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  1. Professor Sage Seaswell

    Sage had been hunting for weeks. He was pretty sure the item in the pouch at his neck was just what he'd been looking for, but he wouldn't know for sure till he got back to his office and ran some tests. First though, he needed a minute to collect his thoughts. Popping into the suite he kept at the hotel in Biarritz he left his bags on the rack in the closet, and headed down stairs to find food... and an anonymous crowd. He'd spent too much time alone the last couple weeks. The welcome babble wrapped around him as he moved through the lobby, and into the bar area. Picking a table near the edge of the room the man, for a change dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, took a seat and people watched while he waited for the waitress to make her rounds.
  2. Character Name: Professor Sage Seaswell Character Birthday: May 27 Character Age: 38 Country of Residence: france Year: (N/A if not applicable) HM House: (N/A if not applicable) N/a Job: (N/A if not applicable) HM beaux Face Claim: Gerard Butler Abilities: (N/A if not applicable ) wandless and animagus Creatures: (N/A if not applicable)n/a Additional Information: (N/A if not applicable)
  3. Professor Sage Seaswell

    "Hello Mr. Owens. How are you today?" Sage started in a friendly manner, there was a hint of red around the boys eyes, that could have been from crying, could have been from to much time squinting in the sun, so the professor didn't mention it yet. Still the wizard was concerned about the young man. Since talking to Elohim he'd also heard rumor that Loki had kissed Helios in a game or truth or dare. Added to a few other things that had happened over the few years since Sage had been at the school, he was worried. Either Loki was serious about Sage's lover, or something was driving the no longer child to express himself badly in regards to affection. He wasn't quite sure where to start though. "You are a difficult man to track down. Are you still living at home?" He asked thinking it might be a good idea to get a feel for the boy before dropping what would probably be taken as bad news. Sage knew he wouldn't want to hear it if he'd been duped into sleeping with a stranger while pursuing an interest. If only that interest wasn't on his staff.
  4. Professor Sage Seaswell

    The Carrier has been chosen and returned to school. Please watch for PMs as you post around Beauxbatons. Staff, students, & adults who come into contact during Town Weekends are available for exposure.
  5. Professor Sage Seaswell

    The Dragon Pox Plot Rules & Info BTW, thank you to one of our writers for this idea, and HP wiki for some info. The disease Dragon Pox was originally contracted by wizards working closely with Peruvian Vipertooths, before becoming a widespread wizarding disease. Dragon Pox is a virus that can be picked up by either humans or dragons, and is the primary reason dragon animagi are so rare. Much like chicken pox the disease presents with a low grade fever on the 8th day after exposure. On the 12th day the pale green rash breaks out. Dragon Pox is contagious from day 2. The elderly (80+) and infants are the most likely to have a fatal reaction to the Pox. Dragon Pox itch. Outside the Hospitals, who have a supply on hand, the treatment for Dragon Pox takes 45 days to brew. If you receive a PM saying you are exposed you can not tell anyone till a minimum of 6 days have passed. **Unless you are exposing them. In order to be infected you must post back to a carrier in any EMU or Abroad thread. You will receive a PM from the Carrier telling you you have been exposed. IT IS UP TO THE WRITER IF THEIR CHARACTER BECOMES INFECTED and can pass on the Pox to others. Due to the flowy nature of RP time: You can only be exposed in threads that are based during the school year. The RL days start counting upon receipt of the INFECTED PM. Day 2, Contagious. Day 8, Fever. Day 12, Rash Day 22, if death is going to occur it happens about now. If not, pale green scars begin to form.
  6. Professor Sage Seaswell

    So, as he made his way to the pool, you know the one with 3 waterslides, a lazy river, and a diving area, among other gizmos of entertainment purposes in deeper water.... Did I mention the shallow end had a bar? But that is all beside the point. What the writer is getting at is Sage was busy eyeing the water, not paying attention to the quiet interactions between his staff. By the time they reached the waters edge he'd managed to come out of his shirt, and tuck it and his shoes near one of the lounge chairs scattered around the deck. Glad that Sam seemed to be settling in to the team nicely, the professor spoke. "Alright loves, who wants to get wet with me?" The question quickly proceding the man running for the water's edge with all the abandon of a child. Cannon balling into the water he sank blissfully into the deep before surfacing to float. Looking up at his staff with a happy grin.
  7. Professor Sage Seaswell

    It was the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. That look in Elohim's eye's as he looked up at him from below, his entire cock buried deep in the younger man's mouth. That was the moment the older man fell in love. Sage shuddered, and pulled back going much slower as he struggled to contain himself, both physically and mentally. It had occurred to the professor and he didn't know what to make of it, but he'd almost said it out loud. This was most bizarre for Sage. He was a man who loved easily and hard, but to be totally honest, other than an addiction to a vampire who had taught him so much, he had never been in love. But he hadn't said it, and E had the most talented tongue. The wizard was having the hardest time holding on to a thought, shelving that one to be looked into later. His hips pumping of their own accord, his hand tightened to a fist in his lover's dark hair. Within seconds he lost control. Sage was not often forceful in regards to bedroom games, but he did know what he wanted, and right now what he wanted most was to kiss Elohim. Pulling the younger man up, Sage rolled them so he could pin E to the bed and kiss him deeply.
  8. Professor Sage Seaswell

    RP takes place the end of July. @Loki Owens Sage had been halfheartedly looking for the boy for a couple of weeks now. He still didn't know exactly what he wanted to say, or how he wanted to say it, but a conversation needed to happen before school started again. He'd hoped the boy would show up on the cruise ship for the summer trip, but he hadn't, so now Sage was using a locator spell to track him through the streets of his home town. Just figures Loki wouldn't be at home. Though considering what he wanted to talk about it might be best not to have a parent too close. How had things gotten so complicated?
  9. Professor Sage Seaswell

    When Elohim walked toward him Sage smiled catching the corner of his bottom lip between his teeth. For a split second he thought he'd gone too far. Then E took that last step and kissed him. Sage's hand coming up to slip around his waist pulling his body closer. Sage gave intention that push, and poofed them back to his place. Nothing but a swinging bathroom door to mark their passing. Sucking gently on Elohim's bottom lip Sage pulled back slightly as they landed with a soft pop. "Do you care where we are?" He asked softly running his free hand up E's chest to cup his cheek. Where they were was in the loft area of a stunning two story penthouse that had a great view of the Eiffel Tower, from the kitchen. This area served mostly as a bedroom, though there was a step in whirlpool and desk at opposite ends of the great open space. A bath and closet hidden behind doors near the desk. From the rail you could look out threw the two story window wall over the river, or look down into a living area that was heavy handed when thinking about entertaining, except it was all in white. Kissing E once more, a bit more aggressively. "Would you fuck me, just for asking, too?" Sage inquired softly, letting his hand slide south again to brush a hand over the front of the other man's pants. @Elohim Achilles
  10. Professor Sage Seaswell

    Medication Words are broken like a poem edited Not by the song or as it writes but by others who hear a very very different sort of rumble. How does one fix this? What shall we do with the music no longer there.
  11. Professor Sage Seaswell

    Stick in the Mud Simply. Endless. A vastness of Not stretched over a tattered canvas How do you not reach forward to touch? Are you grey in this swelling of never? Head down weeping only the beginning will call Here a tale for your soul.
  12. Professor Sage Seaswell

    Highway 35 In bright red candy coated frailty sailing forward into a curving infinity with every throbbing flap... Holding a vivid line on eternity hurtling skyward behind a box of humanity make every heartbeat stop. Again.
  13. Professor Sage Seaswell

    Not a Song There are people in the windows chickens in the hegde rows the music hits a beat that you just can't walk away from. Oh, oh don't you know I'm screaming like a banshee you're thinking Baby can we? Oh oh won't you go Where are all my dreams & Angels glimmer like this web before it tangles the dog sprained his fucking elbow That will teach me don't you think? Oh, oh don't you know You're strapped to the max I'm asking Baby can we? Oh oh won't you go Something witty... ya Right.
  14. Professor Sage Seaswell

    When paper touches pen There is a song I like to sing when I am all alone, It has no words. As I sing, My mind takes flight. The melody is rare-aly my own. N' This is how it goes. On & on, I'll sing all day and, nights are spent alone. I'll try to make myself better, and someday, I'll be known. Do you know the song I sing? Do you sing along? When the darkness falls above; I hear an echoing throng. There is nothing, I'd like more than someone by my side, No matter, what I've tried my love has always died. Do I do it wrong or right? Was it all along? If you keep me by your side, I will run and hide? Well I was on a roll again then my son burst out, no matter what I'm thinking of-he chases it about. Maybe, I should think no more Take it day by day. When I think I'm doing good I'm about to fall- but who cares about that, That is what I ask? I can't have it all. Just lil bits, and widbitchets, They mean nothing at all. I've tried to base myself in you, You wont be my friend. Can we go? Can we stay? I don't know at all. Words they come, when paper touches pen...
  15. Professor Sage Seaswell

    Up in smoke... Each drop falls like rain.- Leaving a perfect stain. I hold on tight. I hold on loose. Yet, I cry, alone in the night. I can't get away, I can't break free, What seems to be this spell? This spell, Did you place it on me? I thought there was so much more, more inside me. All is Blank... whatever, My happiness sank. Push me a way- or let me stay. I can no longer handle these games, we used to love, We used to play. I've tried to cry, I've tried to pray. Somehow, Somehow, blood seems, the only way... There is an incredible sadness that fills me. I keep trying to stop these tears from flowing, But, I find, That happiness is relative. All my relativity, has flown out the window. Was this meant to get better? I give up my dreams, then close my eyes to sleep. Now all my dreams, are visions in smoke, then my home burns around me.