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  1. Professor Helios Achilles

    Bruno and Reyna would be attending the night before the wedding along with the other guests. Helios was worried about Reyna since the birth of their twins but he knew she had the best care with her family support medical support and Bruno’s support. Though for now his main focus was on his blushing to be bride and his son, Damon. They didn’t have much left to do other than relax that was for sure and this is why he wanted to come a few days before the wedding. As z wrapped her arm around him he grinned down at her being that much taller than her. He loved her with every single beat of his heart. She was perfect and he just wished her family would love and accept her too. He knew the day of the wedding would be hard but she had his family too well his uncles and that his parents were dead and he didn’t speak to his twin. “Your wish is my command baby, what do you want to do? Maybe some lunch?” He said a little peckish, he only offered the gym to have a good work out before the wedding mainly for himself not for her. Z had struggled to gain her confidence back after having Damon and together they lost the baby weight. He wasn’t calling her fat Just he liked the idea of them working out together again, though this time he wouldn’t be so hard on her. Seeing the glare he frowned unsure what he had done. “What have I done now?” He asked looking at her.
  2. Professor Helios Achilles

    It was a few days before their big day Helios and Zella were going to be joined together under god. Well if you believed in that anyway Helios didn’t he didn’t believe in the afterlife or god or anything in between. They had decided to get married in Venice and they had all arrived a few days before everyone else. One to make sure everything was in working order and two so they could enjoy some family time together the three of them. Helios, Z and their son. Checking into the hotel Helios smiled as they had a big family room until the wedding, traditional man Helios he didn’t want to see his bride until the actual wedding so they would be sleeping alone for one night. Being checked in he asked if their bags can be taken up straight away before turning to smile at his beautiful fiancée and son. he walked over letting z know they were checked in. The hotel even has child care facilities if they needed to take a small break. Taking her hand he kissed it as he then kissed Damon’s head. Perfect family, “so baby what would you like to do, we can go check the venue, have lunch, swim, gym, relax in the gardens, unpack some stuff, um we could enjoy the spa and leave Damon with someone or we can hang out in our room” he said wanting to give her he first choice, knowing she wouldn’t pick going to the gym but that’s what was on offer.
  3. Character Name: Professor Helios Achilles Character Birthday: April 14th Character Age:Twenty Three Country of Residence: France Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Deputy head of france Face Claim: Tyler Hoechlin Abilities: Animagus - Silver Wolf; Legilimency; Occlumency Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  4. Professor Helios Achilles

    H smiled at Z at her words knowing that he didn't prefer a stuffed bear over his family, he loved them too much that much was true as he smiled at her. "What do you mean by that?" he asked unsure what or where she was going. He rolled his eyes at her playfully "Baby you aren't a dough ball oven or a milkbag you are a super sexy milf" he smirked at her with a wink. Even though she might think she looked awful but he would fight her on this, she was beautiful she was glowing she was a baby momma, and his baby momma. Helios was beyond stressed he was sure his heart was going to implode in his chest and that would be it as he tried to breath having Damon taken away just so he could try and get it together that was enough to send him over the ledge. When he was placed in the chair white as a ghost his mouth dry, his face sore from the tears and his heart and head pounding. Their baby was going to be without a mother, and it was his fault. Helios jumped when someone touched him as he was about to shout at them he heard his name and then what had happened as he broke down crying again as he listened. All the stuff the woman had just told him didn't set in as he tried to fight the fact his beloved was on the line of death as he started to shake. He was going to have a heart attack as he placed his hand against his chest as he groaned feeling like someone was pulling it out of his chest. Nodding his head slowly "O-o-o-o-f co--uuuuur-se"his words stumbled and stuttered though he couldn't get up right now though he was still so light headed and nauseous
  5. Professor Helios Achilles

    “What z a man has wants and needs can’t blame me” he said winking at her as he smiled. He laughed at the color she picked out which was fine by him he didn’t care, “that’s fine with me” he added smirking. “I like being forgiven” he said enjoying her nuzzled up to him, his love for her ever strong. “Z don’t be stupid... I’d don’t prefer it over you or our son but it’s just something I need” he said feeling ashamed and hurt right now. He laughed at her comments and shook his head Damon got to feed on her beasts and he couldn’t go near them talk about that. But breast milk was so good for their child so he wasn’t moaning, as he wanted Damon to have the best life could bring. Helios has zonked our it wasn’t until something fluttered by his ear he semi woke up to smack it away. When it spoke loudly it made him jump out of bed as he fell over and smacked his head on the fooor. He heard the message as it was speaking and grabbed what he could and apperate. Without getting change he didn’t care walking into the hospital as he pulled his jeans on. His eyes red and puffy as he cried. As he was directed to where her stuff was and Damon he cried as he picked his son up. Holding him close, “excuse me miss tell me what’s happening with Zella please I’m Helios her partner” his words sobbed out as he broke down as she took the baby from him. As he crashed to the floor in a mess. His worst fears coming to light as two men came to help him up he sat in a chair in her room feeling empty as they went off to find the doctor.
  6. Professor Helios Achilles

    They just become inactive but remain on the site, I believe we don’t delete character accounts on here. And all threads would be archived.
  7. Professor Helios Achilles

    Helios nodded his head smirking at her "No you can't" he teased softly at her in return "Well you could try but I'd spank you" he warned her with a wink. "I will never wear a dress but you can paint my nails I have no issues with that" he said smirking at her, which she had done before and he had taken it off the next day. It reminded him of the time she had moved in when she painted his nails. "Anything for you" he said smiling he wanted their wedding to be perfect so what ever she wanted she would have he didn't care. "Sorry but it was funny to keep going" he said nuzzling his nose against the side of her face that and he had enjoyed listening to her laugh she hadn't heard it in a while and he wanted to keep listening to it and he did. "Thank you it's one of the only things I adore" everything else could be replaced but this teddy not so much, it meant a lot to him and he loved having along side him when ever he could. With in reason too, he wouldn't take it to class but it was in his quarters and at home where ever he went it went. "Such a lady" he winked and then laughed softly. "I don't either but because I don't have a vagina I have to leave" he said frowning a little, he hated the fact he had to leave. "Awe Z that is so cute" he said honestly as he looked at her with teary eyes, he loved her so much that he would never fall out of love with him ever. "I love baby hormones it looks good on you" which was true it was nice to see her soft side more, he loved every side to her but this was his favorite side. As she wiped her tears away he smiled as she wrapped her arms around him they shared a long embrace as he wrapped his arms around her holding her to him, as they kissed before he said good bye for the night. Once he was outside he apperated home and passed out in his bed, it was weird that Z still had her room and H had his own room. They slept together and separate at the same time, it was funny sometimes he would wake up and find her in his bed. Not that he complained he was snuggling with his teddy as he snored loudly, he was too tired to even dream as he slept, unaware that he was needed else where.
  8. Professor Helios Achilles

    Helios nodded his head "but maybe get to know her and Reyna?" he said honestly he really did understand but he also knew the lack of family Z had so she needed someone she needed a friend other than him. Helios had Sage and Bruno, they counted as friends. "I can't help you there I can't be a bridesmaid and your husband" he teased smiling at her. Though he wished he could sometimes, to help her out. "I'll find some leaflets then so we can look into more and see as we said in a year or more that gives us a lot of time yet" which was true they didn't need to rush and they wouldn't even though he was desperate to make her a MRS. A massive smirk spread across his lips at her words, "Oooh baby that sounds sexy" he mused winking at her, something he was looking forward to doing was having her back sexually. Though Damon would be keeping them awake and cranky so they would have to fit it in. As she squealed out he smiled laughing with him as she begged him he carried on for a few more minutes and stopped letting her catch her breath. He didn't want to give her a sore side from laughing to much. H watched as she grabbed her wand and duplicated the teddy unicorn his face lite up as she passed his back to him he was like a small child as he held the toy in his arms. "You have no idea how happy I am right now that we have one each, I can't believe we didn't come up with this sooner" he moaned he was normally good at thinking but he lacked right now. "Nope it would help me smuggle you out but not our child" he laughed softly, Z was a beautiful owl one that he had petted many times when she wanted to be on his shoulder. This arms were Damon's castle and he could snuggle in them anytime he wanted it was just a shame he had to leave, if he could he would hide under the bed but if he was caught there would be consequences which sucked. H was all about rule breaking at one time but not when it came to his child and his wife to be. Holding the most precious item in his arms he cooed softly as he smiled humming at him. Helios looked at her hearing her voice cracking as she spoke to him, as she cried he shuffled up the bed and nudged her as his arms were busy with the baby in them. "Sorry I didn't mean to make you cry" he said softly feeling bad right now as he looked at her. "Don't be silly we were made for each other, I love you forever" he said placing the sleeping baby down in his bed softly not to wake him. While mommy Z needed some loving as he moved back to her side he pulled her into his arms wrapping himself around her as he held her to him.
  9. Professor Helios Achilles

    "Then don't have anyone? maybe another professor what about Nicola?" he suggested he didn't know anyone else she could ask other than Reyna or staff inside the school. Helios didn't have any friends outside school other than family most he didn't speak to so. "Of course not I'd try and match a tie or something to your dress or bridesmaids dresses or whatever" he had no idea cause if she didn't have any then he would just go with like a white cream tie or something. Something they would have to figure out if and when the timing was right. "Nor do I that's what I was hoping you had ideas though Rome sounds nice?" it was a mere suggestion but not something she had to agree with if she didn't want to. The wedding would be small anyway Helios would ask Sage to come out of good gesture and maybe the other Heads of houses if they wanted to come along otherwise it would just be him, Bruno with Reyna and kids along and Z along with a priest as Bruno and Reyna would be witnesses. "Not much longer I promise" he said smiling he couldn't wait to have her all to himself, even though she already had him anyway and vice versa. Hearing her laughter made him smile even more as he continued to tickle her he hadn't heard it for a few weeks, yeah they laughed but it wasn't like this as he did it more waiting for more. Helios was one to shut people down anyone who came close to getting close to his heart but with Z it was as easy as breathing he couldn't imagine anyone else beside him right now. Yes there had been others he could been with but that night with Z was a special night leading to her getting pregnant. Now they were engaged and had Damon something so perfect and innocent and all theirs. "It's my comfort item" he said pouting at her like a stubborn child. "If I could hide I would but I'm not an animagus so I can't" he said sighing softly knowing he needed to go. As Z handed him the baby he held him leaning down to kiss him smiling softly as Damon made a small mummer. As he paced softly with Damon in his arms before sitting on the edge of Z's bed looking at the bundle of joy in his arms. "Thank you for Damon, you are an exceptional woman Z"
  10. Professor Helios Achilles

    Helios's parents were dead he only had a twin brother but he didn't talk to him not since he stole his girlfriend at the time, sleeping with her in Helios's bed, brothers right. He hadn't seen Elohim since their parents funeral many years ago, He got the house and Helios got some money knowing he wouldn't do anything stupid with it. the money was still in an account locked away, he earned enough to buy his own house one where his Fiance lived along side him, now they got to bring back their son Damon. That was going to be exciting, the most exciting thing ever tiresome too. "For what baby?" he asked unsure where she was going with her sentence but it was cut off in middle so he was actually lost, not that much didn't confuse him he was an easy target. "Do I get to pick my own tux?" he said smiling as he wiggled his brows at her, "Oh where do you want to get married, any ideas or we can look together?" he mused trying to keep the conversation uplifting and relaxed. Helios wanted her to enjoy the wedding, dancing, eating, more dancing, drinking, more eating, passion night of love making, making memories and to be able to look back at photos and love the way she looked. To him she was beautiful, glowing but he knew that she would want to shred the baby weight not that she had much before hand. "I can't wait to call you Mrs Helios" he said nuzzling her neck after he kissed her cheek. H couldn't picture his life with anyone but Z she was his world, everything in it centered around her and their son right now and that was all that mattered to him, to her. H didn't want to leave and he didn't have much time either so he watched Z and kissed Damon's head. As she asked for this unicorn he groaned he was planning on sleeping with it but exhaled loudly seeing her pleading look. "There are conditions you know, no breast milk on it, no sick, no pooh oh no nothing okay?" he laughed as he stood up stretching his legs.
  11. Professor Helios Achilles

    Hearing her comment about not having a dress he shook his head at her, every girl wanted to be a princess on their wedding day and he wouldn't let her not be a princess, soon to be his queen. "No Z you are to be a beautiful gown, I don't want you giving that up" he said smiling at her, and he wouldn't marry her until she found her perfect dress either, if he had to he would have it made, he didn't mind as long as she was happy. "I need to send Bruno a message about him being my best man but I'll ask him when I next see him" he said not wanting to drag Bruno into this right now when it was a private matter. "Lets give it a month just so your body can go back to normal I want you happy with the way you look" he said not trying to be cruel but every woman added extra fat when they got pregnant and she might want to loose it and allow her body return to normal before she squeezed into a tight dress. The main thing was their baby was healthy he was crying and breathing which he was now thanking a god he didn't believe in he wouldn't of coped well if their baby hadn't of survived, he doubted Z would either. As they held each other and soothed each other he wiped her cheeks along with his own. Both over come with raw emotions and tiredness. Damon was a blessing he was so adorable Helios was already in love with him and knew he would be wrapped around his tiny fingers giving into his every desire and need. "Love you my beautiful Fiance" he said smiling at her as he kissed her cheek. Helios was on baby duty while she fell asleep her body had been through labor and needed it's rest. Helios had been reading when Damon started to cry and he was about to get up when Z got up before him and nursed him, something Helios couldn't do unless he had a bottle of her breast milk or a bottle of baby milk. Staying in his seat he watched her, as the midwife came in to check Damon and Z progress. It was a long dos and don't which were annoying to listen to seeing as they had read baby books, but they were inexperienced. Z was allowed home tomorrow which was fine with him as long as Damon had done a couple of wee's and a pooh in his nappy by then. Helios wasn't allowed to sleep over so when the visiting hours were over he had to leave which killed him. If he was an animagus he would hide but he knew he could cause infection so he didn't dream of doing something reckless.
  12. Professor Helios Achilles

    "Speaking of marriage I want to marry you as soon as possible please, don't keep me waiting" he said smiling at her as he squeezed her hand softly. He couldn't wait he wanted her all to himself enough so that he would worship her at her feet. Breakfast in bed and so much more, anything and everything that was his would soon be hers. They already had moved in together so it wasn't like it would be awkward between them. As he caressed her cheek and she said she got ham he chuckled loving that she was still fun and upbeat considering she was in pain. Helios didn't like the way she had screamed his name it made him feel so unwanted and hurt and he knew she hadn't meant it and after he had called her name icily and she welled up crying he felt awful and closed his eyes as he remained calm as he caressed her cheek even more as well as dabbing her face from the heat. She looked so radiant so beautiful. More so then ever before, and couldn't wait to make love to her once more once she was well enough, it would be different but he couldn't wait. Holding Z in his arms as they attended to fixing her up as their baby made a sound he breathed for the first time unaware he had been holding his own breath, their son was okay, he was alive. He sobbed as she cried into her chest as he held her. Holding her he nodded his head in her embrace, "Me too I was scared then, more than I had ever been before" he breathed hard as he held her kissing her head softly. But thankfully no bad would come to them as their baby was fit and well and he was a screamer that was sure as the room waved out in baby screams, cries which made him chuckle. He sounded beautiful crying and screaming which would obviously ware off after a few months maybe, even weeks. The sight of seeing Z with their baby Damon was beautiful something he would remember forever etched in his mind as he glanced at her. Watching as Z looked over the baby made him relax as he leaned back in the chair enchanted by his fiance and their son. As she cried at his words he leaned in and kissed her tenderly. "Maybe soon" he whispered against her lips as he then leaned and kissed Damon's head before sitting back down. He meant every word of what he said to her, and more. He could only shower her in affection, love and more if she allowed him to. He looked at her as she said to take off his shirt, and laughed sitting up he pulled it up and off as he leaned back down in to snuggle with her and the baby. "Mhm I like cuddles" he purred next to her, feeling her warm skin against his own as he held her close to him. "The one thing I won't enough is sharing you" he teased as he kissed the back of her shoulder tenderly. When he realised she had been teasing him and placed Damon on his chest he smirked at her. Holding Damon close and still he watched Z she was so in love right now it was cute to watch and hold. As she fell asleep he nodded his head a little moving a little he got himself comfortable and snoozed lightly holding Damon close. Waking up a little after he saw that she was still asleep and tucked her in as he placed Damon in the small hospital cot. Changing his dirty nappy and putting him in clean clothes.
  13. Professor Helios Achilles

    Helios watched as they all headed to the water Zella passed Damon to him and he held him in his arms as he watched his beautiful lady dive into the water after Sage cannon balled in and laughed. He walked to the edge and sat down dipping his legs in he could still have fun while he had Damon in his arms. But Zella needed the break and he was happy to help he was the father after all, and he wanted to share the responsibilities. "I wouldn't dream of it Z, have fun okay? I got this" he said shooing her off playfully as he kicked water at her grinning. As he cooed Damon as he was awake in his arms, his beautiful eyes glistening. H leaned down and kissed his infant son on the head and held him to his chest bouncing him a little as he moved his legs in the warm waters.
  14. Professor Helios Achilles

    Seeing her eat something was good considering she was in pain from the contraction he was blessed that he a beautiful woman one lucky enough to love him back anyway. Chuckling at her words he smiled at her, "It will be my first duty once we get home ham sandwiches and more" he said grinning like a goof ball. As she declared her love for him he blushed blowing her a kiss back, "I love you Zella, the apple of my eye" he said smirking at her leaning down to peck her lips. "Good glad you have eaten something" he said honestly as he caressed her cheek softly. He smiled nodding his head distracted by the baby names as he watched her carefully seeing the pain coming back he let her squeeze his hand, as much as he was trying to be brave he was dying inside. He needed to be strong for Zella but found it so very hard to be. As she crushed his hand he breathed softly along with her, as she screamed at him he winced at her. He went to say something but closed his mouth knowing it would just cause more arguments one he didn't need right now."Zella" he said coldly as he looked at her. He understood she was on pain but there was no need, really. He grabbed a cloth and dabbed her head ridding her of the sweat that had formed and smiled she was doing very well. As there was panic as the baby didn't cry straight away his heart was beating so hard and fast he felt dizzy with Zella crying in his chest this couldn't be happening Damon had to be alive. Hearing her words he soothed her rubbing her back gently as he remain as calm as he could be without flipping out for them both. When he did cry they both sobbed like little babies themselves the relief washed over him making him breath hard. "It's okay" he said wiping his red puffy eyes unable to contain the joy of them having a baby, Damon. Helios finally reunited Damon with his mother Zella as he handed him to her for the proper big hold, he grinned the way she looked right now, so beautiful and all his. "He's more than perfect" he said kissing her head as she held their baby. "No thank you Z for making me be the best man I could be, for not giving up hope when it was easier to walk out on me then stay. For being the mother of our child and finally thank you for loving me and saying yes to becoming my wife" he said kissing her, unable to hold his love in for her, it poured into the kiss. As the baby cry he got up and undone the gown having being left alone in private and pulled the gown down for her knowing what she wanted, as he watched Z cooing the baby trying to get him to feed. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder as he watched their son drink for the first time and he couldn't believe he was real, and all theirs. "I'm so in love right now" he admitted with a smug smile on his face as he closed his eyes snuggled up to Z.
  15. Professor Helios Achilles

    Seeing her wink he gave her a goofy grin as she grabbed the ham and cheese one and nibbled it hungrily which made him gently laugh, seeing her close her eyes obviously enjoying the comfort food. "Awe baby we can get more ham once you come back home" he suggested softly to her. He finished his own food and relaxed feeling happier now his stomach had something in it, other than his nerves. Nodding he drank his water, "That is very true baby" he said stroking her arm softly with his fingertips. He couldn't wait to marry her, then she was all his after all the mishap that happened. Helios tried to breath but didn't realize he already was, he couldn't wait to meet their baby boy he had waited long enough after all they both had. He panicked of course as it was coming closer and he could only take so much in one go. Zella soothed him and he looked at her softly he was lucky to have her in his life. He loved her so much that he would get eaten by a dragon for her, jump in front of a killing curse. Helios chuckled nodding his head at her, "Sure that would be good, I would never suggest my name" he said pondering for a moment as he looked at her and then heard her suggestion. "Damon is a nice name" he said tilting his head nodding his head he liked the name Damon it's fitting that's for sure. Helios panicked like crazy when she began to get horrible pain coursing through her body he rushed to find the healer and hurry them back to the room to help Z and their baby. As they came with various different things he panted as he grabbed her hand and kissed it trying to comfort her as well as catching his breath as he stood there looking down at her. Hearing the encouragement from the midwife he smiled "Baby you can do it breath baby breath" he said kissing her hand as he allowed her to squeeze it hard. They all told her to keep pushing and to breath softly while she pushed he held her hand as she squeezed it he didn't care that it was hard as she was giving him their son. Seeing her eyes fill up he leaned down and stroked her cheek, "Doing okay baby keep going" he whispered. As another contraction hit her and she cursed he comforted her stroking her shoulder softly and down her arm, Helios stopped breathing as he didn't hear the baby cry and he wasn't moving at all. He held Zella in his arms as he tried to think of the positive and not think that he was gone from there before they had even had time together. As she pulled hard on him Helios kissed her back softly mopping her cheeks of water. Helios face was emotionless as he shrugged not sure what was happening the healers were attending to him, as he looked at Zella. "I-i-m not sure" he said moving forward to get a better look. When he cried Helios broke down sobbing into Zella he couldn't believe that they had a baby a boy. "I can't believe we have a baby a son" he sobbed as the healers brought Damon towards them. The thought of him being dead broke his heart as he looked at her wiping his cheeks with one hand and hers with his other. They were a right mess right now. Helios nodded his head and took the knife from Claire and cut the cord a smile plastered over his face he couldn't wait for cuddled with Damon. As he was handed to him he held him walking towards Zella with him, kissing his tiny head he then passed him down to his mother as he crawled on the side of the bed along side them. "Thank you Zella you were so beautiful, so strong I love you so much" he said kissing her forehead softly.