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  1. Elisabeth Jordan

    "Oh that sounds awesome! Who did you see play? Dad and I never miss a Holyhead Harpies game! Even if he is partial to the Ballycastle Bats." Elisabeth began to work her long, curly hair into a ponytail, and she smiled softly. "I had a great holiday! Definitely relaxing before we start our O.W.Ls this year. I got this really nice broom care kit. Remind me to show you later, it's in our dorm." Elisabeth happily took the offered broom - her own was back in the dormitory - she only used it for actual training and games. Besides, it was nice to use a simpler broom when having fun. "Meet you in the air!" Elisabeth mounted her broom and took off in a burst of speed. Even on the school provided broom, Elisabeth soared through the air, coming to hover among one of the goal posts. @Eloise Hart
  2. Elisabeth Jordan

    When Elisabeth was with Anya, she felt like she could truly be herself. Not like she had two individual personalities or anything like that, she was able to relax more around her best friend than others. She had long wished that the two were in the same house, that might have helped with some bits of stress, but they both were so good at finding time to visit with each other and fill that time with all of their worries and concerns, so it was nice. Elisabeth happily collected her purchased goodies and rearranged her items to better carry all of her new treats. She was sure, by the end of the game, the both of them would have bought each other enough items to call everything even. "Oh! I was thinking, after the game, if your mum is okay with it, you can have a stayover at my place? My parents said it was okay, they'd like to see you." Anya's mother was a bit more conservative than Elisabeth's - so it was never a guarantee. The googles had been her father's googles and had been passed down like some family artifact. They weren't the newer, fancier kind, but the charms on the googles was just as a strong and they had such a history. "My dad would kick me out of the house if I came to a game without them." She was obviously joking and her own laughter proved that much. Elisabeth was extremely close with her parents, well her whole family, and she wasn't ashamed to be so family-oriented. Her love of family spilled over to her friends, especially Anya, and she held them all close - making sure to protect them at all costs. Elisabeth let out an obligatory cheer when Anya mentioned the Harpies. Anyone who knew Elisabeth, even in the slightest, knew she was a mega-fan of the all-girls team. Her dormitory and bedroom at home were littered with team items and swag. She never missed a game over the holidays and one of her prized possession was a picture of her, in the locker room, with the team. Her goal was to play for them someday and she was determined to make that dream a reality. "The Bats are pretty good this year. Dad is pretty happy about that." She took a sip from her own butterbeer, organizing her items in her bag, and she nodded softly. "I don't know yet. I just want to poke around and see what pops up." She stood up, offering a hand to her friend. The game was due to start in a few moments, so they didn't have much time to explore before the official start. @Anastasia Wolfsbane
  3. Student Name: Elisabeth Jordan Current House: Gryffindor Current Year: Fifth Year Three Requested Courses: HoM, Transfiguration, & Ancient Runes
  4. Elisabeth Jordan

    The sisterhood type of bond that Elisabeth shared with Anya was so pure, so awesome that the minor age difference wasn't even a thing. They had found ways to compliment each other so well that it was just as if they had been friends since birth. Even being members of opposite houses, well, it just never had mattered. It wasn't odd for both girls to end up squeezed next to each other at any events that didn't require remaining with your own house - and neither missed a Quidditch game when the others team was playing at school. Likewise, they had embarked on their bit of rule-breaking, especially their late night raids of the castle's kitchen or just lounging about in the Astronomy tower. Elisabeth was constantly begging to hear stories of the War and her parents were pretty open about what happened and all of the chaos it had brought. Anya and her had talked about it, their interest shared as many were, and it was clear that Anya's mother was still pretty shaken by those events so long ago - Elisabeth understood, her parents still had the occasional nightmare and there was always a huge party, each year, to celebrate the infamous Battle and Victory of Hogwarts. "Just taking a page of your book today!" She teased her friendly and gave her a soft nudge. It had always been like that - Anya was the warm one, Elisabeth the analytical one. But it just worked! At her friend's next question, she ruggaged in her jacket and pulled out the googles. "You know I never leave home without them." She pushed them back into her jacket and shrugged. "Both are good teams. But I guess the Cannons. They really need a win." Neither of her favorites were playing today - Elisabeth was a Harpies girl through and through. "And you?" They had arrived at the gates and Elisabeth broke the link with Anya to pull out the tickets and pass through the security wizards. Once inside, she turned to Anya. "The usual? Put our stuff down at our seats and venture for goodies?" Ah, it was nice to have a friend you could do usual things with. @Anastasia Wolfsbane
  5. Elisabeth Jordan

    The friendship, the sisterhood, she had created with Anya had been effortless. Sure, they were in seperate houses and seperate years, but it just worked between them. As Elisabeth waited for her friend, she thought back to their first introductions. It had happened a few weeks into Elisabeth's first year at the castle. Elisabeth had piled more books than she should have into her small arms, slowly making her way down a row in the library. Before she knew it, she was colliding with something - someone - and her and the books landed on the ground. After assuring the other person was okay, she busied herself trying to collect the fallen books - when the other person began to help. And so began the friendship of the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. They did their best to stay in touch over holidays and tried to have some sort of gossip meeting once a week. Elisabeth smiled fondly at the memory and her smile only grew when she finally caught sight of Anya. She bounced slightly with glee and then braced herself as her friend grew closer. Their greetings usually ended up with one of them being pounced upon and Elisabeth was ready. The Gryffindor returned the greeting in kind and then shook away her friend's apology. "It's fine! You are here now!" She let out a soft laugh and then gave her friends a thumbs-up. "And you have to buy me a program and it's a deal!" Elisabeth's voice was of a teasing tone and she turned toward the entryway. "Shall we?" She offered her friend her arm in a goofy way, laughing all the long. @Anastasia Wolfsbane
  6. Elisabeth Jordan

    Elisabeth had returned to Hogwarts a little earlier than she had first anticipated. However, she knew the Quidditch tryouts would happen pretty soon after term began, so she wanted to get back and get in shape. She had played Seeker since her second year and she was hoping to keep the position for the next school year. You can imagine her happiness when the owl swept into the common room and dropped the note off to her. She adored Eloise, they had been roomies since day one, and they both played so well together. After a quick change, she made her way out of the castle and toward the pitch. "Eloise! I was literally going to try and find you to see if you wanted to come down!" She made her away across the pitch and gave Eloise a small hug. "How was your summer?" She took one of the brooms Eloise provided and gave her friend a smile. @Eloise Hart
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  8. Elisabeth Jordan

    RP takes place in July 2021. Elisabeth Jordan had basically been raised in the English National Quidditch Stadium. Her entire life had been surrounded by the magical sport and she had been playing on the Gryffindor team since her second year at Hogwarts. Her mother, Katie Jordan (neé Bell) had went on to great success as a professional quidditch player and her dad, Lee Jordan, made sure they never missed a game. Today, however, the game was going to just be her and a close friend - a present for pretty good grades and in preparation for what Elisabeth had been warned as going to be a tough academic year. Right now, Elisabeth was waiting just outside the stadium, her eyes darting around the crowd. Today was going to be a good day! TAG; OPEN!
  9. RP takes place in July 2024. It had been four months since Elisabeth had given birth to her first child. A healthy little girl had been brought into this world and Elisabeth was constantly finding herself filled with more and more love for the infant. Her relationship with Blaine was blossoming and they were both trying to settle into a life with a child. Her professional life was also going wonderfully. While she was still considered a reserve, she had played in four games as the lead Chaser. It had been exhilarating, each time her dreams were coming true right in front of her, and she was being told that she may just start at the beginning of the next season. However, with a break in the training, her parents had surprised Elisabeth and Blaine with a trip to Africa - a tour through the lands deeply entrenched in the magical world. They had met tribes of witches and wizards along the way, exposed to ways of life Elisabeth had never dreamed possible. Today, it had been a safari and then a catered dinner under the stars. Elisabeth was having such a time with Blaine - she really felt they could make this, them, work. @Blaine Zabini