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  1. Carissa Moroue

    Carissa knew that it was a full and proper surgery but she felt like it was gonna be okay. When he asked how sure she could be she smiled up at him, Mother’s intuition love, something is just telling me that it’s gonna be alright. As he was being cleaned off and dressed up she became a pincushion even more than she had been just for arriving at the hospital. She laced her fingers in his as he took her hand. She could tell she was feeling stressed out as they began prepping her for this SURGERY. She had the potion poured under her nose that was meant to knock her out as he asked if she was okay. I’m grand. She then drifted off into a dream state where she is reliving when she and Remus reconnected. Not that anyone knew what she was dreaming but it was causing a slight smile on her face.
  2. Character Name: Carissa Moroue Character Birthday: April 12 Character Age: 25 Country of Residence: UK Year: N/A House: None as could never find the claim Job: Owner of Diamond Club Face Claim: Jennifer Morrison Abilities: (N/A if not applicable) Creatures: (N/A if not applicable) Additional Information: She's still preggers in one thread but has a infant
  3. Carissa Moroue

    Carissa was not ready for the idea of a cesarian. She had read about them in the form of an anomaly, a rarity that she shouldn't expect to happen. It's rare in the muggle world let alone in the magic since they have so many ways to avoid it, but apparently, those weren't an option this time. This time it was a procedure that in some of the best cases leaves her infertile. She isn't sure right in this moment that she wants another kiddo but she wants the option in case it ever made sense to have another one, but if this was going to be her reality at least there is a hope for the feature. As Remus spoke she started to break. Love, there is no need to worry. Nothing will go wrong, I promise. She could feel the tears falling down his cheek as he placed her hand on it, a few falling herself again. I love you too. She grabbed his hand as they started wheeling her away, holding him as best she could on the way to an uncertain thing. Once they arrived she had to let go to become a ruddy pin rag. With everything going into her system she was so worried about what they were all doing. One of the midwives poured a potion under her nose and she felt her eyelids flutter shut, going off into a dream. ((OOC: Feel free to RP out the actual room ))
  4. Carissa Moroue

    Carissa had convinced herself for a long time that she had been over Remus, the boy who had left her for the sea. Except he came back a man with a renewed value of life and love. She hadn't thought she'd ever see him again let alone seeing him on her routine lunch break planning for Halloween. Then actual Halloween and she considers it their anniversary since that was when he proposed and she wasn't technically dating him prior, or at least that she knew. She had never thought she would be engaged to and birthing Remus Delos' child. She was also surprised when the midwife came in and said that they were going to remove the baby since she was closing. As she was being wheeled away she heard his steps and held her hand out towards him, wanting him here. As he said stop but they kept moving as her hand was on his cheek, feeling his tears she sat up as best she could with her bump and practically yelled, Stop and let me comfort my husband! She realized she had called him her husband without really thinking about it but it wasn't the time to think about that, her Remus was crying and she knew they weren't happy tears. They stopped moving her and said she had two minutes and that he was able to come with. She sat up and turned as best she could to look him in the eyes, Nothing bad is going to happen, okay babe? We are going to be parents, I'm gonna get back in shape once I heal up, and we are gonna get married and have our own little adventure of life. And you can put money on the fact that once he's old enough that I'm comfortable leaving him with Penny that we are gonna go on a hell of a honeymoon and there is nothing that is gonna stop us. We pulled through way too much and I know this isn't gonna end now. I love you too much to not get my happy ending. She saw the midwives coming back and sighed leaning forward to give him a quick kiss before she grabbed his hand as they got ready to start wheeling her again.
  5. Carissa Moroue

    Carissa was waiting for the next contraction when it hit and she was pushing, squeezing Remus' hand, finding it comforting that he was squeezing her hand too. She was hating this whole process and the longer it was taking the more resolve she was building to not have another child after this. She wanted it over and the kid to be in her arms and them on their way home from this place to introduce little Nicholas to the nursery. Thank you, love. She smiled at him as he walked out the contraction had passed. As he was gone after a couple of minutes another contraction hit and she screamed and gripped the side of her bed, pushing with all her might. Once that one passed she was covered in sweat and heard him come back. She smiled as she saw he had a teddy bear as well. She happily took the ice when he handed it to her, taking a piece in her mouth feeling everything relax. She was surprised when a midwife who'd left checked her out and then said that they needed to remove the baby immediately. Carissa had gone from 5 to 6 to 4 and they were worried she would close up, they were going to have to do a cesarian. She looked over at Remus before she looked back at the person, I understand. She then bit her lip a little worried as she took another ice shave in her mouth. When do you wanna do that? She was listening as the midwife said now and she blinked a couple times while she saw them move and start to move her bed.
  6. Carissa Moroue

    She had not been ready to be a Mother, at all but she knew she had to make it work. After all, they had just gotten engaged, but she thought of their little guy as their happy little blessing. Carissa was ready to get back to work, especially with the little guy on her hip. She was also excited for coffee to be able to reenter her life but she was most excited for little Nicholas. She was already ready to get the little guy out of her but she didn't start to push until the midwives said to. She took his hand and was squeezing, As ready as I'll ever be. And with that she squeezed his hand and tried to push the baby out, though she didn't feel like she made nay progress at all. If anything she felt like he was just moving away from the opening he needed to get out of. She knew it was gonna be a while but the sooner this little guy was out of her the better. She felt the contraction pass and sighed. Love, can you get me some ice? She wanted something to chew on and ice sounded amazing.
  7. Carissa Moroue

    As she was going through the reality of a birth she wasn't thinking about having another baby. She nodded as he asked if it was all on the same page, a small smile as he kissed her hand. She was not enjoying this process but it was going to end with her little blessing, the little baby boy. She had read books and done research but almost all of that was leaving her head as she was focusing on her breathing now that she was on the bed. They hadn't told her about when to start pushing or anything yet which she was fairly thankful for. She heard him take a deep breath when that said she was at five and looked over at him. She saw his watery eyes and smiled at him, he was as excited as she was even though her excitement wasn't exactly showing through right then. Oh goodness. She smiled as he came and kissed her lips, softly kissing back. She felt another contraction and screamed. One of the midwives said to push since there was a contraction occuring. She pushed but nothing happened. She reached out for Remus' hand.
  8. Carissa Moroue

    Care appreciated the fact that he was explaining what he meant, Oh, alright love. IF you really wish then I can hurt you I guess. She chuckled as she remembered all the different research he had done around the whole pregnancy, birth, and parenting. She wasn't the type to purposefully cause anyone any kind of pain unless she felt it was needed. She was glad he was holding her hand as she curled around her stomach because of another contraction. She had thought that the morning sickness, which was not exclusive to mornings, and tiny bladder was the worst of it. No not the worst of it. She was nodding as he went to go and get a chair, hand on her stomach and ready for that chair whenever he returned with it. As he arrived she slowly managed to sit in the chair before they were quickly moving to where she needed to be to get this baby out of her. She was just trying to keep up her breathing as Remus changed her into the gown. As the midwives came she couldn't see Remus but it is okay for a second because they are prepping her for the baby. SHe has an IV in and they are taking her BP. She felt normal until one decided it was time to check on the baby, she felt weird with the fact someone was checking on her vagina. One of them said she was at 5 and she looked over at Remus, Isn't that like halfway dilated or something? It was becoming very real that she was about to push a baby out of her, and the thought was becoming terrifying.
  9. Carissa Moroue

    Carissa was confused by his remark of making sure to hurt him as much as she needed to, was he a masochist all the sudden and she didn't know about it? This wasn't the time to be asking those kinds of questions, however. She figured that he probably meant squeeze his hand or whatever but she was still a little concerned about his remark, that is until her next contraction hit where she curled into a ball around her bump, biting her lip to stop from a scream of pain. She knew they were getting close and was so grateful for it because of the fact that she could feel the little guy moving around, trying to get out it seemed. As they arrived she was glad the contraction passed, making it easier for her to walk. She took his hand as he helped her out of the cab. She waddled behind him following him to the desk as he checked her in. As he asked if she could walk or needed a chair she answered, I think I can- She was cut off by another contraction, they were getting closer together a lot faster than she had expected. Chair, let's do chair. She was panting already and she wasn't even pushing yet. She looked at Remus with a smile as he went to go get a chair before she crouched down with the pain of the contraction. She was trying to use her breathing exercises that she had read about in her book but she couldn't calm herself to the point where she was taking deep breaths in and short ones out.
  10. Carissa Moroue

    Carissa could tell he was excited and it was almost slightly helpful, until the contraction hit again. She smiled as he was reassuring her, pr at least she felt like she would be smiling if a tiny human wasn't trying to push it's way out of her in that moment. She was having a hard time walking as they made their way to the taxi although she was thankful that he had called for one. As she slid into the cab feeling like a small smile should be on her face since he kissed her forehead although she wasn't exactly sure it was showing on her face. Saint Mungos. Please. She told the cabbie before gripping Remus' hand, not squeezing since the contraction had passed. I love you too Remus, and you're gonna do great too once he's here of course. She said with a smile at him since she wasn't in the excruciating pain. She was excited for the little guy, although she wasn't exactly sure how well work was going to go with having a baby but she was ready especially since he would be at the wedding now that she was going to start planning it.
  11. Carissa Moroue

    Carissa was in pain but smiled as he realized what was happening. She knew he sometimes was not the fastest when he just woke up. She chuckled as he was stumbling and tripping over himself before a contraction hit. Holy crap. She was taking shallow breaths as she gripped his hand nodding as he asked if she was ready, headed for the door. Never been more ready to have a baby. She was still taking shallow breaths like she had read in the books.
  12. Carissa Moroue

    Carissa was relieved when she heard him start to stir. She did sigh slightly frustrated when he seemed so oblivious. Was he thick or something? She knew that he was just waking up and could be a little slow to do that but she couldn't take it right then. She felt him look at her and then she heard him jump out of bed as she was at the top of the stairs. She couldn't help but smile as he came and kissed her before she realized if he asked if it was the baby. It's the baby, he's ready to join us. Are you ready to go? she asked before she smiled at him. She was excited but also in pain so she was hoping he would hurry and answer so they could get going so this process could be better underway.
  13. Carissa Moroue

    Carissa had woken up in extreme pain. She went into a bit of a panic worried that something was wrong with the baby until she had woken up a bit more mentally and realized what the date was. She then woke up fully and turned over to wake up Remus. Babe, wake up. She said trying to be gentle but then what she thought was a contraction happened and she was a bit less kind. Remus Delos wake up damn it! She said well more yelled. She quickly got out of bed and sighed before trying to figure out a way to get to the hospital. She didn't want to apperate without Remus but if the wasn't up soon she might have to go without him.