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  1. Character Name:Quentin Beaumont Character Birthday:July 8th Character Age:23 Country of Residence:france Year:N/A House:N/A Job:History of Magic professor Face Claim:Brendon Urie Abilities:N/A Creatures:N/A Additional Information:N/A
  2. Quentin smiled as he asked "is there a particular restaurant you would like to go to?" He thought that he would ask her what place she would like to go to. "I understand that you have been busy with work as I have been busy with teaching and planning for the future terms and grading schoolwork. I am just glad that we can spend the time that we have now together. There is so much that I have been waiting to tell you." He lifted his arm off her shoulders and held her hand and interlocked his fingers with hers.
  3. Quentin smiled as he saw Rubie finally and he walked over to her. Putting his arm around her shoulder he looked at her and said "hey there beautiful long time no see it's been a long time since we last saw each other." He recalled the last time that they saw each other although there was one thing that he did want to forget from what he recalled. "It's nice to see you again shall we got to the nearby restaurant and have some food while we catch up and make up for lost time. He hugged her before he held out his hand to her.
  4. Quentin read the note as soon as he received it and put on his coat and left to meet his love at the museum that she liked. He knew where it was so he wasn't going to get lost. He left early enough so that he could stop and get himself a cup of tea on the way to the museum. He sipped his tea as he walked on his way. He was glad that he was able to take a break from work and take some time to catch up with his love since it had been a while since they last saw each other.
  5. Quentin smiled as he opened up the note that Rubie had sent him. He didn't hesitate to send a note in reply back to her note saying "that sounds perfect I'll see you this weekend then for lunch and if you want to we can take a long stroll on the beach and we could catch up with one another. He sent the note and patiently waited to see if he was going to get a note back. He missed her dearly and he thought that maybe the lunch meetup in Paris would be a great way to catch up and see each other again.
  6. Quentin wanted to see Rubie again so that they could pick back up where they left off. He wondered what Rubie was up to but he figured that she was probably busy at work in the hospital. He wondered what her work schedule was like so that he could pick the perfect time to get some alone time with her. He thought that maybe it would be a good idea to send her an owl seeing if she wanted to meetup in Paris and maybe have some lunch together or go on a long stroll on the beach while they have a conversation. @Rubie quartze