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  1. Albus Potter

    Even with the famous last name, Albus had never thought of himself as above anyone else that he met in the castle and in the outside, wizarding world. He had made countless efforts, seemingly subconsciously, to be just as average as possible. He feared that, even if he was above average, anything he did would be measured against his older brother, his parents, his entire family. His mother, countless times, had spoke of how much she was sure her son could do - that he was wasting his talents, but Ginny could never understand why her son was okay with being just "average". For Albus, it was a way of life. He didn't want to be compared to his father, that happened on numerous times as it was, with many shocked when he didn't even try out for his the Slytherin Quidditch team. No, he was alright allowing James to carry whatever popularity and requirement others felt was necessary of the Potter children. If another Slytherin stumbled into the common room, they probably wouldn't have even known that the early part of their conversation had been heated. When Cesare spoke and offered a grin to Albus, the other Slytherin couldn't help but return the grin. I mean Cesare definitely seemed to have a disdain for those of lower status, but then again maybe Cesare wasn't so bad? For a moment, he allowed his eyes to wander over Cesare's face and along the slim frame. Albus had already come to terms with his own sexuality, something he had in common with his eldest brother, but it wasn't something he had been screaming around the corridors. Even without any inherent abilities, Albus was just good at people watching. People always tended to wear their emotions on their sleeves and you didn't need to be able to read minds or see emotions to accurately read expressions. Cesare was easier to read than Albus would have imagined, but that might have been because the boy's own shields were lowered after their earlier dance with the envelope. Albus noticed that he had been staring at Cesare and blinked a few times before turning his attention back to the fire. Something was going on in the pit of his stomach and it was uncomfortable to say the least. At the next spoken words from Cesare, Albus shrugged and kept his gaze upon the fireplace. "Whatever you would want to tell me. How about you tell me something and I will do the same." He finally turned his gaze back to Cesare, a sly smirk crossing his features. @Cesare Sainreal
  2. Albus Potter

    At his brother's first comment, Albus just shrugged his shoulders and turned back to his sandwich. Albus had always been meticulous with his room and belongings, so he wasn't sure what advice he could offer James - not that he would have in any case. However, at the next statement from James, Albus couldn't help but smirk. That would be hilarious, especially the aftermath of watching James deal with their parents. "Do you want to kill Gran?" Albus had turned around, the echo of the smirk still across his features, and he moved his plate to the other hand. "I'll help you clean your room. Twenty galleons." Sure, Albus had sent the majority of the summer trying to avoid his older brother, but also money. @James Potter
  3. Albus Potter

    Harry and Ginny had made a decision, just prior to the birth of their first child, that they would be as open and honest as they could with their future offspring. They had seen how things could go when the adults hid things from the younger, magical generation. And, as a young child, Albus had showed a curiosity for everything that revolved around the magical world. People might have found it shocking, seeing as moody Albus was nowadays, that once Albus had found out about the history surrounding his father and family he was filled with questions. He had forced his parents to remember their darkest days and retell the stories ad nauseum - especially how his Gran had defeated Bellatrix Lestrange. The idea of his Gran, Molly Weasley, saying an inappropriate word was mind-blowing to say the least. Sure, the materials Cesare had been so worried to get back might not have been fully dark magic - but it wasn't like it was all that inviting either. There were stark difference between the two Slytherins. While they were both seemingly used to the whispered gossip and stares from other people (and not always for their looks), their families lives couldn't have been any different and that much was clear to Albus as this conversation progressed. As one could imagine, the merger of the Potter, Weasley, and even Granger families had been nothing but love. It seemed as if the combination of the families pushed the boundaries of how much a family could truly love each other. Even nowadays, with Albus swimming in his self-inflicted angst, Albus never once questioned the love of his family and his own love for them. It was possible to dislike the people you loved the most after all. Albus was thrown off by how much their interaction had done a 180, but he didn't allow himself to show that. He was good at masking his emotions, his most inner feelings, and he was also, kind of, enjoying this. Maybe, just maybe, Cesare was trying to abandon certain family ways - or maybe Cesare was just used to saying what was needed, in certain moments, to ensure secrets remained just that. "You could fool me and I mean that in the nicest way possible. You swagger around the castle like you are above people. When, in reality, you might just meet someone who can commiserate with you." Sure, Albus wasn't the outgoing type like James, but he had been sure to find a small group to keep him level headed. When Cesare finally answered his question, Albus allowed the answer to expand into the space and silence between them. He wondered how many people had been given an honest answer to that question by the other Slytherin. It was truthful and, somewhat, vulnerable. That much was obvious as Cesare continued to avoid Albus's gaze. "Well, if that," he nodded to the envelope, "is from her, I am not sure I could blame you." He patted the space next to him, his eyes remaining on Cesare. "Wanna tell me more?" If not, at least Albus could say he tried. @Cesare Sainreal
  4. Albus Potter

    Albus was actually looking forward to the day when he would graduate from Hogwarts. He could only hope he would find some sort of anonymity, some sort of his own ability to just be someone else, once he was out of these corridors. But, if his brother stayed on track to becoming some professional Quidditch player, it would seem the Potter name was destined to always be in some newspaper story. Albus was quite satisfied with not being the Potter always in the papers and he was hopeful that his older brother and younger sister would handle the mantle that came with being a Potter. His eldest brother was already working his hardest to be the best Potter anyway. Even though Albus had been having fun with this back-and-forth with Cesare, he was truly over it by the time he had tossed the envelope and contents onto the couch. It really wasn't worth it, was it? He probably would never find common ground with the fellow Slytherin and there was no use in trying to find what he was sure would never come. Besides, he wasn't going to give the other boy any reason to seek revenge, especially since the envelope and contents seemed to be so important - even if Cesare didn't want to admit it outright. With the pastry fillings finally cleared from his face, Albus returned to his original position on the sofa and was prepared for this eventful evening to draw to a close. However, Cesare began to speak again and Albus was able to notice that the envelope seemed to act rather...suspicious when Cesare finally collected it back into his hand. Dark Magic was something you could miss if you didn't know what to look at - but Albus did. Such is life growing up under Harry James Potter, the Boy who Lived. Albus had turned his gaze from the envelope to Cesare and noticed that the other boy was seemingly searching for something - something in his eyes? He blinked and looked away, his gaze trained on the fire, as his fingers came to pick at the hem of his shirt. The statement from Cesare seemed to rest between them both for a moment before Albus spoke. "I am proud of my family. I love them. I am also annoyed by my family and dislike them. People can be complex, Cesare." Finally, he returned the gaze to Cesare. "And you? What exactly makes you so fucked up?" The words came out in a kinder voice - even if the words were harsh. @Cesare Sainreal
  5. Albus Potter

    You know, maybe Albus was slightly jealous of Cesare. Sure, the boy's name was a famous name, but they were truly shrouded in secrecy. When it came to the Potter name, everyone knew the story and it was literally such an important part of the magical communities history that nothing was really left for imagination. Sure, folks didn't know some of the deepest details, the ones his Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron would discuss with his father, and boy was that some juicy gossip. Okay, yes Albus loathed the attention his last name, his 'birthright' gave him, but it did feel absolutely crazy to be apart of such a history, such a dynasty. Albus squinted slightly as Cesare responded to taunts on his family. Again, here is the conflict that is Albus Severus Potter. He might have hated the attention, but he did truly love his family - the entire, huge, crazy family. It was shocking to hear how open Cesare was to the idea of verbal harassment against his family. However, that only helped to work to solidify the rumors. "So that much is true, huh? You really hate your family. Merlin, they must be mental." Words didn't hurt Albus as much as they had earlier in his life, but he didn't tolerate people speaking ill of his family. It wasn't about the words, it was about the disrespect. But it wasn't like Albus would have expected anything more from Cesare. None of it really shocked him. It might have been quick, but Albus had caught that. Cesare had seemed to freeze every so slightly as he threatened to burn the contents and envelope. Dudes were so easy, especially those who felt a superiority. And then, as much as Albus had expected, Cesare tried to present an air of relaxed indifference. Slowly, the pieces began to form in his head. This must be some type of dark magic, some dark message, and Albus was clutching it over a fire. Maybe he was like his father after all, huh? "You know, you are really bad at watching your body language." With a wave of his wand, the shield charm was lifted and Albus tossed the contents and envelope on the couch. He really wanted nothing more to do with the contents. In the moments before the shield charm was removed, Albus wondered what could happen if the envelope did make contact with the fire. He surely wasn't gonna get blamed for blowing a hole in the wall. "And you should really try to be less of a tosser. You aren't the only one around here with a shitty hand." Clutching the bottom of his shirt, he pulled it up to his face, FINALLY removing the last bit of pastry filling. @Cesare Sainreal
  6. Student Name: Albus Potter Current House: Slytherin Current Year: Fifth Year Three Requested Courses: DADA, Potions, & COMC
  7. Albus Potter

    [b]Year Of Student:[/b] Albus Potter [b]Face Claim:[/b] Landon Liboiron [b]Quidditch Preference:[/b] No thank youuuuuuuuu. Not this Potter.
  8. Albus Potter

    The Sainreal family was masked in the darkest of rumors, none of it ever seemed to be proved or stick to the family. It had been, while waiting to leave for his third year, that Harry warned Albus about Cesare and the older man provided his son with minimal background information. Ginny, on the other hand, told Albus to make friends with those he felt could make his time easier and better at the castle. Albus hadn't sought Cesare out, he just seemed so mean, but he did wonder just how much of what he had heard was true. While Albus tended to mind all of his own business, he wasn't one to deny some juicy gossip. He still tried to make his own conclusions on the persons, but it was still fun to hear tales and wonder. Albus was, all things considered, rather gifted when it came to magic. He had been a fast learner, but he just wasn't a show-off. And he generally liked to use words before magic since it could get messy - case in point, the pastry filling that was still stuck in his hair. However, he was enjoying this in some odd, stupid way and he wasn't sure what his next move would be until it happened. Either way, Cesare wouldn't be getting the envelope back without a bit more of a dance and, at least, it would take up some time before Albus headed off to bed. Albus tightened his grip on his wand when Cesare spoke again. Had his brother been in the room, Albus was certain Cesare would have quite the rearranged face once all was said and done. While Albus felt a surge of anger course through him at the remark, he didn't act as James would - he hadn't known Sirius and the stories were old now. But family was family at the end of the day - even Albus knew that. "Watch your mouth, Cesare. I've not insulted your family, even though Merlin knows I could." Albus's eyes finally moved from Cesare to the envelope and then back up. The writing was gone, Albus wasn't even sure he saw writing on it when he first pulled the contents out. "Blank pages? Eh, more like fire food." Duh, the writing was charmed and clearly Cesare had quite the secret to be kept - or someone else did. Albus backed up to the fireplace, the contents hovering over the flame (but not close enough to be burnt), he kept his wand raised, the shield charm still held. "You don't mind, do you? It can get so drafty in here!" He didn't release them, this stuff was obviously important. @Cesare Sainreal
  9. Albus Potter

    While his siblings might disagree, Albus had always seen the Potter name as this large wall that casted a shadow down upon him. It kept him feeling separated from others and he always felt as those his way was clearly defined for him - he had to mind himself or the golden family name would be ruined. Obviously, Harry and Ginny had never raised their children to feel this way, but such is the melodramatic ways of teenagers. And it did get tiresome to be asked questions, to be asked if he could write his father for autographs, and all of that foolishness. That was one of the main reasons Albus tried to just stick to himself and get through his years at Hogwarts - only then did he feel he would be able to become his own person. It was even more interesting that Albus was even involved in this bit of conflict right now. He generally tried to stay away from conflict - it just wasn't something that he was all that seemed all that interesting. Besides, in the magical world, conflict could result in a lot of foolish decisions being made, which is clearly the current scene happening. But, when you grew up with a brother like James Potter, you knew that conflict couldn't always be avoided. Besides, it's not like Cesare had to blow the thing up. The laughter had been genuine and Albus was almost certain that, had it not been for the black envelope, he would have shrugged off the whole matter and made his way to his common room. His stomach was still hurting as he watched the envelope soar across the space and into his out-outstretched hand. Cesare was up, his wand pointing in Albus's direction, and Albus could only smile. "Uh oh! Is this a love letter from a prisoner in Azkaban?" Albus made a face of mock-shock and gave his wand another wave. "Protego!" A barrier expanded between the two - only a soft shimmer could be discerned between the two as the shield charm took hold. Albus placed the envelope down on the back of the sofa, his wand still held up, and he pulled out the contents of the envelope. "Would you like me to read this aloud? Save you the trouble of using what's left of your brain cells." The shield charm was still holding and Albus held the contents in his hand. He had not yet looked down at them - he wasn't even really sure he cared to read it. But it was fun to tempt. @Cesare Sainreal
  10. Albus Potter

    Albus was nearly certain, if Cesare and him spent time actually speaking, they would find that their family names had done more damage to the way they were treated than anything else. But, then again, the two boys were in separate years and definitely moved in different social circles. Even with the fact that Albus didn't know Cesare from Adam, it was slightly ironic that both boys have never found some sort of common ground. It was truly odd, wasn't it? How those who shared some of the most basic struggles, ideals, problems generally tried to find solace in others - people who might not truly understand how it felt to hold such a weight on one's shoulders and to be required to always be 'something'. The pastry had barely brushed against his lips when he heard the spell uttered by Cesare. There was really no time between when the spell collided with the baked good and the pastry exploded for Albus to even move. The filling exploded from the pastry, covering Albus's face and hands. For a moment, Albus just sat there in mild shock. And then he was thrust back into the moment and he stood up. He used his other hand to wipe away some of the filling from his eyes, squinting in the direction of Cesare, while the hand holding the wand moved up to point directly at the other boy. And then Albus was laughing. It was a good laugh, his wand slowly lowering as he moved to hold his stomach. I mean - this was all terribly ridculous wasn't it? He was covered in pastry filling and literally arguing with someone that he barely even knew. He leaned against the back of the chair, his laughter growing and filling the empty common room. His eyes moved from the ceiling to Cesare and another round of laughter took him over. Finally, Albus began to regain control. His laughter slowly subsided, his face now streaked with pastry filling and tears of laughter. Then he saw it - the black envelope. "Accio Envelope!" The words came out in a blast, his wand moving quicker than even Albus had expected, and he watched as the spell hurtled to the envelope. @Cesare Sainreal
  11. Albus Potter

    While a year of magical learning separated the two boys, Albus was quite aware of Cesare Sainreal and the rumors that surrounded the Sainreal family name. However, Albus had never really allowed the rumors and gossip to alter his opinion on the fellow Slytherin. Albus was well aware what rumors and gossip could do to someone's life and how it could make one's life harder to live. Albus's opinion of Cesare was formed by their few interactions and each time the other boy had definitely proven himself to be quite the git. He always seemed to treat Albus with some preconceived notion, which was literally the exact opposite of what Albus tried to do for Cesare. Tonight, however, Albus was ready to stand up and give Cesare just as much crap as Cesare tended to throw back at Albus. "Why are you always so miserable, Cesare? Being a git must be terribly tiresome." Albus was now propped up on the back of the couch, his wand held lazily in his hand and he looked from the boy, to the envelope, and then to the food. "A simple 'no' would have been fine, but you have to make it seem like I am abusing some abstract part of my family history." Albus rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Accio pastry!" From the plate before Cesare, a pastry rose from the plate and zoomed into Albus's outstretched hands. "Damn, I bloody love magic." He turned and flopped back down on the couch - almost as if he was daring Cesare to retaliate. @Cesare Sainreal
  12. Albus Potter

    Albus had returned to Hogwarts early, mainly because the Potter family was never left alone. The family couldn't even venture outside of their home without being recognized and asked questions. Besides, Albus found solace in his dungeon common room. The house of Slytherin hadn't been his first preference, but that was the house had been placed in and he had learned, over the years, that it wasn't the worst thing ever. He maintained decent grades and had made enough friends. Albus was lounging on a couch before the fireplace, his eyes dancing in time with the fireplace. He had turned on one of the wireless radios and Celestina Warbeck's voice was dancing through the common room. You can imagine his shock as he watched a boy leave the house and return with food from the kitchen. Celestina had continued, belting her feelings, and Albus couldn't help but get distracted by the other boy's food. "Oy, mate. Anything for me?" As Albus spoke, he finally saw the other person. Cesare was the least likely person who would be polite. Great.
  13. Albus Potter

    As was the norm for Albus, he had gotten up fairly early - in an attempt to nab a place in the Potter home where James wouldn't be able to just pop in. The constant apparition was really starting to get on Albus's nerves - something that didn't seem to be shared by the majority of the household. Lily never seemed to mind, his mother advised Albus to ignore him, and his father seemed oblivious to it all. So, Albus had just been trying to avoid the apparating, older brother. After a few hours in his small space in the family's living room, Albus had ventured into the kitchen for some lunch. He was quite relieved to see James already in the kitchen, aloof to the world around him as usual, and he set about making a sandwich. "Mum was looking for you. Gran and Poppa Weasley are coming for dinner tonight. She said to clean your room. No magic." The last two words Albus said in an imitation of his mother and turned to see James's reaction.
  14. Finally home. Gran made me biscuits.

  15. RP takes place in July 2024. Ah, family vacations. Each summer the Potters and an assortment of other family members descended upon some place for a week of family bonding and excursions. Albus had loved them, but as he got older and more freedom, he found himself spending more time away from his family than with them. Today, however, was different. He had made plans to meet up with his older brother and younger sister - walk the fair and catch up or whatever He hated to leave Lorenzo, but he knew that missing this was not something he would get away with, even if he was graduated and all of that. He stood at the designated meeting spot, early as usual. @Lily Potter & @James Potter