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  1. It was the holidays and Morgan wanted to spend it with Delta and Chosette. He grabbed his coat and walked over to Delta's house. He thought that maybe they could talk while they decorated the house if she hadn't decorated the house yet. As he walked over to see Delta he remembered all of the horrible things that he did and he wasn't sure if Delta was ready or willing to forgive him just yet. Besides what he did wasn't something that could be forgiven so easily. He knew that it was probably going to take some time but he just wanted to talk to her about it. He still had feelings for her but the thing he wasn't sure about was how Delta felt about him or even if the feelings that she had for him before was still there. He had his head down as he approached the door and knocked.
  2. Character Name:Morgan Solheim Character Birthday:January 4th Character Age:33 Country of Residence:Norway Year:N/A House:N/A Job:Magizoologist Face Claim:Colin O'Donoghue Abilities:N/A Creatures:N/A Additional Information:N/A