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  1. "I think we should get coverups as well as some shirts and shorts as well as some sandals since I don't think heels would work out that great." Leilani looked around to find some of the clothing items that they were looking for that looked nice but would also look great when they were wearing them. "Apple I found some of the items that we were looking for clothing wise and they are all in different colors and styles." She was amazed at the selection that she found and she was sure that they would find something that they liked. "What do you think about any of these?"
  2. Leilani smiled as she said "thank you I think this is the one that I like the most of all of the swimsuits." She twirled around before she went to get changed. She was going to keep the navy blue one and put the others back where she found them. She knew for sure that she was going to get her favorite suit. She got dressed and then walked out of the dressing room so that she could put the other swimsuits back. She wondered if she could find a pair of shoes and a cover-up that would match the one she chose.
  3. When Leilani went into the changing rooms to try on the few swimsuits that she wanted to try on she saw one that was a two piece light blue bikini that had a skirt at the bottom that she was sure that she might like. She just had to try it on to make sure that the particular suit was going to fit her. She had tried on all of her swimsuits and she was happy to find out that the one she liked fit her. She walked out of the fitting room and asked Apple "what do you think of this swimsuit?"
  4. Leilani nodded as she waited for Apple to change back into her clothes. In the mean time she wondered if she was eventually going to find the swimsuit that she thought was going to be her favorite. She wasn't going to give up hope on finding it because she knew that eventually she was going to find the swimsuit that she really liked. She looked through the ones that she had chosen to try on. There were a few that she thought that she was going to like but then she thought that she should wait until she was able to try each suit on.
  5. Leilani looked at her friend in awe "you look amazing and the two piece swimsuit looks perfect on you. Now do you mind if I try on these few swimsuits and get your opinion on them?" She was wondering if she could get Apple's opinion on the swimsuits that she had found. She was used to trying on and modeling different swimsuits so it didn't bother her at all. The only thing that she didn't get while she was trying on swimsuits and lingerie was someone else's opinion on how the piece of clothing looked on her.
  6. Leilani smiled as she said "I'll wait out here then." She hoped that she didn't end up sounding creepy. She surely didn't mean it if it did come out as creepy and she was glad to explain what she meant by what she said. She thought that as soon as Apple was done trying on the swimsuit then she was going to go into the changing room and try on all of the swimsuits that she had found so far. Proper fit of a swimsuit was important to her and she wanted to make sure that the ones that she found were just her size.
  7. Character Name:Leilani Delacort Character Birthday:August 5th Character Age:22 Country of Residence:France Year: N/A House:N/A Job:model Face Claim:Romee Strijd Abilities:N/A Creatures:N/A Additional Information:N/A Like this
  8. "Yes I saw this cute two pieced navy blue swimsuit that I thought looked cute." Leilani picked up the swimsuit to show her friend to look at. She liked how the bottom piece of the swimsuit that she was holding had a skirt which she thought was cute. She looked at the swimsuit that her friend was holding as she said "I think it's cute and it would look good on you." She continued to look around at the other swimsuits to find others that she might liked. She wasn't sure if she should pick out mainly two piece swimsuits or if she should pick out some one piece swimsuits for some variety.
  9. Leilani smiled as she said "great I while I was browsing around I found some swimsuits that I think would be your style." She took Apple's hand as she showed her the lovely swimsuits that she thought would be her friend's style. There were a lot of cute swimsuits and it would be hard for her to pick just one that she liked. She saw a black two pieced swimsuit with a fringe that she liked the style of. She wanted to try it on but she was also curious to see which swimsuit would catch Apple's eye first and that she wanted to try on.
  10. Leilani held onto Apple's hand but it felt weird to her since they were friends and all. She figured that it was so they could go at the same time. She was impressed at how long it took them to get there since she had never really apparated anywhere before. She walked inside and she had an idea of where she wanted to start first. She wanted to try on different swim suits to see if she could find the ones that fit and the ones that she liked. "Where did you want to start Apple?" She was quite curious to find out if they were going to start looking for the same things or not.
  11. Leilani was sure that they deserved the high end fashion since they both worked so hard and they could afford. She grabbed her purse that she had hung on her chair and put it on her shoulder. She thought that maybe they could apparate since it would be faster. "Let's apparate so we'll get there faster and we'll have enough time to shop to get all of the cute outfits that we need." She wasn't sure how Apple was going to respond and she didn't mind walking there since that would give them more time to talk.
  12. Leilani dug into her purse so she could tip the waiter. She pushed her hair out of her face so that she could see Apple and everything clearly. "I was thinking that we could go to the House of Fashion. I bet they have cute summer outfits and swimwear." She wondered if there was anywhere Apple wanted to go shopping. She wanted her friend to have a say in where they went shopping to get summer outfits. She was willing to go shopping anywhere and to her it didn't matter where they went as long as they got what they wanted.
  13. Just thinking about going on an amazing trip with a good friend of hers made Leilani smile. She couldn't wait until it was summertime that she was counting down until it was finally summer in her mind. She was glad that she had all of the trip details figured out and someone to go with her all that she needed to do to prepare for the trip was go shopping for a swimsuit and some cute summer outfits. She asked her friend "Apple did you want to go shopping for a swimsuit for the trip and some cute summer outfits with me?"
  14. Leilani smiled "yeah it was probably the Disney resort that my parents were telling me about but I forgot the name of it until you mentioned something." She was actually glad that the other woman mentioned the name of the resort she was trying to remember or else she wouldn't of recalled the name of it. "Yeah it's probably best if we go during the summer so we can swim and play on the beaches while the water isn't too cold to swim in." She was so excited that she could wait to go on the trip with her good friend and have a lot of fun and make some wonderful memories.
  15. "I was thinking about flying to Hawaii where we can explore the island and take a break from modeling." Leilani thought that the both of them needed a well deserved break well vacation to relax and have some fun. She was looking forward to the trip and it didn't matter to her what they did as long as they were together. "I was thinking that maybe we could do some sightseeing while we travel the island and there is a resort that I heard from my parents that we could stay while we are in Hawaii." She couldn't remember what the name of the resort was but she knew that it was a resort.