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  1. Hendrix Thomas

    January 2, 2026 New Years Eve was great. I went over to Stellar's house to celebrate, and we had our first New Years kiss. Cordelia made us sleep in separate rooms, but that's alright because somewhere around two am Stellar snuck into my bed and we cuddled for the rest of the night. School starts back up in a few days so we're enjoying one last day with our families before we have to go back to Beauxbatons.
  2. Hendrix Thomas

    December 23, 2025 I woke up this morning when my mirror fell off my nightstand. I groaned and rubbed my eyes, having not yet realized what had happened, before I heard Stellar giggling at me. I rolled over and stared down at the mirror, seeing her smiling face looking up at me. "You weren't supposed to open that until Christmas," I told her as I reached down to pick up the mirror. Laying back in bed, I smiled as she stuck her tongue out at me. We talked for a while, hours probably, before we wished each other a Merry Christmas.
  3. Hendrix Thomas

    December 20, 2025 Winter exams are over and the winter break has started. Of course I wanted to stay at Beauxbatons and stay with Stellar, but we agreed to both go home for the holidays. I do get to visit her for New Years Eve though and I think I'm spending the night too. I also sent out her Christmas present today, it's half of a set of two-way mirrors. I have my half in my bedroom, sitting on my nightstand. They were a little bit expensive but it was worth the money.
  4. Hendrix Thomas

    December 10, 2025 The last few weeks I have been feeling very awkward and uncomortable around Stellar. It's nothing that he has done, but I am sure that he has noticed that I have been acting weird. I've just been having these urges lately, sometimes I just want to do so much more than kiss him. My parents have already given me the "sex talk" but it was before I told them that I'm pansexual. So I'm not entirely sure how it would work if we did have sex, but I know that we are not ready for that yet so it doesn't matter anyway.
  5. Hendrix Thomas

    November 18, 2025 - 16 years old Today is my sixteenth birthday. Stellar and I have been dating for almost a year, in fact our anniversary is next week. I sat with my sisters at breakfast so we could hang out for a while before classes started. Wip
  6. Hendrix Thomas

    October 31, 2025 Today is All Hallows Eve, or Halloween as some people call it, and we decided not to go to the haunted house after all. But it is a town weekend so we went out and did some trick or treating. We got loads of candy, probably more than we'll be able to eat. It was a great night though, and we have all weekend to eat our candy.
  7. Hendrix Thomas

    October 5, 2025 Halloween is coming up in a few weeks and I'm wondering what we'll do. I think this year the school is having a haunted house so I'm not sure if Stellar will want to go or not. Maybe we will just hang out and have a movie night with some popcorn.
  8. Hendrix Thomas

    September 27, 2025 Stellar and I cuddled for the first time today. We've sat and held hands plenty of times since we started dating, but today we were alone in a student lounge and we laid down together on the couch. It was so innocent but so nice. We laid facing each other and we talked for a little while before she fell asleep in my arms. Since today is Saturday I didn't feel the need to wake her, not even as my stomach rumbled and my arm fell asleep. She looked so peaceful and so beautiful.
  9. Hendrix Thomas

    September 11, 2025 Today is Stellar's birthday and I'm so glad we got to spend it together. During our break in between Charms and Transfiguration, I gave him the cookbook and he seemed to really like it. But his face lit up even more when I told him happy birthday and that I love him in German.
  10. Hendrix Thomas

    September 3, 2025 - Sixth Year The school year started just a few days ago and I am so glad to be back. Stellar and I continued to write letters the rest of the summer but it's so much nicer to be with her and be able to hold her hand. We're going into our sixth year, Em is now a seventh year and Alexia is going into her third year. Next week is also Stellar's birthday and I'm looking forward to giving her the German cookbook that I found over the summer. In my free time I've also been trying to learn a little bit of German too, so I can't wait to show her what I've learned so far.
  11. Hendrix Thomas

    July 12, 2025 Emeline gave me a letter today from Stellar. I'll admit I was beginning to worry just a little bit, since it has been a week since we saw each other. But I suppose that her owl got lost along the way. She thanked me for the surprise trip and said that she can't wait to see me at school.
  12. Hendrix Thomas

    July 6, 2025 Today was our last day in Paris, so I took Stellar to the Eiffel Tower. The last four days have gone by so fast, but I am so glad that I got to spend this time with her. I'm thankful to have such awesome parents who helped me plan this trip, along with Cordelia and Misty too of course. The view from the top was just as amazing as I remember from when my parents took us as children. But after lunch we all had to say goodbye, so I'm home now with my family.
  13. Hendrix Thomas

    July 5, 2025 - Night Dinner went well. My parents didn't really seem to mind that Stellar was dressed as a boy, they just wanted to get to know him for who he is. The incredibly sweet, loving and smart person that I have grown to love. Before dinner Stellar wanted to go see the Louvre, so that is where we stayed most of the day. Seeing all of the art was great, but it was even better to just watch him appreciate all of the art around us. I know that Stellar really wants to see the Eiffel Tower, but I having been waiting until the end of our trip for that.
  14. Hendrix Thomas

    July 5, 2025 I had breakfast with my family this morning, and my parents have decided that they want to meet Stellar... I felt a little uncomfortable with the idea but told them that I would ask if he wants to meet them. As it turns out, he's alright with the idea. So we're going to have dinner together tonight, but for now Stellar is completely in charge of what we are doing today.
  15. Hendrix Thomas

    July 4, 2025 This morning I walked down from my hotel room to the small cafe near the lobby to get myself a coffee. When I got there, you'll never believe who I saw picking up a cup of his own coffee. No extra hair, no makeup or fancy clothes, still a little bit sleepy looking but still just as handsome as I have ever seen him. When he looked up and saw me, the way he smiled at me made my heart jump. I quickly ordered my coffee before I went over to join Stellar at the table he had found. Turns out that we are both staying here, but Cordelia and Misty have decided to spend some time with each other today so Stellar was just going to stay in their room. Of course that sounded rather boring so I offered to show him around some more. He seemed pretty happy with the idea so we took our drinks and went off to explore. We stayed out most of the day before I walked with him back to his hotel room. For a very brief moment I had thought about mentioning that I had my own room but it was getting late and I am sure that it would have made things awkward, so I'm glad I didn't.