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  1. Character Name: Evangelia Ross Character Birthday: 23rd September Character Age:15 Country of Residence: Sweden Year: 5th House: Odin Job: (N/A if not applicable) Face Claim: Dakota Johnson Abilities: just applied for Cryokinesis and healing hands Creatures: applied for 1/8th veela Additional Information: applied for patronus squirrel
  2. Eva was lying comfortably, her eyes were closed. She giddiness was obvious, it was her first time and she couldn't have believed that it would this intense and consuming. She felt his breath and she wanted to feel his lips, again. It was like a hunger she could not suppress. She didn't feel him come inside of her. She was about to speak and it was when he turned her around and her hard nipples touched the colder table. She bit her lip and was taken aback when he squeezed her ass. She held the edge of the table and her part readily welcomed him, a slight bit of pain was covered with the pleasure. "Tris...." She was moaning, and therefore couldn't even complete her sentence. All she felt was him, and him only.
  3. Evangelia's eyes were closed and she could feel him all over her and him his length, it was driving her crazy. He was driving her crazy, she can feel the sensation all over her body and she knew that there something that was building up again, the feeling of him inside of her and her body ready was just his slave, it was following him completely. She couldn't think, she doesn't need to think. All she wanted was him, he looked so hot and her lips trembled for him. "Tristan" She moaned, every inch if her super sensitized skin could feel his body. She didn't know that sex would be this stirring, she would have done it before, but then again, she couldn't because no one made her wet or made her wanted to climb on. "Fuck." She gasped in between, her mind was firing all sorts of hormones and she felt like all other senses were blocked expect his touch. She knew she was close and then she finally gave up, she came out, harder than before. She lied lazily, closing her eyes, still feeling Tristan close to him, she was speechless.
  4. Evangelia couldn't control anything, her body, her mind, everything was firing out and created the desperation inside of her and she just wanted him and nothing else. Her nipples were hard, her body was quivering and when he stopped, because of his concern. The heat amplified to gazillions time. She bit her lips, her nails clung closely to the edge of the wood she was holding currently. Her whole body was charged and could only feel him, it felt like there were only two things there. She couldn't feel the ground or grass or wood or water. It was just him, and the way he gently tortured him, the sweet, the dangerous, and it stirred her desire. "I want you inside of me, Tristan, Please." Her voice was breathy and she came out yet again, while her vagina was being fucked by his soft and gentle tongue. His grip limited her movement and as much it frustrated her, it made her greedier. "Fuck me, Tristan." She was almost begging for him to get inside of her because she wanted that. She wanted her hard nipples to touch his chest while he gets inside of her and kiss her passionately, looking in her eyes and hear his sexy voice.
  5. Evangelia didn't know how much trouble she would be seeking when she got herself locked in the room. She wasn't able to take her mind off him since the very day, watching him take a bath in the hot pool and then both of them trying to do stuff on the roof. She felt the connection ever since she laid her eyes on the boy, her parts been seeking for his ever since that moment. She arched backward, and her hand trying to get a grip of something, it was like she didn't have any control over her body, it was reacting to his touch, his kisses, his lips and it was all natural, he controlled her. It felt like the body was possessed by him, yet it was all her. Her eyes closed and she was feeling ecstatic when she came out finally, for the first time. "Fuck, Tristan." She screamed when he begins to torture her, it wasn't a torture to her but for her body. She wanted him to fuck her already and to feel the long shaft inside if her but his tongue was magical and she could feel the muscle and her everything else throb for him. "Please. Don't stop." She requested. His grip on her thighs was firmer, she couldn't squirm to his teasing. Her whole body electrified and her mind was blowing with the elevation of the different hormones, and she didn't know about such level of satisfaction she'll ever experience.
  6. Evangeliya never felt this before, her body begin to quiver when touched her sex and she bit her lower lip with anticipation. Her chest begun to rise and fall and her part was wet, it wanted him to complete her. She clung close to him, her fingers were in his hair and she tried hard not to move at all but her body was already set on the fire, she tried to close her distance from him, she doesn't want that, each time his skin parted even for as short as few milliseconds, it frustrated her. She moaned out loud, for the first time in her life she didn't care about the place she was in. It could be his manly voice that could make he come and just not his fingers and tongue and penis. Her mouth opened and when he spoke she felt it, her muscles contracting hard, it made her toe curl and she felt something release from inside of her and she closed her eyes, taking in the pleasure of her first come in her lifetime, the whole body had that tingling sensation and heat begin to leave her body. She was wrong when she thought that, this was it. The anticipation wasn't for more but her part still wanted him inside of her, her body wanted to feel his. He scooped her up and she rested perfectly on his, feeling the warmth of his body, feeling him. "Whaaa?" She sounded confused and when he put his legs apart she gasped and she was already wet but she wasn't prepared for that. He slowly begins to kiss her from her leg to his thigh, she moaned out and with his breath, on his skin, all she could feel was his presence near to him. She doubted if she would be able to survive the distance. Within a few seconds the guy kissed her sex, it made her eyes close completely and her hand searched for a support she wouldn't move much. "OH MY GOD, Tristan." It was sweet and desirable, it made her feel empty inside and the thirst of his length inside of her increased. She put pressure on both of her hand and arched, bringing her part closer to him, his tongue worked like magic, better than any.
  7. The desire pulled inside of Eva and she knew she was ready or it, she was ready for him. Her breathing became uneven and her heart picked a different pace and and her whole was on fire. She wanted to cling to him and immediately link every part of hers to him. Their nose toyched and his tongue was fuel to the fire. Her chest raised and she slowly introduced her tongue inside, playing and taking pleasure. She couldn't possibly had thought about any other thing beside how much her sex, her parts craved for him. She moaned when his hands touched her sex. It felt like she might explode any second. Tristan, please. She doubted if she would be able to stay away that long without his shaft introduced inside of her.
  8. "It is always nice to see you." She answered truthfully and without any hesitation. Looking at him and those gray eyes it stirred her whole body up, she felt like doing the things what might have happened if no one would have interrupted them on the roof. His hands on her waist, while was still wearing her bikini, was giving her goosebumps. She felt like the boy might have desired the same thing as that of her. She closed her eyes, bringing her nose close to his. She doesn't even know him much but every part of her desire to be taken over him and she couldn't just say no. Her body and mind weren't working in sync and when he said about making love to her, she without any words pressed her lips against him without letting anything hinder between the two of them. Her hands raised to snake around his neck, meanwhile, her mouth opened so she could taste his tongue. "What are you waiting for?" That was the last thing she said while meeting his eyes and her body anticipated to touch her and it was charged merely by his touch, it wasn't in her hand to resist him. She wanted him the very second and she might not even stop if ever got interrupted by any other human.
  9. Eva's legs just touched the cold water and she shivered a little, she didn't know that even thinking about Tristan and dipping inside of water could make her turn on and she knew that her part was wet, the one near the apex of her thigh. She felt him before she heard him there. It could have been because of the footsteps behind her and she felt his arm sliding around her bare waist, liting her up. She immediately looked up at the face and wondered that how in the world she could ever avoid that face. The mouth, her gaze sliding down to look at his lips and remember how it moved in sync with her at the roof and she felt like climbing on the top of him already. Hey She greeted him nervously and managing a faint smile. Even with such proximity she was bothered. She must as well have been bothered if she were to share the same room with him, breathing the same air as she was. "I..err...It's nice to..." That was maddening. It was such a surprise that he was there of all the places. "You are not here for some sort of prank. Are you?" She doesn't know how she was able to manage and form all those words around him, she appreciated her newly found talent as the girl bite her lower lip.
  10. Eva been hiding past days, because of her over flowing emotions and how close she was with the guy to loose her everything. Thinking about him and how his lips touched her made her shiver and brought every single thoughts of him and about him. Every cell in the body begin to increase its metabolism and even thinking about that day, made her part quiver. The raging hormones inside of her and she just get over with it. She was trying to make herself calmer by thinking that the guy might have done that with several other girls and unlike her, who was still wincing at the thoughts of him. She was hiding from him and of course had been very successful for past five days or so. The very weekend,she decided to swim on the lake,considering that he might be indoor doing his weird stuffs and enjoying time with some girls. The thoughts even made her feel bitter about the situation. So she simply took her clothes off and slowly walked deeper into the lake, a yellow bikini was indeed perfect for the very day despite of anything.