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  1. Character Name: Cameron Grey Character Birthday: September 27 Character Age: 23 Country of Residence: UK Year: (N/A if not applicable) House: (N/A if not applicable) Job: Reporter at TDP Face Claim: William Mosley Abilities: Empath Creatures: (N/A if not applicable) Additional Information: (N/A if not applicable)
  2. Cameron Grey

    As she was silent after he offered his place for her to stay he worried she might have thought he was being too forward, hell he was being far more forward that he ever is. When she asked if he was sure he nodded, Of course, I wouldn't offer if I wasn't. He then smiled at her, glancing at her lips for a half a second before he looked up to her eyes again. He smiled as she sat beside him, glad she didn't run since he was rather forward. He noticed her blush and slightly raised a brow before she said she keeps thinking about something. What might that something be? He hoped it was that same thing he kept thinking about and her blush led him to think so.
  3. Cameron Grey

    Cameron was glad to hear that she had missed him as well, it was a happy development in his mind. I've missed you too. He didn't see anyone coming to interject but that was a good thing. He smiled as she asked about the book he had been working on that had taken him to Norway. It's doing well, in the editing process. Don't worry I didn't include our little waterfall adventure, though I did mention the waterfall itself. He said with a smile, he had enjoyed the time there as well. He could tell she was a little lost in thought and liked to think that he was what she was thinking. He was slightly surprised when she mentioned that she had been living out of a hotel lately and was now officially in the UK. Nonsense, you should not be paying on a daily basis for a half decent place. You can stay with me if you like, no charge for a half decent place. He couldn't tell you what had triggered that sudden little burst of confidence and well swagger that had just happened but he wasn't mad about it. In fact there were times that he wished he could reach out to Lexi in the past but always managed to talk himself out of it.
  4. Cameron Grey

    Cam couldn't help the fact that he was dumbstruck about the fact Tha she not only was standing in front of him, but remembered him. Lexi, it's good to see you. How've you been? He was trying to make small talk and keep her in front of him for as long as he could. Hell she could be on a date but he didn't care, he just wanted to see her, talk to her. Still playing cool of course.
  5. Cameron Grey

    Cam was lost in thought sipping his drink when he felt someone bump into him. He turned expecting a drunk kid fresh out of Hogwarts but instead found the girl from Norway. He was stunned to the point he almost dropped his drink, catching it at the last second. Wait, Are you? He trailed off it wasn't that he didn't know her name but more that he didn't want to give the impression that he had been thinking nothing but that moment, in case she didn't remember him.
  6. Cameron wasn't exactly the kind to go clubbing but here he was, per request of his brother for him to 'get a life'. It wasn't his fault Lucien never grew out of the party phase and got a real job, though they weren't technically brothers, Cameron was adopted. However, that was not on his mind as he was at the bar of the Diamond club trying to 'Let loose' as Lucian would put it. Yet his tie was still around his neck and he was sipping a virgin bloody mary, this was as relaxed as he could get in this environment. It isn't his style, Norway was a once off, he never usually did anything like that kissing a stranger in a waterfall. He shook his head clearing his mind of the memory, and taking a sip of his drink.