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  1. Sydney Arlington

    Syd smiled as he said that Len had been wanting a sibling for a while. Yeah, but she's gonna be a big sister soon. Have you decided on name options? She was excited that she had a pregnant friend, even if it was her ex. She was glad that he was living the life she knew he deserved. She was still waiting for someone who she felt great about like how Zach and Gideon felt about each other.
  2. Sydney Arlington

    She smiled as he said that he was having a girl. Len is going to love being a big sister I can see it. She couldn't help feeling happy for Zach and Gideon. She had been a messy pregnant woman but she had loved it. That is until she found out her child's father was gay, that put a damper on it. But they were friends, if not friends then at least friendly, again and that made her happy. And of course Zach had done a wonderful job of raising their daughter and keeping her posted even though she didn't want to be involved. He did a great job and she couldn't have asked for a better person to get left with her child.
  3. Sydney Arlington

    Sydney had been looking at two different works that were supposed to be the same reference but she couldn't tell by looking at them. She knew how annoying it could be if people were always asking if a person is pregnant so she went the roundabout way. She smiled as he said that Gideon and Lenneth were at the park right then. She chuckled as well as he caressed his stomach and basically said he was with child. Do you know the sex yet? She wasn't sure how the male pregnancy technology works and if it could only be male or what.
  4. Sydney was an hour late taking her lunch break but if she timed it right she would only have to work another 25 minutes when she got back because the last class is called speed yoga and it’s a shorter one. If she played her cards even better she wouldn’t have to work at all, the yoga room was hot and she was just not in the mood for it. The time of year always threw her off and what did she do when she was off? Run everywhere. So she was currently between the EMU and a coffee shop that had killer muffins that were actually somewhat healthy. As she arrived she took her hair out of the bun she had it in to run and then entered the store, shaking her head and she got into line.
  5. Sydney Arlington

    Syd was looking at a painting of what she thought was a storm but she wasn't sure. As she went to go and find something else to look at she spotted someone she almost didn't recognize. She hadn't see Zach since Lenneth's birthday but clearly, some things had changed in his world since they last spoke. She walked over to him chuckling but trying not to completely show it. The visual wasn't something she thought she would ever see. She cleared her throat before she spoke. Zach, what's new? How's Gideon? Oh and Lenneth? She was trying to act like she didn't notice the fact he was clearly with child and like there was nothing different about him.
  6. Sydney actually hadn't run somewhere, a post-workout glow wasn't exactly considered classy enough for an art gallery, or at least not at the standard she had started holding herself to now. She was in an actually sophisticated outfit which had been a pain to figure out. Her closet consisted of skin-tight workout clothes for work, casual clothes for all other times, and maybe two dresses. She wasn't exactly the fanciest of people and dresses just were uncomfortable for her. She felt weird without pants of some sort on, it was probably just part of trying to be as ungirly as possible for a while after school. But she was in a dress now, and a nice one at that.
  7. Character Name: Sydney Arlington Character Birthday: May 27th Character Age: 24 Country of Residence: Norway Year: (N/A if not applicable) House: (N/A if not applicable) Job: Yoga Instructor at EMU Face Claim: Shelley Hennig Abilities: (N/A if not applicable) Creatures: (N/A if not applicable) Additional Information: (N/A if not applicable)