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  1. Cherry Summer

    Cherry was still super nervous about the interview and as the first question was asked she realized this was serious. She was doing something to become part of the adult world, that's terrifying. I would say I'm a good student. I'm a fast learner and dedicated. Once I decide to commit to something I don't quit. I'm fairly good at following directions and I had been in a committed relationship for two years. She smiled as she stopped her talking. That last bit hurt so say out loud but it was true. She stuck with him until the ship crashed to the bottom of the ocean.
  2. Cherry Summer

    Cherry nodded as Brooklyn said to have a seat before finding the stool around the other side if the counter and sitting down. She was super nervous. Classes had already ended at Hogwarts but graduation wasn't for another week. She nodded again as she said that Cherry was graduating soon. Yes in a week, I managed to slip away since classes are over. She realized saying that she had managed to slip away probably wasn't the wisest decision when on a job interview, especially since she was almost certain that others had applied.
  3. Cherry Summer

    Cherry was a little sorry to have interrupted the woman's reading but she needed to know that she was at the right place. Yes the sign out front said Baby and Me but she wasn't sure that she was applying to the only one. As she said hello she did make sure to have a smile on her face, A smile is always a good first impression or at least that's what her research said. She shook the hand that was held out to her before she smiled again, this was a bit more genuine, as the lady said she was Brooklyn the owner. Oh thank goodness I have the right place. It's a pleasure to meet you.
  4. Cherry Summer

    Cherry was nervous, it was her first (and hopefully only for a while) interview and she was hoping she would make a good impression. As she arrived she noticed the woman behind the counter and walked up to her. Hi, I'm Cherry Summer. I'm here for an interview with the owner. She wasn't sure that the woman behind the counter was the woman she was supposed to be meeting or what. She was a little chilled still but the store was better than outside at least. She hadn't worn a blazer because she felt that would be a bit of a professional look overkill. So she was here, the store was cute and she was actually becoming more hopeful that she would get the job.
  5. Cherry Summer

    Cherry was so excited to be finally out of school. Now she could actually talk to Dexter outside the whole Hogsmeade sneak away that she used to pull. She didn’t have to worry about getting caught sneaking away to see him and that made her very happy with the whole situation. She did however have a difficult time finding a job opening that she might actually be interested in but she found one at a maternity and baby store. She thought it could be a cool and fun first job, but usually to get a job you have to meet the boss which was what she was getting ready for. She was so nervous that she could hardly hold her flat iron still straight as she was doing her hair to make the best first impression. She wore a loose white blouse with a tight black skirt and grey strappy sandals since it was summer and she was ready for it to feel like it. She had seen Dex since graduation thanks to his job but she understood, he was one of the youngest Aurors in the Ministry and he couldn’t afford one mistake. That was part of why she was already looking for a job since her father had managed to pay off the house before he passed last year though bills were still a thing but she needed something to occupy her time, what better than a job.
  6. Character Name: Cherry Summer Character Birthday: October 31 Character Age: 18 Country of Residence: UK Year: (N/A if not applicable) House: (N/A if not applicable) Job: Salesperson at Baby and Me Boutique Face Claim: Sasha Pieterse Abilities: (N/A if not applicable) Creatures: 1/2 veela Additional Information: (N/A if not applicable)
  7. Cherry had managed to sneak away from school after dinner and was hoping to see Dexter. She had gotten to a park that she liked because it was pretty secluded and she wouldn't likely get caught for being off campus. When the things at school were getting too crazy she would sneak off here too but tonight she just wanted to see her Berry that she missed since he wasn't in school anymore.