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  1. Finally finished renovating the new prison.. *feels like i accomplished something* 

  2. Warden Jeffrey Lancaster

    Jeff doesn't expect the voice that comes from nearby. A male voice, admiring his looks? He raises his brow as he turns and sees the source of this confusion. Jeff isnt gay or bi but he doesnt get offended. It just surprises him. "No thanks.." A boy? "How old are you, kid?" Watching him as he kicks the chair out toward him and Jeff finally takes a seat. Studying him closely. "It was a horrible day to wear black.." Jeffs own clothes dark, gray and black. He uses his sleeve to wipe his forehead again. "Do you always say whats on your mind to passing strangers?" He cant help but laugh a bit at the kids gall.
  3. Warden Jeffrey Lancaster

    Jeff had taken some time off work, running a prison is much harder than it sounds, and he'd been full hands on for the past year and a half so he figures he deserves the time away. Still, many were angry with him for it and truth be told Jeff couldnt care less. The very nature of him says to be a rebel. To be different and continue marching to his own drum. But it was back to work and time to finish the few repairs around the place. And since the shops in Diagon Alley are closed after a certain time, he has to go during the day! This is most unwelcome and he considers sending one of the guards to get those supplies but in the end, he knows they wouldnt know what to look for. Its best to go himself. So its time to cover up and make sure the sun doesnt touch his skin. Hes very afraid of that, plus he fears the sun in general, not liking the nasty burns it causes and the threat of death if in it for too long. His hat, hoodie and jeans cover him from head to toe and he finishes with his favorite blacked out sunglasses. Then he flits to Diagon Alley and to the first shop. He buys everything he needs there and has the wizard spell them to his office before continuing on. Flitting to the ice cream parlor. Its a good place to get shade and wipe his brow. Sweating beading quickly and dripping into his eyes. "Woo its hot!" He takes a deep breath. The sun affecting him quickly.