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Dakota Emirates

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    22,August 4th
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    Male he,him
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    Single, Plotted With
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    13" cherry with veela hair
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    Paul Walker
  1. Dakota apparated to France since he wanted to go somewhere he hadn't been before and it would have been a good thing for him to get out and explore more places rather than stay in Norway. He heard about a restaurant that was opening up and he just had to check it out. He wandered over to where it was and he was going to find where it was by himself since he wasn't the type of person to ask for directions. It took him some time but in the end he ended up finding the place. He walked in and looked around and thought that it was a nice place. He sat down at the bar and was going to order a drink when he noticed a beautiful woman there. He looked her way and gave her a slight smile before saying "hello there you look quite beautiful." (Dakota's outfit)
  2. Character Name:Dakota Emirates Character Birthday:August 4th Character Age:22 Country of Residence:Norway Year:N/A House:N/A Job:Dark wizard Face Claim:Paul Walker Abilities:N/A Creatures:N/A Additional Information:N/A
  3. Dakota was spending his time being out and about in town when he came across the Toil'N'Trouble Tavern and Inn. He hadn't really be in the place so he decided to check it out for himself. When he entered the place he noticed a girl who he assumed to be alone and went over to talk to her. He was in the mood to have some fun but before that he had to at least know her name. "Hello there your looking quite gorgeous if I do say so myself what might your name be beautiful?" He smirked as he tapped his fingers while he waited for her response.