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  1. "They are all in my office, back at school." Ashley answered when Maddie asked where all of her photos were. She used to have them all hanging up in their living room when they had lived in a house, but now that they all lived in the castle she had all of their belongings in her office. She looked up at her daughter when she realized that Maddie actually didn't know where their photos were. "You know you can go into my office whenever you want, right?" She said after she had paid for their new book and put it away in her bag.
  2. Ashley smiled and nodded when Maddie said that the book was the perfect size for all of their photos. "I agree, it's perfect." She told her daughter before she turned to ask how much it was. Thinking that it was a good price, she paid for the book before she put it in her purse with the other things that they had already bought. She thought for a minute when Maddie asked how they should decorate the pages. "Well, we should go in order. Start with your baby pictures and adoption photos."
  3. Ashley continued to look around for a good book and other things they could use inside of it. She looked up when she heard Maddie ask her about a book that she had found. "Ya, I think this might work." She replied as she took the book from Maddie and set it down on the table so they could look through the pages and see how big it was. "What do you think?"
  4. Ashley thought about it for a minute when her daughter asked if there were any animals at the orphanage. "You know, I'm not really sure." She responded, since she couldn't really remember. Ashley smiled as she hugged Felicity back, and her smile grew a little bigger when she said that she was happy that she was the one who took care of them. "Me too sweetheart," she replied as she gave her another squeeze before she let her go. "Of course, I think they will like that." She smiled when Fee mentioned getting something for her parents. She thought about her next question for a minute before she frowned when she mentioned Wool's Orphanage. She wasn't sure if she wanted to talk about that, Fee was still her baby girl after all. "Well, if both of the parents were muggleborns then they would go to a magical orphanage because they would have magic too. But if only one was muggleborn or if the child was muggleborn with two muggle parents, I think they would go to a regular orphanage." Sometimes magical bloodlines were confusing and she didn't really think that they matteredd anyway. Whether someoone or their parents had magic or not didn't matter to her, good people were good people. Ashley smiled as she held onto her daughter's hand. "Are you ready? Hold on tight," she told her before she closed her eyes and pictured how she remembered the orphanage looked, apparating then to it.
  5. July 23, 2010 - Early Morning Barcelona is so beautiful, the beaches and the sand, everything about the city was beautiful. Right now it is 5 am and I am pretty tired but wip
  6. Ashley shrugged lightly when Madeleine asked her what kind of book she would be interested in using. "I'm not really sure. Something big, the bigger the better. We have a lot of photos to put in it after all." Ashley was really glad that she was spending this time with her older daughter, knowing that soon enough she would be back in school again.
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  8. Character Name: Ashley Rose Character Birthday: June 5 Character Age: 32 Country of Residence: UK Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Sly HoH & Arithmancy professor Face Claim: Hilary Duff Abilities: Empathy Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  9. "Oh, of course," Ashley giggled when her daughter reminded her that obviously they needed a scrapbook to put everything into. "I think there's a whole other section for books. Maybe we could find one of those adorable purses made out of a book too?" She smiled as Maddie helped her put everything in her bag, before she turned to start walking over to where she had seen a table of books earlier in the day.
  10. Ashley smiled as she heard the excitement in her daughter's voice and she nodded as Maddie talke about how they could use the items. She put all of the ribbon, lace and papers together in a pile and asked the vendor how much she was willing to sell it all for. When they settled on a price that they could agree on, Ashley grabbed the money out of her wallet and handed it to the other woman before she put the supplies inn her bag. "What else do we need?" She smiled at Maddie.
  11. Ashley looked up from the table that she had walked over to when she heard Maddie speak up. She walked back over to her daughter and looked at the things that she had found. "Oh, those are cute. I think we can definitely use these." She replied as she picked up one of the pieces of paper and looked at it. Ashley picked up some ribbons and lace, and laid them over the different papers. "What do you think? Should we get them?"
  12. Ashley was really looking forward to making this scrapbook with her daughter now. It would be a nice way to look back on all of their memories together. All of the trips they had gone on together as a family, all of the fun things that they had done when Maddie was a little kid. "Let's start looking then," she grinned at her daughter. Ashley looked back down at the table they were standing next to and started to look for anything that would be cute in a scrapbook.
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  14. Ashley smiled at Maddie's idea of making a scrapbook. "I love that idea," she replied. She wondered if she wanted to make the book just the two of them, or if Fee would be able to help them. She was sure that Maddie would mention her sister if she wanted it to be a family affair. "I have all of our family photos in my office," she told Maddie. "I suppose all we need is a book and some scrapbook supplies."
  15. Professor Ashley Rose! YOU'RE THE ONLY THING I WANNA TOUCH NEVER KNEW THAT IT COULD MEAN SO MUCH Hilary Duff | 30 | Slytherin HoH | Bisexual | Married (Simone Cruz) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FULL NAME Ashley Elizabeth Rose NICKNAMES Ash AGE Thirty BIRTHDAY June 5th HOUSE Hogwarts, Hufflepuff BLOOD STATUS Halfblood OCCUPATION Slytherin HoH, Mother WAND Coming soon APPERANCE Coming soon DISTINGUISHING FEATURES Dark brown eyes, thick long eyelashes. BOGGART Losing Simone or either of her daughters. PATRONUS Adopting her daughters and Simone proposing. AMORTENTIA Chocolate, raspberries, and Simone's hair. LIKES Coming soon DISLIKES Coming soon STRENGTHS Coming soon WEAKNESSES Coming soon FAMILY Father: Jason Rose. Mother: Isabelle Rose. Siblings: Charlotte, Allison, Aaron, and Anastasiya. Spouse: Simone Cruz. Children: Madeleine and Felicity. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -