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  1. These characters are in need of threads, friends/enemies/etc, and possible ships. @Azrael Klausen 16* years old ~ Skadi Student ~ Cryokinesis, Omnilingualism ~ Single, Unplotted _______________________________________________________________________________________
  2. List of Characters in need of threads, friends/enemies/etc, and possible ships. @Professor Samuel Acres 25 years old ~ Transfiguration/Head of Faucon House ~ Heterosexual Demiromantic ~ Plotted with @Professor Nicole Wolf ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. "Him. While an animal, he still understands some concepts like gender," he corrected her in a polite manner. Sam leaned back in his chair a bit as he listened to her talk about how she ended up here. He smiled at her when she asked him about how he got this job. "Honestly, I just came in for a job. I had just moved to France when I met you and hadn't found anything. I saw in the paper that the school was hiring. I was hoping I could teach Care of Magical Creatures, but when I learned that it wasn't available, I went for the Transfiguration position. I guess I impressed the headmaster enough that he wanted me as head of Faucon as well," he answered with a cocky tilt of his head. In earnest, he had no idea how he got made Faucon Head of House, but he wasn't going to complain. Dorian turned and looked at Sam. Stop being so smug. It is very unbecoming of you. Sa's demeanor switched back to his friendly and slightly awkward self.
  4. Character Name: Professor Samuel Acres Character Birthday: May 26th Character Age: 25 Country of Residence: France Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Faucon Head of House Face Claim: Eddie Redmayne Abilities: Animal Telepathy, Patronus - Great Horned Owl Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  5. Sam just smiled wider and chuckled as heard her. "What? I am just being honest. And maybe just a bit of a flirt," he said before chuckling. This was something out of the ordinary for him. He was getting along with and enjoying the company of another human being. Leaning back in his seat, he could not help but smile to himself at this. "I really hope I get this job. Would be a good excuse to be around you more." Taking a breath, he looked at her, "Dorian is my pet mouse. He is a bit cheeky, though and likes to wander off. He is quite harmless and up to date on his shots so you don't need to worry." Dorian had snuck out of Sam's pocket while he was talking with Nicole and wander onto her desk by her bowl of sweets. His coloring let him blend into the desk fairly well as he tried to get a piece of a chocolate wand.
  6. Sam's brow raised as he heard the headmaster's question. Deciding to bite his tongue, he chuckled softly and wondered if there were going to be more of this when interacting with his fellow professors. It wasn't until Nic jumped in that he spoke. "Damnit. I wanted to make Nicole wet," he chuckled after he finished speaking. He stuck his tongue out at her playfully before taking off his shirt and sitting at the edge of the pool. Putting his feet in, he smiled at his fellow professors. The water felt nice against his skin as the hot sun beat down on them. After a small while, he pushed off the side and into the water. Quickly submerging, he swam under the water and slowly surfaced after a moment.
  7. Code to get credit: Name: House: Co-writers: (Include House) Challenge(s): Link:
  8. At Beauxbatons we have classrooms for our RP Challenge lists, but the actual Role Play can take place anywhere in the castle. Each Professor will make one thread in their classroom. It is up to the student to post the code, including links to any Challenges completed, in this thread. You may complete up to 3 challenges per thread linked. Challenges completed will earn all student participants 20 House Points. In order to be considered complete, each listed writer must have 5+ posts. RP Challenges RP Challenges for First Years/Anyone. Learning how to turn a match into a needle in class Talk about switching spells and their potential uses Attempt to steal one of the animals used for class Attempt to use the Avisfors Spell Bring a student to the Hospital Wing or Professor Acres after a transfiguration accident Stay after class for additional practice(voluntary or otherwise) Turn a tissue box into a mouse outside of class Use Avisfor in a prank RP Challenges for Second-Fourth Years summon cookies to bribe a professor Use Draconifors Spell outside of class Turn a bird in a goblet for a prank Summon food outside of the Great Hall Owl Level RP Challenges for Fifth Years transfigure a peacock into a chair hide a pet by making it vanish NEWT Readiness RP Challenges for Sixth & Seventh Years Conjure any bird of prey Turn a desk into a pig and back again change your appearance in some way
  9. Closing the door most of the way, Sam kept his warm smile as he turned and went to sit down. "Dorian is a field mouse that I have had for about a month prior to my hiring here. He is sitting and eating on my desk," he replied with a small point towards the top of his desk. Dorian had turned around to look at the new visitors as he ate. "Good company field mice when properly taken care of," he added before sitting. As the baby began to fuse a little, he quietly waited for Zella to soothe him. "I have been doing well. Not as well as you, it seems but well nonetheless. Last I remember, you were quite single, and we were shamelessly flirting," he replied with a small chuckle at the memory. "I have some time to spare. And don't worry about it. Having a newborn is tiring work. I understand that you were yawning from a lack of sleep and not because you find me boring. The last time we talked, weren't you a healer?" He asked, making sure his memory wasn't playing tricks on him.
  10. "Oh, don't you start with me, Dorian. You know exactly why I can't let you explore beyond my office or classroom," Sam looked at the mouse sitting on his desk, eating a sunflower seed from the small pile next to him. Sighing, Sam looked up as he heard a knock at his door. "We will continue this later," he said to the mouse as he got up and walked to the door. He hoped it wasn't a student. His office was a bit of a mess since he had moved in and still hadn't fully unpacked yet. Opening the door a small bit, he spotted Zella and her new child. Opening the door further, he smiled warmly at her. "Hello, Zella. Please come in and take a seat. Don't mind the mess. I haven't finished moving into the office just yet," he apologized softly as he moved to let her in. "Also, don't mind Dorian. He is well behaved and up to date on his shots."
  11. Sam thought about it for a second. Scratching his chin, he tilted his head to the left for a moment, "Yes, it took longer and sometimes was a bit harder. I am not exactly strong after all, but in the end, they were fulfilling and I earned every knut and sickle." A playful smile appeared on his face before he chuckled a few times jovially. "No, I mean it. I am not trying to stroke your ego or butter you up so you talk to whoever is giving the interview. You are simply quite pretty," he didn't blush as he spoke, but he held her gaze as he spoke so he could convey his honesty. His smile widened an inch or two as she said they would've been friends. "That is a nice thought. I can only guess if you would be the same person." Taking a breath, he visibly relaxed and looked around. When she spoke again, he glanced up at her and replied with a grin, "Considerate it that I am simply investing in a good friendship with a fellow educator. Now, where did Dorian get off to?"
  12. Current Threads: I told you it wasn't a meeting; Sage Seawell, Samantha Brayden, Zella Ravel, Nicole Wolf, Helios Achilles Come as you are; Nicole Wolf Would you like fries with that; Charlotte Ruin Long Time No See... How's it going; Zella Ravel
  13. There was a small smile on his face when he heard her. Watching her work, Sam felt a bit in awe. It was interesting to watch as he never usually had cocktails so this was more or less a new experience. He was beginning to wonder when the fire was going to get involved. It was a moment later when she held out the mug with whiskey that realized just how complicated this was going to be. Nodding, he pointed his wand at the mug and muttered, "Incendio." A burst of heat filled the air as the whiskey caught fire. Taking a breath, he kept his wand out as he watched her carefully, ready to act should anything happen.
  14. Pulling his hand back after it was shaken, Sam listened quietly to the others then squirmed when Nic poked him as she passed by. Sighing softly, he glanced at her and caught her wink. A small bit of blush colored his cheeks as a result. Turning to Sage as he addressed Sam, he nodded and answered, "Yes I did. Thank you for asking. It is quite the nice room." Noticing that some of the people were moving, he followed a few steps behind them as he looked between each of them. In turn, he watched how each person held themselves and walked. For those, he had met before like Zella and Nic, he took note of any change since the last time he had seen them. His eyes lingered on the new faces trying to get a read on them just from the visual cues. It wasn't long before his eyes wandered back to Nic and trying to figure out how he might get back at her for the poke.
  15. Sam blinked for a moment. He honestly had not expected her to ask follow-up questions, though it would make sense to. Shifting a bit, he brought up his leg and placed his left calf on his right knee. "Not really. Though I should have probably tried that. It was more like helping older muggles with yard work, cleaning up their house, or grabbing them a few groceries while I was out," he paused for a moment to see how she would react then continued, "I usually converted their money to ours. On occasion, I would help out a small magical pet's store with some of their stock when they weren't sure what was wrong with one of their pets." Sam thought for a moment on how some of the professors impacted him. Shaking his head, he answered, "I had a few that I didn't like, but they only provided a drive to do well in the class. Otherwise, they just gave me an idea of the type of people I want to avoid along with the classmates that I didn't get along with. It was mostly the other students that negatively impacted me." He paused for a moment as he considered revealing part of himself to her. Deciding to take the risk, he took a deep breath before speaking, "I was a bit of an oddball even for the house I was in. Smart, but not focused on it to be a Ravenclaw. Somewhat courageous, but not enough to be a Gryffindor. Ambitious, but not how Slytherins were. So I was sorted into Hufflepuff. I made a few good friends, but I always got along better with animals for as long as I could remember. Part of it has to do with my gift and the other having to do with my personality, but I made a few dumb decisions with who I got close to that ended up burning me in the end. I trust slowly now as a result." A small smile appeared on his lips as he thought about her being at Hogwarts, "That's unfortunate. You would have probably livened up the place with your looks alone."