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  1. Lucian Richards

    The reaction to his recent article had been surprising. He had been doing these types of interviews for a while, but boy did his take on Lexington stir up some past differences. But the reactions hadn't all been negative and his editors stood by the reporting. Luckily, he had Ruby to take his mind off things and she was getting really good at that. They were still in some weird 'what are we doing here', but neither seemed able to speak the words. For Lucian, he was more shocked he had gotten so lucky to have her want to hang out with him as much as she did and he definitely didn't want to screw that up. As he turned the corner, his houseboat came into view and he spotted her. He slowed down and moved quietly, enjoying just watching her and hearing her voice. However, as he came to a stop next to one of the poles that kept his boat in one place, he missed the mark and SPLASH! He came up, sputtering, however he could (at least) swim. "I'm okay! I'm okay!" He swam to a small ladder that hung over the side of his home and climbed up. He stood there, soaking wet, and offered his normal goofy smile to Ruby. "Hey!" Oh boy. @Ruby Darling
  2. Lucian Richards

    Deputy Connor Lexington during our interview Published: August 2021 (In our monthly "Impactful Interviews" Series) Connor Lexington is an imposing man. However, if you get a chance to sit with him, and just talk you might just find someone who can be misunderstood. We met in his office at Hogwarts, an actually warm office just off his classroom. He begins a new journey as Head of Slytherin and Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts, but he is still vulnerable. I am sure my readers have heard of Connor Lexington, but the man I met was kind and open (mostly off the record). Our interview is contained below - I just hope we get a follow up! Lucian Richards: Professor Lexington, thank you so much for taking some time to sit down with me. I am pleased our schedules finally met up! Connor Lexington: No problem Lucian! Thank you very much for allowing me the chance to interview with you as you are a very busy man and I feel honored to have met you! LR:That’s truly a honor. I really want my readers to understand your life, the choices you've had to make, and how you ended up here. CL: I’d be happy to explain that. I would like to give the readers a chance to get to know the real me and experience that I am a genuine person at heart LR: Well, if we can start with the beginning. Can you discuss your childhood?" CL: It’s a bit of a blur to be perfectly honest. All I could really remember is being within a broken home. A home where both of my parents were murdered [Lexington trailed off here] That’s another story for another day, but it was one that I will never forget and I suppose I spent most of my time in a confined area of Durmstrang, doing my studies and hopefully one day maintaining a good status to become a Professor. LR: Well if I can take a moment about your parents. You mention a broken home - do you think your parents loved you? CL: Oh, my mother did. With all of her heart. She cherish every moment with me...Unless, that is what my grandmother told me when I visited her as a teenager. It was just one of those moments where I had to realize that my parents did have some connection with me. As for my dad, I can't say. Sorry. LR: I understand that. So, you went to Durmstrang and then, eventually, transferred to Hogwarts. You were among the select few allowed to do that. What was that transition like? CL: Harsh because I must say that I missed the school that I left behind...I led the school through two terms and it really made me break up a little bit because it was somewhere that I had spent for so long and the fact that Hogwarts was welcoming, made it even more difficult because I never expected people to like someone who was a leader of Dark Arts for so many years. LR: Oh, I'm sorry. I meant during your childhood. I had read that you transferred to Hogwarts during a fifth year transfer. CL: Oh, sorry about that. Yeah, as a student I don't really remember...All I really remember is being in Slytherin. I have a bland memory unfortunately. LR: Well, it does help bring us up to the present day. You were Headmaster of Durmstrang for some time. But your name continued to be associated with things that, at the time, it seemed Durmstrang was trying to get away from. What happened?" CL: I prefer not to comment on that Lucian. While I do respect my readers and you, I rather not get into that topic of discussion. All I will say is that I enjoyed my time as Headmaster and I will return once again if offered. LR: Fair enough. So then, you return to Hogwarts as an adult. You are hired by Minerva McGonagall and that caused a great deal of negative response. How were you able to remain?" CL: Hard work simply. LR: Did you feel pressured to ever leave? I spoke to [Headmaster] Webb and he was adamant about the support you had from [former Headmistress] McGonagall and other. CL: Again, that is not my place to discuss. I would appreciate it if we leave those things out of this discussion. LR: Alright, fair enough. As you embark on this next journey, what do you hope the parents of Hogwarts' students will know? CL: That I will lead their children to the glory of success and that I will be sure to give them my 110% attention when it comes to their needs. LR: And you begin two new roles. Deputy Headmaster and Head of Slytherin. How did it feel being asked to step into the shoes of Horace Slughorn? CL: I could feel that Horace is turning over in his grave, but then again how do I know as such and please don't ask me why a comment like that was made, I just have my own way of thinking. LR: [Laughs] Just maybe. And now, if you are okay with it, I'd like to ask you my normal 10 questions. CL: [Shows signature smile] Sure thing my friend. LR: What is your favorite word? CL: Since this a family friendly newspaper, I will say fudge. LR: This column is not family friendly*. So, I will ask again. What is your favorite word? CL: Fuck LR: [Laughs] Perfect! What is your least favorite word? CL: Compromise LR: [Chuckles] What turns you on creatively, spiritually, and emotionally? CL: The success of my children. LR: That's the first time I've had that answer! What turns you off? CL: Ignorance LR: This brings us back to my first question. What is your favorite curse word? CL: As I stated, Fuck LR: [Heavy Laughter] What sound or noise do you love? CL: Crackling firewood. LR: What sound or noise do you hate? CL: Howling wind. LR: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? CL: Being a Quidditch player. LR: [Laughs] Outside of my current questions, what position would you play? CL: Whatever position that involves you. [Laughs] Just kidding, I would play seeker [Winks] LR: [Laughs] If only I wasn't straight! What profession would you not like to do? CL: Beater [Rolls eyes] Violent position. LR: If death is truly the last stage, what would you like to hear Merlin say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? CL: Sorry, wrong floor LR: [Laughs] Good one! Well, again, thanks for taking the time to speak with me. I truly wish you nothing but luck and happiness on your journey. However, I do have one more question to ask. CL: You are very welcome good sir! What question is that? LR: Your sister**. She is currently serving time in Azkaban. However, due to a change in the law, she may be able to get out early. If she was here, right now, what would you say to her? CL: Let’s stir shit up dear sister. LR: [Laughs] And with that, I will end our interview. Thank you again. I hope to meet with you over the next term and good luck! CL: Thank you! *All columns within the Daily Prophet are might contain vulgar language. **Rhiannon Lexington was arrested three years ago in connection with the murder of two Muggles. However, no evidence has been presented.
  3. Lucian Richards

    (Auror Virsham Bane during our interview) Published: June 19th, 2021 Virsham Bane is one of the greatest Aurors in the history of the Ministry of Magic. And now he is one of fourteen running to fill the position of Minister of Magic. His platform is bold and seems to be a total rejection of the previous Minister of Magic. I had met Auror Bane a few times, many of them in the corridors of the Ministry, and he always seemed to have a spark of fixing everything that wrong. You can imagine how lucky I felt when I was able to secure time to talk to the man who just might be the Minister of Magic. Auror Bane had time in his schedule, after a speech in Hogsmeade, to give me an interview. My team descended upon Hogsmeade, taking moments to remember our times as rambunctious teens in the village, and Auror Bane's speech touched many in the audience. A great deal of the village's citizens had turned out and we also spotted some members of the Hogwarts staff. We conducted the interview in a room at the Three Broomsticks. Lucian Richards: Auror Bane, I know you are in the middle of a campaign, so thank you for taking the time to sit down and chat with me today. Virsham Bane: You’re welcome, Lucian. You're the voice for the people, it's my pleasure to be here. LR: So, why run? Why now? VB: You know, I'm a very practical man. I've been working for the Ministry for a long time. As an Auror, I've always been in the middle of the action. To be honest, I'm the kind of people that can complain.. because things can go in wrongs ways, you see? I'm like everyone... I see it. But you cannot only complain. You have to make things change if you're not happy about the state of things. Otherwise, you just end up as a old grumpy man, who always complain but does want to move his ass to make things right... So... Obviously one day that was going particularly wrong, I decided I wanted to act. That's why I ran. LR: It’s a crowded field, some of your colleagues are running. However, you seem the favorite. How sure are you that you are going to win? VB: 100% I always give my maximum. Of course, I understand it's not only a question of will, there's alliances, some are adept of low blows... But that's how it is. I've never feared a little competition... May the best win! LR: For my readers who might not know what your platform is, can you give us some insight into what you feel is the responsibility of the Ministry, and more-so, Minister of Magic? VB: Hum…Well, In my opinion, the Minister is a little like a father for the Wizardry Community. Or a best friend, if you prefer. He must know when encourage and help people grow into their better selves, and when to punish the ones that trespass, and don't abide the laws. Of course, he should also make sure the laws follow the evolution of our community. We have some laws so old, we can smell the dust on them, but others are still very true to this day. LR: After the joyous days of Kingsley Shacklebolt, many citizens believe that your predecessor assisted in a new rise of blood purity. His resignation came at a time when many feared that days of the past would return. What are some things you would do to heal those wounds? VB: The question of blood purity has always been one of our most dangerous issue, and possibly downfall. Not dangerous by itself, but because of the extremist passions and ideology attached to it. I know I will probably make myself some more enemies, but that's the truth. As you know, there is only 28 pureblood families in UK. Where would we all be if we had only allowed pureblood people to exist? Does that make them better person, better magical person? Personally, I don't think in those kind of terms, what I'm looking for in someone is not the type of his blood, but his character, his charisma. Are they good people? What do they stand for? How do they show it? Because, in the end, you can pretend a lot of things, but what really matters is your choices and your actions. I think that we have a lot of healing to do, and that only can go one way: through transparency and communication. The Ministry must come back to the basics: the ministry is here to serve the people. And that's what I plan to do: put back the people in the center of our focus, and act for the good of our community. LR: One of the issues many are discussing lately has been the idea of opening more rights to Vampire, Werewolves, and Squib. What is your position on the idea that those three groups deserve more? VB: First of all, I would distinguish 2 groups: vampires in one, and Werewolves and Squib in the other. Why? Because their take on time is not the same. A vampire have a lifespan that can make ours feel like... the one of a fly, so their vision and their appreciation of our laws and everyday troubles can be drastically different than ours. Regarding squibs... we don't know exactly why it happens, as we don't know why muggle-borns are born with magic. It doesn't make them less of human being, less than a valuable member of our community. They know magic, have been raised in that environment and for that, they must be acknowledged, respected and included in our discussions, as much as possible. For the Werewolves. Most of them become that way due to terrible circumstances. I've seen myself many of them raising from the battles or after fights we had against angry alphas trying to impose their view and powers. Although, we mustn't forget that they are werewolf only few days of the month. Ultimately, the decision can not fall only on myself, or the Wizengamot. This is an important issue, that touch many families. It should be put at the center of a discussion that we must have regarding the way we interact with other magical beings. I understand it's opening the door for other creatures, but we live in a multifaceted world. It's time to acknowledge it and to have the discussion. LR: So, would you support bring a Vampire, Werewolf, and Squib into your inner circle? Give them a seat the table, if you will. VB: [Laughs] They would have to bear with me first! LR: [Laughs] Okay, now toward Education - something you have spoken about before. It was a shock when we learned about the death of Minerva McGonagall prior to the start of the recent [2020-2021] school term. Rumors have swirled about a replacement. What would you consider the right relationship between the Minister and Headperson of Hogwarts? VB: Professor McGonagall…[Auror Bane paused here, his eyes lost for a moment[ Headmistress I mean. She was an amazing woman. She will be greatly missed and not only for her many skills as a teacher or Headmistress. To answer your question, it goes without a doubt in my mind that Hogwarts is not only there to prepare young children to control their magic powers. It's also a place where they learn how to become a part of our community. Logically, I hope that a strong relationship will be established between the representative of each institution. LR:Do you know any of the staff at the castle? Any one you would hope to work with? VB: I’ll work with... [Pause] Well... with the new headmaster... Or the new headmistress. LR:So you have no secret hopes of, if you win, having someone in your corner at Hogwarts? VB:I don't work that way. I don't put people where I want to use them as pawn. I know some did. It's just not who I am. I will work with the person in charge. Our views might be different, or opposed, but that's part of the game, don't you think? Being able to convince someone who don't necessarily think like you, that you're right? Or at least, that your point of view as merits... LR: Let’s pivot once again. You had a very successful career as an Auror and, I am sure, will continue on that journey if not elected. However, not much is known about Virsham the man. When you aren't on the campaign trail, not arresting the most evil of evil, what do you like to do? VB:[Grinning] What do I do...? Well... I'm like every one else! I'm the very busy father of two beautiful children... they are my pride and joy, but they are also the thieves of my free hours... [Laughs] Other than that... well, I have friends, and... nothing really exciting, or out of the ordinary... in fact. LR:What do your children think? Of you running? Are you the cool dad, now? VB: I was the cool dad before. My son is pretty upset, I guess it's cooler to have a dad Auror than running to be a Minister... At least in his world. My daughter... she's my elder. She doesn't say much. I can only guess that she prefers it. LR: Your family is going to be going through a upheaval. You go from a man, just doing a job, to be one of the most powerful people in the wizarding world. You are also a widow. How do you think you and your family will handle this new focus? VB: [Auror Bane seemed tense during this answer] We’ll make it work. My children know I love them and that all I do is to prepare a better future for them and all of us. I don't run for the fame or other ulterior motive. I have a voice and I want to use it to change what I think is broken or corrupted in our community. Aside that, at the end of the day, it will still be me. Being an Auror took a lot of me, it costed my children their mother. I hope being the minister will only give them a sense of pride, yes, but also teach them that.... each of us, we have specific skills. And it's a duty to use those skills and not let them be spoiled. I've always wanted to help and protect the people. That's what I do, very directly, as an Auror, that is still what I want to do, but differently, as the Minister for Magic. LR: I can appreciate that. And now, if you will oblige, I have my standard ten questions to ask you. The first, What is your favorite word? VB: Life LR: What is your least favorite word? VB: Inferior LR: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? VB:[Grinning] Authenticity and creativity! LR: [Laughs] What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally? VB: Being taken for a pawn. Or a fool. LR: What is your favorite curse word? VB: Fucktard LR: What sound or noise do you love? VB:The sound of the rain... when I’m not under it. LR: [Laughs] What sound or noise do you hate? VB:The screeching screams of banshees. LR: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I’m attempting it... LR: [Chuckles] Very true. What profession would you not like to do? VB: Herbologist. Never managed to get it. LR: If the idea of Muggle Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? VB: [Pause] Wrong door: the Valhalla is this way. LR: [Laughs] Mr. Bane, thank you again for taking time to chat. I look forward to another chat - whether you win or lose. VB:I will be my pleasure as well. Thank you for having me! The elections will be held the last Saturday of August.
  4. Just had an incredible interview with Virsham Bane. Looking forward to sharing this in a special Election edition of the Prophet. Should be out sometime in July, a few weeks before the election!

  5. Lucian Richards

    Lucian had long allowed his mind to linger about the times she would find him shirtless, but they usually involved her being shirtless too. Now, however, he felt like putting on a shirt. He was still so awkward around her at times and he was almost sure she wanted nothing more than a friend. Why would Ruby wanna date him? He stumbled slightly, over a pair of shoes he had meant to pick up, but caught himself before floundering. "Cookies? Oh, that's so thoughtful. Um, here, uh lemme take your coat." He placed his beer down, which nearly fell to the floor before settling onto the table, and was able to get the cookies and her coat off without murdering her. "Wanna beer?" He had placed her coat over the edge of a frayed arm chair and pulled a shirt from the counter - where a pile of laundry sat. "Yeah - meant to fold that." His cheeks heated and he turned to open the fridge.
  6. The New Headmaster, during a recent press event. With the election only just behind us, and Simone Cruz working to settle into her new job as Supreme Mugwump, the answer of Hogwarts leadership has finally been answered. It was announced, in a parting letter from SM Cruz to Hogwarts students and staff, that Professor Niall Donovan would take her place as leader of the school, effective immediately. In the letter, obtained by the Prophet from a reporter with two children at the school, SM Cruz noted Donovan's commitment to "ensuring each and every student, no matter who or what, are educated." She goes on to refer to him as a "dear and old friend"and ended the letter with her full blessing of the appointment. Some are shocked that the current Deputy, Ashley Rose, wasn't promoted. However, there are no hard feelings. My sources say that Deputy Rose, who married SM Cruz last year, was never truly interested in the top spot. The person, close to both women, say that Rose isn't interested in the top spot because of her wife's rise to Supreme Mugwump. "She wants to be there to support Simone right now. If she took the job, one I doubt she would ever want, it would be so overwhelming for them and their families." Either way, we look forward to seeing what all of this new leadership can bring to our community. Donovan, who was serving as the Head of Ravenclaw and professor of Transfiguration, is facing some tough choices ahead. We know he will need to find his own replacement, and rumor has it the head of Slytherin was last saw venturing into the Dark Forest and has not been seen since.
  7. Headmistress Cruz during an interview for the "Muggleborns in Power" edition of the Daily Prophet. She has constantly said no. During my last chat with the Headmistress of Hogwarts, she firmly reminded me that she loved her job and wanted to ensure that she did her best for the school. However, is it possible the leader of Hogwarts Castle has had a change of heart? That is what we are finding out. According to some documents obtained by the Prophet, Headmistress Simone Cruz has filed the preliminary paperwork to join the race for Supreme Mugwump. This doesn't mean that she is planning to run, it just means she is finding out if it would be feasible and possible for her to run. If the information returned is positive, it's very possible we might see the woman jump into the race. The current Supreme Mugwump, who is up for election after serving the remaining portion of his predecessors six year term, has not indicated if he plans to run again. It was reported a few days ago that Headmistress Cruz and Supreme Mugwump Killian were spotted having dinner a few days ago and it's clear she wouldn't run if he planned to do so. The race runs from March - July with the elections happening the first week of August. If she decides to run, she could retain her position as Headmistress. If she were to win, she would be forced to resign for the new job. But it wouldn't be a bad resignation - she would become the most powerful woman in the EMU and one of the most powerful woman in the global magical communities. As for her chances? Well, she seems to be a popular figure - who has had her moments of unpopular situations. However, if the current SM doesn't run, she would certainly be a leader in the race. I suppose only time will tell.
  8. In a stunning revelation that is sure to be felt for months to come, it was announced today that the Head Coach of the English National Quidditch Team had been fired, after it was revealed that he was providing players with Felix Felicis. The firing of Kyle Jorts came after months for the call of his resignation, along with the players involved. Four players have voluntarily left, all while maintaining their innocence, and this could be the final person to end on the chopping board surrounding this matter.The use of Felix Felicis by players during a game is illegal and can result in any wins by the team being forfeited. However, it has yet been proven if the potion was taken before, during, or after the games. The timely could not be worst - as the team is gearing up for their first game to take place a few weeks into September.Jorts was stripped of his severance pay and is likely to face charges at the UMC. A spokesperson for the Supreme Mugwump and Head of the Department of Magical Games & Sports denied comment, stating the infancy of the charges.
  9. Above: Niall Donovan "striking a pose" After my interview with Headmistress Simone Cruz garnered such a positive reaction, I decided to embark on a series where I interview the many movers and shakers at Hogwarts. I had the fortunate of meeting my new guest at an event hosted by the United Magical Confederation. And since I am a man in touch with who I am, I can admit he is a good looking dude. All eyes seemed to be on him, but even better he is just a real nice guy. We met in his office at Hogwarts, a room that just proves how much of an outdoorsy type he is. He was a gracious host and very thought provoking. While I couldn't include our entire conversation into this interview, I have to say that Hogwarts is lucky to have him. Oh and side note, readers. Yes, it would seem the rumors are true and he is dated Arthur Cameron. But I don't report on that. Go read Witch's Weekly or something. Lucian Richards: Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed. Niall Donovan: It's my pleasure. LR: This marks your first term as Head of Ravenclaw. How different is it to now work as the leader of the house you call your alma mater? ND: It's very different, but I find it to be rewarding so far. I find I enjoy being back at Hogwarts, and it's amazing how little the castle has changed since I was a student. LR: Do you have any heroes of the magical world? Icons? Idols? ND: Minerva McGonagall. Brilliant woman, positively brilliant. LR: It's no secret you share a close relationship with Headmistress Cruz? What kind of boss is she? ND: She's very fair, very good at her job. I'm very happy to have the opportunity to work with her. LR: What does Niall Donovan do when he isn't leading the Eagles or teaching Transfiguration? ND: I've always been the outdoorsy sort. I do a lot of camping, hiking, that sort of thing. I also like spending time with my baby sister, Bree, and going out with friends. LR: Have you found it easier or harder to have a personal life since taken this job? ND: It's about the same, really. Just a matter of socializing in your free time - and there are always the other members of the staff around, and the Hogwarts staff is a friendly bunch. LR: Anyone you want to give a shout-out to? ND: Arthur Cameron. *smiles warmly* My boyfriend. LR: Well, thank you again, Niall. The Ravenclaws and Hogwarts are lucky to have you. ND: Glad to talk to you. Have a good day.