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  1. Eli smiled as she said she felt safer. He wanted her to feel relaxed, it was a weekend away and he wanted to make sure that she was okay. As Eli sat next to her and told her about what he had planned he smiled as she sounded excited about painting his nails. Of course I packed us some swimwear, and if you really wanna paint my nails I will gladly let you. Your wish is my command. He smiled as she suggested drinks in the tub. He nodded and stood up walking into the kitchen to see what he had to work with. He was pleasantly surprised to find that his sister had followed the tradition of keeping the liquor cabinet stocked. Do you have a preferred drink love?
  2. Her face turned from excited and the most alive she'd seen her to the palest he'd seen her since... well... the disaster night. As she said that they owned it he started shaking his head no. Hold on, it was given to Chloe as an engagement present. She and Mom haven't spoken in three years. Nobody is gonna bother us love, I promise. He then smiled at her again, hoping that it was gonna be okay. Maybe he shouldn't have mentioned that it was a family cabin but instead just a cabin. He smiled as she was on the couch and looked like she was at home already even if she wasn't. As he was taking their bags to the room he heard the question that she asked and smiled. A relaxation weekend. I have face masks, nail stuff, there's a jacuzzi if we wanna use it. It's down the hall in what used to be a closet. He went back to where she was and sat next to her before he draped his arm around her shoulders. What do you wanna do first? Your wish is my command.
  3. Eli couldn't help the smile spread across his face as she seemed to relax at the sight of where they were. He knew nothing too intense would come from Valentine's day by healers orders but he didn't want it, he wasn't quite there yet. He knew she would like it though it was chilly since he knew she had a love for the UK, she had mentioned it before. Well my family has a cabin in the UK, I figured you might like the change of scenery and this was where I always went when the world was too much. Eli loved the snow and the cabin and already felt free. He took her hand again and led her to the door, opening it for her. Welcome to the Masterson Cabin. He kissed the top of her head again and grabbed her bag with a smile, she was gonna be a queen tonight, he even had face masks inside if she wanted to pamper herself.
  4. Eli knew that she was having a really hard time with the losing the baby and he was too but he was trying to be strong for her. If he shattered he wouldn't be able to be there for her and needed him more than he needed to be able to deal with it like a mentally healthy person. He smiled as she laughed, it wasn't as full of life as it usually was but it was the first time he'd heard that since the incident, it was progress. He understood why she would think they weren't doing anything but he nodded as she said she was as ready as she would ever be. Alright love, off we go. He took her hand in his with her bag in the other. He grabbed the portkey with a smile at Bea before the were off to the Masterson family cabin up north.
  5. Eli was folding some stuff up and had arranged for his friend Mitchel to watch Cheshire over the weekend since he didn't trust her not to shread the drapes. When she arrived he turned to her with a smile that slightly faded when he saw the tears in her eyes. Hey love. He held her close as she snuggled up to him though he smiled as she seemed a little excited for the trip. It's a surprise hun. I'm ninety percent sure you'll love it. Whenever you're ready we can head over. He kissed the top of her head and smiled at her before he took a peek at the port key that we on his entry table next to his wand. He was a little worried about her but he smiled at her again. He went over and grabbed her bag, planning on being a prince to her for the whole weekend, prince and footman.
  6. Eli felt the tears flowing again as she sobbed in his tub. He couldn't stand seeing her like this, it broke his heart. He was going to at least give her a kiss on the cheek but she apparated out before he could. As he registered that she had left he finally broke down. The little angel that he had been looking so forward to was no longer an option. She had been healthy all the way through, there was no way that this could have been normal unless it was triggered by her pyrokinesis, but that wouldn't make sense he hadn't heard of that happening before. As he continued crying he started cleaning, moving around the baby in the washcloth since he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do with it. Once the bathroom was cleaned up he cast a cleaning spell to clean up his bed. As he went to lie down he couldn't stand the fact that Bea was alone. She hadn't said she wanted to be alone, that was the justification for his thought process. He made his bed again and apparated to her place. He made his way to her room and found her asleep clinging to her pillow that was covered in her tears. He got into bed with her and cuddled close to her, though she was asleep. He muttered the cleaning spell so her bed wouldn't be covered in blood when she woke up. I love you. He whispered into her hair and then kissed her head.
  7. Eli had been trying to figure out how to cheer up Beatrice after the loss of the baby and now that it was Valentines he felt like he needed to up his game. He had written to his Father that he was going to be using the cabin this weekend and he received the keys with the letter saying okay. He wrote a note to Beatrice saying that he had a surprise for her and to have an overnight bag ready when she came over today. He had the Portkey ready and was hoping to Merlin that she was going to enjoy the trip he had planned. He had his duffle packed and already at the cabin and he was ready to go ahead and be in the UK, somewhere new for her and she would be able to (hopefully) relax and have a nice time. That was what he wanted, and he had decorated the cabin nicely and a bit romantically for her, though his only expectation was that she have a good time.
  8. Eli couldn't catch his breath as he was scared out of his mind that he was going to lose his Bea. When he noticed her waking up he quickly sat her up in the tub, moving her slightly before she asked the question on both of their minds. He has undressed her bottom half so that the process wouldn't be confined, it could make it so much worse. Hearing the question still ringing in his ears he looked and saw the lump that would have been their baby. He felt the tears start to prick at his eyes again, worried about what the hell could have caused it until he remembered his mother had some alone time with Bea. Yeah, yeah. But it's okay, you're still here and I am so God Damn thankful. He paused for a second before he realized he had cursed. Sorry, it slipped out, I didn't mean to curse. He took the washcloth and picked up the clump that would have been the baby and set it aside before he took the shower head and made sure the water was warm, Do you want me to rinse you off or do you want to rinse yourself? He was still collecting himself and trying not to completely lose it, he needed to be strong for Bea. He could cry about it later, once things had calmed down a bit more.
  9. Eli held his Bea close, he didn't want to let her go either, he wanted to stay here and just not have his mother around. He didn't think she realized how much she meant to him, he quit looking for his fiancee because he realized he needed Beatrice more. He got a cat because Beatrice decided it was a good idea. Hell, He went to FRANCE because she wanted to and he fell in love with her for it. He wouldn't let her go unless she begged him to. Bea, there is no getting rid of me unless YOU are the one that wants me gone. She can't change my mind hun, your the one whos finger I'm wrapped around. She was his world and he wouldn't dare let her think anything else. Once his mother was gone he was relieved and smiled to himself as he got a glass of water. He chugged it before he went into his room to find his Bea asleep looking like an angel. He slid into his bed and wrapped is arms around her and pulled her close to him, falling asleep letting the stress of his mother leave. He woke up to Bea sobbing and soaked in blood. He immediately woke up fully as soon as it registered that there were sobs and blood and he picked her up bridal style and took her to the bathroom, putting her in the tub as he realized she was passed out. He wet one of the washcloths and dabbed her forehead hoping to Merlin that she would wake up soon. He was crying but he was trying to be quiet because he was afraid he might be losing not only the baby but his Beatrice and it scared him shitless.
  10. He smiled as she said she loved him too but he wasn't a fan of her crying. He had known since he learned that he would be a father that he loved Bea, sure he had known before that too but it clicked when he found out about their little person and he realized he didn't want anyone else. He nodded sadly as she said that his mother hated her and then corrected it so it was her and the baby. I know but her opinion doesn't change anything. I still am gonna be 100% here for you and the little one and whether she likes it or not I'm not going anywhere. He figured rest was the best idea and he could never truly say no to Bea, even when they were just friends he couldn't. He could hold off for a bit but he didn't think he could recall a time he truly said no to her. He watched as his Mother went into his room to make ammends with Bea and then went to the kitchen to get himself a drink. He wasn't exactly happy with his Mother and if he was to remain civil he needed something to calm him down. He ended up going with water since he was trying not to drink since Bea couldn't and he felt like it wasn't fair if he did regardless of her inability. He heard the door open and looked up to see his mother return and he nodded when she said she was asleep so she wouldn't disturb her. That's the one good thing you've done all day. But you still didn't answer my question, Who do you think you are? His mother took a sip of her drink before she gave him her cold stare that used to cause him to shake in his boots, she didn't seem to be in the mood to talk so he continued in a hushed tone so as to not disturb Bea, You came into my home with no notice to what? Judge my life and criticize the person I love and would happily spend the rest of my life with once I knew we were at that level? You invaded date night, you are the intruder, this is my apartment and you don't have the power anymore Mom, so please tell me your intention so that I can maybe comprehend the thought process that made you think this was okay. He then was staring at his mother expectantly while she was just sat there with her mouth shut until finally, the build was long enough. Who do I think I am? I am your mother that's who I think I am. I am only doing what's best for the family. And if you must know Clara is engaged, they are getting married in the spring and I was planning to invite you but if you bring that witch then you can count yourself out. Besides I'm not sure she'll be fully recovered by then, but I know when I'm unwanted so I guess I shall take my leave. A mother would hope a son would be more welcoming. He shook his head as she left, figuring she was referring to the baby when she said she wouldn't have recovered by spring. His mother slammed the door behind her and he flinched hoping it didn't wake Bea, not knowing that was her intention since she wanted that budding family to stop as quickly as it had started. He grabbed the glass his mother had been drinking from and took it to the kitchen to wash since he didn't want her to come back. He also made a mental note to talk to the landlord about peepholes so that he could avoid a situation like this in the feature. He took a sip of his water and then moved to the couch so that he could possibly calm down. That wasn't at all how he had planned on any of that happening.
  11. Eli was caught up on the fact that he had said he loved Beatrice. He had not planned on that being how he told her but it was true. As his mother left and Beatrice looked up at him he gave her a soft smile and wiped the tears from her cheeks. I can promise that wasn't how I wanted to tell you that but yeah. I love you Beatrice Markovic and nothing is gonna change that. He was already still holding her close but when she said she was just gonna go he tightened his grip slightly. Bea you're not going anywhere. I can fix whatever goes wrong and I don't think i can be left alone with my Mother right now. He smiled at her and took her hands after she put them together to put out the fire he knew was happening. He laced his fingers with her as he kissed the top of her head and smiled as she said that she could just go lie down for a bit. He nodded and reluctantly let her go so she could go and lie down in his room. Once he heard her door close he heard another open. He saw his mother come out with something in her pocket and what it was he didn't know but that didn't matter because he was going to give her a piece of his mind, quietly. Who do you think you are? He was fuming at his mother, he was building a life where he didn't need to rely on Mom and Dad and if she planned to even think about screwing with it she needed to be prepared to lose her son forever. Eli where is she, I want to make amends. She's carrying your child I should at least attempt civility even if she is part of the problem. He raised a brow as she said part of the problem. This ruffled the feathers but he also knew that it was the best he was going to get from her. He pointed towards his room and watched as she slowly walked over and in. She crept into the bedroom and he watched as the door close. He couldn't see it but she took Bea's water bottle while she wasn't looking at some point and slipped something into the bottle, a clear liquid that couldn't be seen by the eye.
  12. Eli could tell that Bea wasn't a huge fan of the fact that he was going to tell his Mom right now but she shrugged which he used as a go ahead even if it got him in the dog house later. His eyes went wide as his Mom choked on her drink for a second before saying things that hand him fuming. He kept his arms around Beatrice as she turned into him and he held her tight. He could feel the tears from Bea in his teeshirt and he was offically done with his mother. Mom stop! Yes I'm sure it's mine, and even if it wasn't, which is impossible, I would still be excited as I could be to be part of this child's life. And yes, it will be born with magic and that is a wonderful thing. I love Beatrice and I love this baby that is roughly three months in the making and if you- He was cut off by his Mom storming off into one of the back rooms. She was in for a shock when she realized it was where he focused on his side hobby of potions. He leaned back slightly so he could attempt to look at Bea since she was his priority. Don't listen to her. The baby will be magical and it will be amazing and wonderful and perfect like you. Don't let her get to you she's very antimagic and she doesn't understand what a wonderful thing it is. He then kissed the top of her head in an attempt to comfort her since he knew she was upset, she was warmer than usual.
  13. Eli felt bad that this was happening on their date night that he had been looking forward to. He smiled as they shook hands before his Mum fainted and he went and got the salt which Thankfully worked. He was constantly apologizing with his eyes to Bea that she had decided to show up then. Eli avoided magic around the family since they were all so adverse to it and they liked the idea of out of sight out of mind. He saw that she was sitting away from his Mum but there is nothing he would rather for his Mom to be gone. As he went to the back he felt like he could feel the hatred already seeping from his mother and if Beatrice wasn't here he would set his mother straight right away but he wasn't going to stress Bea out with this. He grabbed a towel and made his way back out to see Beatrice in the kitchen. It was a rum and coke. He whispered to Bea before he went and cleaned up the previous drink. Eli why do you keep going for the magical girls? Can't you just find a nice heiress and start a family? I want to know my grandchildren. The old woman was purposefully speaking so that Beatrice could hear her. He began fuming at the remark before he smiled at his Mom. Actually since you mention it I have some news for you. He then waited for Beatrice to come back into the room. When she did and gave the drink to his Mom he took the drink and put it on the coffee table before wrapping his arm around Bea leaning over to whisper in her ear. I'm gonna tell her about the little one. He then looked at his Mum again with a soft smile on his face. You'll get to know a grandbaby in roughly 6 or 7 months if I'm remembering correctly.
  14. Eli had just given his mother a glass with a rum and coke since that was what he had when she turned white and fainted. His hands went to his cheeks in shock for a second before he looked up when he heard Beatrice. He was half smiling at the sight of the girl who he treasured so much and the fact that their little one was just under that hoodie. He was also half smiling because she had just apparated for their evening plans and his mother fainted. WAIT HIS MOM JUST FAINTED. Hi Bea, this is my Mum. She decided a surprise visit was a good idea. He then ran to the kitchen and got some salt and waved it under her nose. They weren't smelling salts but they were salt and that seemed to help as the woman's eyes shot open. Eli! Who is she? How did she just appear? What is going on! Eli then looked between his Mom and his Beatrice. Mom this is my girlfriend Beatrice. She is magic like me and she apparated here. Play nice, please, you kinda crashed our date night. He then turned to Bea with an apologetic smile on his face. He then walked over and gave Bea a hug though not too tight since he wanted to be careful with her and the little one. He then turned and looked at his mother and realized the rum and coke was in a puddle on the floor. He went into the back room of his place to get a towel leaving the girls alone for a second.
  15. Eli's Mom had decided it would be a surprise visit to him in Norway was necessary and he was not prepared. Yeah, he was unpacked but she didn't know about Cheshire or the fact that he was bartending instead of going home and being part of the family business. He could smell the disapproval as he opened the door to see his Mom. He had figured it would have been Beatrice so he answered the door with a huge smile and it fell as soon he realized it was his mother. That earned him some crap from the woman. She was immediately asking him about water and food and reminding him how he should always be ready for a guest. When his mother saw Cheshire she nearly had a heart attack and she had to sit down. He was reminded that his father was allergic to cats and was told he should remove the vermin as soon as possible, but he instead stood up for his little cat and then he realized that if she met Bea she would actually flip her lid. He was in the kitchen figuring out sandwiches and drinks because his Mom was a cocktail junkie. She was an upper-class prissy lady who is so against the idea of someone she knows being anything other than top drawer that she would actually cut them out of her life, even family. He couldn't take her to work where he could get her a proper cocktail with the supplies needed because she might faint at the knowledge he worked with 'the help' as she called it.