds were almost gone just her head hurt every now and then depending on how she lay or tilted it. But overall she was better, healing fast. “I know I’ll try and not worry” she said with half a crooked smile to her pale lips as she took a small breath and did it again and again. “Good as there will be lots” she chuckled, she hated waste but if he didn’t want to eat it then it was fine she could fed the meat to his cat, the small beautiful creature back at his place. She didn’t have her own pet but that’s because she was always away traveling and it wasn’t fair no one was here to care for it and she didn’t trust anyone but Eli in her home while she was away. Pulling her sleeves down to her finger tips as she awarkdly looked at him. Her eyes softening for the first time seeing as he understood what was happening here she nodded with a small squeak of yes. “I’m sorry Eli I know it wasn’t what we planned at all, it’s just I forgot to take my birth control after splitting up win Aaron and well hey... that first night in Paris and boom baby” her words rambled quickly as she brushed past him to clean up now that she could no longer eat anything as she flicked her wand and the plates floated into her kitchen as she turned the tap on. The plates emptied in the bin the ones that been touched the ones with untouched food were tipped into boxes and put away for Eli tomorrow she leaned against the couch her hiding her stomach.
  11. Was her poker face up she wasn’t sure she was just trying as hard as she possibly could to act normal. But Beatrice over thought the slightest thing and probably did more than she should and would give it away anyway. It wouldn’t last forever her secret hiding it from him especially when she began to show anyway. That and all the morning sickness which she didn’t want especially when he was here. Beatrice smiled at his words tears pricked her dry eyes as she blinked them back “Eli you see too kind to me, for now my headaches aren’t as bad and bruising has gone down on my body. It’s just the other stuff I’m worried about” she said moving her food across her plate toting with it a little more. Not hungry more neaouse that anything. Taking smaller bites of her food before pushing he half eaten small plate she had gathered away she sipped her drink unable to control her stomach knotting. “Good that’s all I ask you can have left overs tomorrow?” She said with a small chuckle. Hearing him by the door she wept even more as she wiped her mouth even more with tissue as she vomited again. Flushing the loo she got up and opened the door her cheeks bright pink even though she had been sick her voice horsed. “I’m fine baby just open the thing I gave you it explains everything” She said softly blinking back tesrs
  12. Beatrice was tying to act what she thought was normal but how could she when she was so anxious. They hadn’t been together long and she was already pregnant she wanted to face palm herself everyday but she couldn’t bring herself to do anything not until Eli knew and they could pick the course together. She was unsure what the outcome would be would he want her to get rid of it or keep it, adoption so many choices she breathed heavily feeling so sick. As she tried to keep her stomach under control though it was so very hard she had been so sick son morning sickness. “Ah okay that’s good then baby” she said with a small smile, she adored Eli. He was favourite person in the world, she enjoyed his company no matter what they did. Chilling, going on dates and enjoying each other. “I know but I feel like I need to make it up to you for cancelling all week due to me feeling awful” she admitted as she did feel awful, as she accepted his arms around her as she snuggled into him breathing in his scent which turned her stomch the smell of booze as she tilted her head up and breathed hard. Her heart racing as she felt so very sick, her mouth drying instantly. “You are welcome just enjoy and eat as much of it you can I cooked a little too much” bea hadn’t cooked for anyone but Aaron before and cause he was a werewolf he eat a lot of meat mostly rare which she didn’t but she was used to feeding him so much she knew Eli wouldn’t and couldn’t eat the amount she had put on display. Which was okay she could give it to the animals for who night or eat it as leftovers tomorrow if she could stomach it. Her fork dragged across the plate as she listened to him speaking about work keeping her distance from his smell as she was going to be sick if he hugged her again. “Yeah of course I understand it’s different for sure” she said sipping her water leaning back ansshe closed her eyes tilting her head back. “I’ll be back in a moment” she said getting up faster and rushed off to the toilet as she closed the door and vommited into the toilet, holding her stomach as she moaned hard her eyes watering in the process.
  13. Character Name: Beatrice Markovic Character Birthday: December 20th Character Age: Eighteen Country of Residence: Norway Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Dragon trainer Face Claim: Nina Dobrev Abilities: Pyrokinesis; Telekinesis Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  14. Her whole body was being crippled by the nerves she was experiencing but she couldn’t help but let them take over. The more she thought about she had to tell Eli the more she was bricking it, if she forgot it wouldn’t go away that was for sure as she would just grow fatter and it wouldn’t be hard to figure that out at all. Deep breaths right that’s what she kept telling herself anyway as she sat under his radar just hoping he wouldn’t figure anything out before she said so. “Not sure that’s a good compliment or a bad one” she teased lightening the mood with a thin smile to her lips. “Sorry I’ve been sour.. since well I was knocked out by the dragon.. it knocked me for six and well still trying to cope with it” Well she half told the true she was trying to cope with being pregnant part. Beatrice was over the dragon part she knew that was possible death was possible with her job but she risked herself everyday which sucked. “Anytime baby I’m glad I can be useful” she mused feeling sorry for herself recently her mood on a downer, mostly because she was in pain and scared senselessly that once he found out that she had lied about being protected and was now pregnant. That he would leave her, or ask her to abort the baby. Something she wasn’t sure she could even compehered, she knew how it felt to be unloved by a parent she had always been blamed for her mother’s death which stung, scared her so much she had cried a lot. “just help yourself to as much as you like or don’t I won’t eat much not that hungry, lost my appetite since” she said with a small smile to her lips. Beatrice grabbed what she wanted and plated it waiting for him before they started to eat. They didn’t need to give thanks as she didn’t believe in such things, and she knew he didn’t either. “So how’s work been going?” She asked to change the converstion on him for a bit.
  15. Beatrice felt his hand lift off and it was a weird sensation as she had liked it placed on her cheek and now it felt cold, which made her frown a little as she looked at him. "It's okay no harm done" she said sweetly which was true he hadn't hurt her as she blinked a couple of times, snow flakes catching on her thick long lashes. "Not something I would ever try" she said sticking her tongue out in disgust. "So what brings you to my neck of the woods?, do you need a tour guide while I'm free?" she asked curiously wondering why he was here.