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  1. Beatrice Markovic

    Beatrice sighed happily this place was beautiful and would be even more so when they explored in day light. Now she knew his mother wouldn’t be coming here anytime soon soothed her a lot. Bea could sit back and enjoy everything eli had put on offer for her. She couldn’t wait to pain his toes and put a face mask on him and return he would do the same for her. “Please I’ll take it off later if you don’t like it” she mused with a playful smile, her normal self shining through a small smidge. “Thank you I never thought about packing any as you never said what we were doing so it was hard to pack” even though he had packed some stuff too. When he left her to it she got up and followed him into the kitchen seeing his lite up face. “Whiskey as I doubt she keeps fire whiskey” bea liked strong drinks she also knew a few of theses and she would be on the floor anyway she just hoped Eli wouldn’t catch on to her plan to get wasted. If he allowed her to that was great if not she was great with that too. As she leaned against the counter she opened a few cupboards just to browse.
  2. Beatrice Markovic

    Her eyes softened when she realised that it wasn’t owned by his mother she felt a lot safer now. “Okay i feel safer now” she said relaxing a lot more as she sat there just watching Eli not wanting to move. She was enjoying being relaxed even though she was still anxious highly anxious but that wasn’t Eli’s fault it was his mothers, Beatrice was emotionally scarred. Beatrice heard what he had planned and smiled. “does this mean I get to pain your nails? But did you pack swim wear for us?” She asked curious as she hadn’t brought any. “Maybe have a few drinks in the tub?” She said with a smile. She hadn’t touched booze reslly since the day he found her. But right now she didn’t care she had lost somethinfnso important to her, to them.
  3. Beatrice Markovic

    The wind blew her locks softly not that she and styled her hair in a nice way it was just shoved in a loose pony tail. Hearing they were in the uk made her smile massively as she turned around to look at him with a squeak she did love the uk she had only been once or twice but never enough to explore a lot. Not that she would this time either as they weren’t here for that. Hearing that his family owned it made her body tremble a little the thought of his mother turning up anytime soon made her face pale as her heart thumped inside her chest. “But- Eli if I had known they own it I wouldn’t of come” she said looking as he took her hand and pulled her inside. Though she had to admit it was beautiful inside, it smelled good to. As he kissed the top of her head she smiled softly. As she stepped inside moving so he could follow though she lingeried by the door. Taking off her coat she slid on the sofa it was soft too soft as she tilted her head back looking at the ceiling. Before she sighed softly a little nervous she had no idea what Eli had planned for this weekend, she didn’t like surprises and now even more so. “So I’m shat are your intentions for this weekend?” She asked turning to see him wondering down the hall to place the bags in the room they would be sharing she hoped.
  4. Beatrice Markovic

    Deep down she knew for the sake of their sanity they had to try and move on though she wasn’t done mourning just yet. Bea also knew Eli was being strong for her which meant he couldn’t break at all which was a nice thing but it hurt her knowing he was hurting too, of course he was. Bea Just hoped he would get it or if his system too. Like she was maybe the could her drunk and have fun, nothing sexual she wasn’t allowed the healers has forbidden it for a month at least. “Yay” she said sort of cheerful as she looked apologetic to him. Blushing a little as they got very close and then she took a deep breath and they were gone. Seeing as they arrived with a whooshing noise she smiled it was beautiful cabin. Though the air was chilly but not as cold as Norway was in winter which made her happy. “Eli this is beautiful but where are we?” She asked dazzles by the scenery before them as they moved in the air to their feet gracefully. With a smile she breathed in the cool air filling her lungs feeling a little freeer that she was out of Norway. Away from their houses, away from everything damaging.
  5. Beatrice Markovic

    Ideally she just wanted to sulk in her bed Beatrice couldn’t get over the fact she had lost their baby. And had been so good no drinking no eating certain things she had even used potions to numb her fiery abilities for the safety of their baby and Eli. Her hormones had been uncontrollable she knew they would be even worse soon with the sadness deep inside her. Bea was putting on a brave face for Eli, right now she felt dead inside and she didn’t want to be all soppy and romantic. As he wrapped himself around her she shed a few tears on his shoulder wiping them away quickly. Bea giggled it wasn’t her normal one but it was still laughter. “Well I hope so too, I didn’t think we would be doing anything” she said honestly but then again this was their first Valentine’s Day together as a couple. “Ready as I’ll ever be” she said not looking st anything but him the memories of being here were hurting her, and didn’t want to come to his Apartment.
  6. Beatrice Markovic

    Beatrice wasn’t really in the mood to celebrate anything but she knew she couldn’t be in misery forever. Eli was her rock and had been there through the toughest time of her life, she had been healed, it had only been a week. But she couldn’t help but cry she wasn’t sure she was going to be in spirits. Getting the note she packed a bag for this trip not knowing what they were doing so she packed enough stuff and brought warm and cool clothes unsure on the temperature. Hesitate to apperated she sighed and did it landing on his floor in the living room. This was the first time she had come back to his since loosing their baby. Her eyes pricked with tears anshe sniffles looking at him. “Eli hey” she said dropping her weekend away bag on the floor and went to snuggle him. “I can’t beleive you won’t tell me where we are going” she said with a small thin smile as she pulled away and hugged herself.
  7. Beatrice Markovic

    Beatrice was lifted up a little into a seating position as she fluttered her eyes as she wept she was still in pain. As he pulled off her bottoms she groaned as pains shot through her body making her cry out even more. When there was silence and he didn’t answer her she couldn’t help but break down covering her face as she sobbed, her little heart out. Their little blimp was gone, even though they hadn’t been together long she had wanted this, she had loved the idea of having a family and now it was gone. “I don’t want to be here, not now I’ve lost our blimp. It’s all my fault” she wept even more sitting up properly. “I don’t want to wash I just need to go” she said watching as he moved what would be their baby and stood up. As she climbed out she was still bleeding as she then just apperated out. **** back at her home she crawled into her bed not caring if she blood stained anything as she cried holding herself. Beatrice felt so awful she felt like she had lost eli as well as their baby and now she was indeed alone. Pulling her pillow to her chest she cried as she sort of nodded off.
  8. Beatrice Markovic

    Beatrice did love him he had healed her since what happened with her and aaron. Eli wasn’t just her boyfriend he was her best friend too, they had been friends for a while before her feelings had grew. She had tried to shut them away but then Paris happened and well yeah the rest is history. But she couldn’t be happier even with his wicked mother around as she knew eli wasn’t going anywhere but she was just scared. “Oh Eli you have no idea how much I love you” she said without even thinking she had never said it before as she blushed a little under her teary eyes, holding him for a little longer before leaving. Bea hasn’t even noticed him getting into bed like she usual did she just of been exhausted crying and arguing with his mom and feeling shit about herself. Her heart was racing inside her chest even though she was breathing but blacked out everything had happened at once and it ovwehelmed every inch of her. Waking up though the pain moved towards her chest as she sobbed looking at Eli. Her hands going to her stomach as she was half naked from below. As she curled into a ball in the bath. “Eli have I lost the baby?” She asked knowing he might know he had been training to be a healer after all, even though she knew deep down she had.
  9. Beatrice Markovic

    Beatrice hated crying but she was so emotional as she had trauma from the dragon attack and then the pregnancy she was all over the place at it was and now she had added pressure of his mother potentially ruining the best thing she had going right now. Bea needed Eli more than he would ever understand, he had saved her and she couldn't thank him enough. Her love for him kept everything alive for her, if she lost him now she would go dark, and there would be no coming back anytime soon, if ever. "Eli she will change your mind she's your mother" she wept as she felt her heart breaking in her chest as she cried against him as he held her. Bea was scared she was going to loose him even if he was being brave right now. Some reason the room got hotter and Bea woke up in darkness so Eli wasn't in bed yet so his mother was still out there well Bea wasn't going back out there to see her, grabbing her water she opened it and down most of the contents feeling very thirsty, getting up she checked the heating had been turned up in the room as she wiped her forehead she was soaked a little with sweat. Opening the window a little she climbed back into bed and fell back to sleep happy she was refreshed with water. ******************************** Beatrice woke up to a massive aching stabbing pain all across her stomach and down in her groin, tears over whelmed her as she screamed, which mad Eli jump out of bed as she held onto the sheets crying. The pain was unable as she got out of bed and rushed to the toilet, she felt wet and wondered if she had peed herself in her sleep. As she pulled off her bottoms she realised it was soaked with blood, as she then needed a wee and went anyway. Sobbing as she finished she crumbled to the floor still in pain as she called Eli through sobs. "Eli- I'm bleeding" her voice muffled through sobs and uneven breaths as more pain hit her as she flinch on the floor her hands lighting up as she screamed. The pain corrupted her body, as she felt so weak she passed out from the pain, knowing she was loosing their baby it was the only thing she could think of, and it was all her fault.
  10. Beatrice Markovic

    Beatrice was hopeless romantic at times and with hi confessing that he loved her made everything seem okay. Even in the middle of all this crazy ness she would be okay. They would be okay, she was blessed to have someone love her back she didn’t think it would happen again. As he wiped her tears from her eyes she couldn’t be more happier as she tried to laugh but cried instead. “Eli I love you in return, again nothing will change that” she admitted in between tears she really did love him. She had been through so much she really was in a happy place right now. As he tightened his grip around her refusing to let her go she sighed heavily. “She hates me Eli, well us actually” her hand pressed against her stomach she Beatrice didn’t think that was fixable really it seemed a little far fetched. He was taking care of her and she was so happy even if his crazy mother was here. He kissed her head and held her hands calming her down once more before he allowed her to go back to his room to lie down. Once she was inside she drained half the bottle of water unaware of what was happening outside. As she fell asleep on his tired and exhausted from fighting and using her powers. Unaware the door had opened as his mother slipped inside and closed the door behind her. As she sat on the edge of the bed she took what was left of her drink and poured in the poison it was clear and tasteless to large volumes of water. Beatrice stirred a little which panicked her as she put the water back. Before getting up and walking back to the door and back out. “She’s asleep I won’t disturb her” she said as she sat back down sipping her rum and coke smirking behind her glass. The posion would bring on an abortion/miscarriage once she finished her water now she had to just sit and wait for her to wake up and drink it.
  11. Beatrice Markovic

    His mother was dam right rude and cruel as she sobbed silently into his chest holding her mouth closed as she breathed through her nose as she tried hard not to let her know that she had brought her to tears, she was emotional anyway and this was making it so much worse on her. As he held her tight she was finding it hard to control her anger and tears she wanted to break down and sob. Bea had never been more hurt in her life and that was coming from someone who's father had attacked her, he was aggressive but at least he didn't say horrible things to her talk about messed up. Hearing what Eli said made her heart skip beats when he admitted her loved her, the first time he had ever said it as well and it was to defend her. Once his mother left she lifted her face up to look at him though her cheeks were splashed with water as her tears poured down her cheeks. "Eli you love me?" she said softly her voice already breaking as she looked at him deeply, of course she loved him back though she had been scared to say it until now. Beatrice shrugged at his words about their baby being magical, wonderful she felt like a burden right now. "I'm just going to go Eli... you need to talk this out with your mother.. and I don't want to cause a fire.. I'm already unable to control it my hands are burning up" she said getting herself worked up that one lite up as she cringed slapping her hands together putting it out but knowing it would happen again as he kissed her head she did calm a little down. "Or maybe I can just go lie down for a bit?" she added with a nod of her head as she grabbed a bottle of water and walked off still crying and closed Eli's bedroom door as she crawled into bed.
  12. Beatrice Markovic

    Beatrice had never had to try to be liked before so this was going to be tricky she had only had one boyfriend prior to Eli and Aaron's parents had adored her as Aaron and herself had been raised together but that was then, and now she was in a sticky situation. Of course she wanted Eli's mother to like her so they could all get on and be happy but at the same time she wasn't going suppress her magic for the sake of affection and being liked. But that said she also knew his family didn't like magic and Bea was all about magic especially her job what was she going to do lie and say she worked in a bank or sold muggle houses for a living. As Eli kept distracting her she couldn't help but goofy grin at him across the room as he apologized with his eyes making her almost giggle. As Eli stated it was Rum and coke she nodded her head and filled it fifty fifty unsure on the correct measures but she shrugged hearing his conversation with his mother was stating he needed a bimbo basically who had a rich daddy which made her angry. Her hands glowed as she hid them under the counter hoping them would burn out quickly as she closed her hands. Though they did thankfully as she picked up the glass and handed her the drink she stood by Eli as he wrapped his arms around her, whispering in her ear about expressing the news. Bea wanted to argue with him worried she would kick off and just shrugged in his arms with a small nod of head. Bea was wary as she didn't know the woman before her and honestly was nervous around her. With the news being announced she ended up spitting her drink choking on it which made beatrice laugh without meaning to she covered her mouth with her hands with a gasp. "Are you even sure it's yours? have you seen the state of her?" his mother hissed at them both making beatrice angry didn't help as her hands warmed up as she turned into Eli with a grunt. "Eli it will be born with magic... you know you don't want that kind of thing" she added rocking the boat even more as tears were brought to Beatrice's eyes she was glad they were hidden in his chest as she tried not to cry right now.
  13. Beatrice Markovic

    Beatrice hadn’t expected his mother to turn up out the blue Eli had mentioned stuff about her but they hadn’t expected this. Bea was more surprised than most as now she had to tred on eggshells around her worried that she wouldn’t make a good impression. But Eli had mentioned that his mother didn’t like magic and she was a pure blood so she was practically thrown out like dirt which was weird as it was normally the other way around. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’ve heard lots about you” she said holding her hand out to the woman who shook it sheepishly before she fainted. As Eli brought her back around Beatrice moved out the way to make sure she wasn’t in harms way. As she came around and asked who and where she came from bea felt bad. Did Eli not use any magic around her at all? “Sorry to scare you, I didn’t mean to it’s the quickest way here” she said sitting in a seat away from the woman. As she crossed her legs underneath her and called Cheshire and pulled him on her lap stroking him. His mother seemed to stub her which was a little rude but that wasnokay she had just fainted and was grouchy. “Can I get you another drink?” That she said yes to and Beatrice got up and went to go make her a drink. Smelling the glass to see what she had, she could smell the rum.
  14. Beatrice Markovic

    Beatrice was feeling more optimistic with their choice in keeping the baby that was growing in her stomach, though she was nervous about being a parent she was generally over the moon she was now almost three months pregnant. Her small stomach was already showing as she had lost a lot of her weight through morning sickness so her body ballooned out. Which wasn't good but covered it up with large baggy hoodies or warm clothing no one would know unless she was naked which she wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Finishing work which she was on light duties so office work she apperated from there back to hers so she could wash and change, once she was in a hoodie, black jeans and boots she apperated to Eli's as they had date plans that night. Once she was inside she heard someone squeal and that's when her eyes widened as Eli slapped his face with his hands and the woman beside him had dropped her glass of what ever it had in it. "Eli..."she said looking rather confused as she pursed her lips looking sorry, though she really wanted to laugh.
  15. Beatrice Markovic

    Beatrice was exhausted that was for sure so when they finished kissing she nuzzled into his chest. As he held her, that’s all she wanted was to be held and cuddled. Hearing his words she yawned with a massive smile. “You are too eli” she said leaning to kiss the side of his neck and sleepily rubbed her eyes. “I’m sorry for being a bore tonight but I’ve been so exhausted lately” she said slipping off his lap and grabbed her medication and downed the potion. It was for the dragon injury as she climbed into the bed pulling her side back and getting in. A small happy sigh escaped her lips as she snuggled right into her bed. God she loved her bed it was comfortable. “If you want to stay up longer you can sweetie, I don’t mind” she said sleepily as she looked at him as her eyes were closing.