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  1. Arthur Cameron

    Arthur had always been, oddly, self conscious about his veela blood. He could never be sure if the other person was truly in love with all of him or just the magic that ran through his features. His previous relationship had ended, mainly because Arthur had self sabotaged it, but Falcon had proved amazingly different. The questions that seemed to plague Arthur were gone, he hadn't once doubted (even during their limited fights) that the feelings they shared were based on the entirety of the other person - but it didn't truly hurt that they both looked amazing. "Well, you are in luck. That is in stock." He closed the space between them, wrapping his arms around Falcon's waist, and meeting his eyes. "Welcome back to the exciting world of business." He let out a soft laugh and leaned in to kiss Falcon. He knew the decision wasn't easy, but he would have supported Falcon no matter what. @Falcon Konstantinov
  2. Arthur Cameron

    When that voice, that deliciously warm voice, floated over to Arthur he felt the familiar tingling feeling wash over his body. Falcon had such a way of making Arthur turn into pure jelly, even just by looks and simple words. They had met, on a blind date, orchestrated by mutual friends of both of them. It was an instant connection and they had been nearly inseparable since then. And, as Arthur turned to see Falcon, the smile on his face couldn't shine any brighter. "Well, hello gorgeous!" Abandoning the display he had been working on, he moved around the counter and came to stop a few feet from Falcon. "Come for a new wand?" Arthur couldn't help but lick his lips slowly, without even realizing he was doing it, as he took in his wondrous boyfriend.
  3. Arthur Cameron

    This RP takes place in June 2021. With Hogwarts ending another school term, the Cameron Family Wands shop had been busier than usual. Each day, the shop was filled with students and their parents - looking for replacements or purchasing some of the many supplies used in keeping a wand clean and in top shape. With his father having retired, Arthur was working even harder as the new business owner. He had closed the store for a week prior to the start of the summer for some much needed building maintenance. He had re-cataloged all of the wands and had even expanded the back rooms in which wands were created. He had also worked to get more products into the shop - to offset the times when wand sales were down. The first rush of many ended and Arthur flopped down into a chair that sat behind the counter. As his assistants bustled around him to restock shelves and mend a table that had been broken during one wand test, Arthur looked around and truly felt a rush of satisfaction. He had been raised to be a wandmaker and now he was in charge of the family business. Add onto that his wonderful boyfriend, Falcon. Things were good and as he pushed himself up from the chair, he couldn't help but smile. With his back turned to the door, he didn't see when the person entered - but he heard the bell. "Be right with you!" He called this over his shoulder and continued to work on straightening up a bit of the products behind the counter. tag; @Professor Falcon Konstantinov
  4. Arthur Cameron

    Yes, the idea of being closer to Niall had partially been why he had gotten so involved and pushed so hard to get the shop in Hogsmeade. Besides, he knew that the family business needed to spread its grip if they were ever going to become as necessary as Ollivanders. That was his father's dream and Niall wanted to see it become a reality. Not to put Ollivanders out of business, just have some healthy competition. Arthur drained the rest of his drink and pointed to the dance floor. "Shall we show them what we got?"
  5. Arthur Cameron

    Arthur's lips roamed whatever bits of skin they could find, his breath hitching with every thrust. He wanted to scream out, cry to the heavens with pleasure, but he was aware of what could happen and his voice came out in throaty whispers. He couldn't take it anymore, his body shook with orgasm, releasing his seed against his chest and Niall's. He pulled back, still moving hard against Niall, and looked into Niall's eyes - pleading for his lover to fill him.
  6. Arthur Cameron

    It was so good. He had never enjoyed this action as much as he did right in this moment. He was lost in it all - the love he felt for Niall, the pleasures that the sex was giving, the fact that he felt he had finally found the one. It all seemed to swell up inside of him and he looked down - the throes of passion deep in his eyes - and nodded. "I'm going to cum, baby." He pushed deep into Niall, his seed pumping into his boyfriend as he collapsed panting.