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  1. Valor nodded as he ordered Lorraine the chips with ketchup and the drink that she wanted. "I'm just going to introduce the traditions slowly so that she doesn't get overwhelmed. I can assure you that she will have all the love and care that she needs and deserves." He understood what Lorraine was saying but that wasn't going to diminish how he felt about her. "I'm going to start spending as much time as I can before the both of us have to return back to hogwarts and eventually we'll be able to spend more time together." He thought it was going to be a good plan to eventually introduce to Jerrica the idea of them dating. "Did you want to stop by and see how Jerrica is doing?" He thought that maybe she might want to see how Jerrica was doing before things progressed any further.
  2. Character Name:Valor Jamison Character Birthday:July 8th Character Age:21 Country of Residence:UK Year:N/A House:N/A Job:Hogwarts librarian Face Claim:Hayden Christensen Abilities:N/A Creatures:N/A Additional Information:N/A Like this
  3. Valor smiled and said "hi there Lorraine things have been going good I have been preparing for the upcoming term at Hogwarts and spending some time with Jerrica. I have slowly introduced some of the holiday traditions but I was waiting for the right time to tell her about the idea that I had of the both of us going on a family vacation." He loved Jerrica and took everything at her pace since he was careful to not freak her out or startle her. He was going to get a refill on his drink when he offered to get her a drink and some food.
  4. Valor hadn't seen Lorraine in quite some time in fact the last time he saw her was when he was going to sign papers in order to adopt Jerrica. He thought that it would be a good idea for them to meet up at the three broomsticks so that they could catch up and see each other again. He wrote an owl to her asking if she wanted to meet up for some drinks and to catch up. He was excited to see her again. He put on his coat and left to meet her there and if he got there he would ordered himself a drink a sit at a table waiting for her. @Lorraine Bennett