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  1. Georgi Zakrevski

    Georgi smiled when he saw Zephyr nod, so he pulled his boyfriend along over to the line for the rollercoaster. "Ya, that sounds great." He agreed with Zephyr when he asked about going on the carousel next. He grinned at his boyfriend as they waited in line before he leaned over to steal a quick kiss.
  2. Georgi Zakrevski

    Georgi smirked when Zephyr agreed with him that breakfast could wait. He added in a few suckling kisses to his neck when he heard him hum. He smiled against his neck as Zephyr wrapped his arms around him and pressed his body closer against his. Georgi ran his hands down his back before he grabbed the back of his thighs, pulling him even closer so he could feel the small bludge in his pants.
  3. Georgi Zakrevski

    Georgi didn’t always like the colder weather, but holding Zephyr’s hand and having him so close definitely made it better. He smiled when his boyfriend asked what he wanted to do first. ”We should probably save the Ferris Wheel for last? So, maybe a rollercoaster first?”
  4. Georgi Zakrevski

    Georgi chuckled when his boyfriend asked what it was that he was hungry for, before he nipped at his lip. "Both," he replied as he reached over to turn the stove off. "But perhaps the food can wait?" Georgi smirked at the other man before he pulled him closer and leaned in to start kissing Zephyr's neck.
  5. Character Name: Georgi Zakrevski Character Birthday: Oct 21 Character Age: 18 Country of Residence: Norway Year: N/A House: N/A Job: N/A Face Claim: Konstantinos Laios Abilities: N/A Creatures: N/A Additional Information: Canon
  6. Georgi Zakrevski

    Goergi smiled back at his boyfriend as he helped him with his tie, before he chuckled when Zephyr asked where he was going. He wrapped his arms around him and kissed the other man back before they pulled apart again. Noticing that they were all ready to go he grabbed one of Zephyr's hands and one of Dimi's before he apparated them to the gala.
  7. Georgi Zakrevski

    Georgi smirked back at his boyfriend before he kissed him back. He smiled back as Zephyr wrapped his arms around his neck before he said that he was making eggs and bacon. He smirked again when he noticed Zephyr pressing up against him. "Starving," he purred as he wrapped his arms around the other man's waist.
  8. Georgi Zakrevski

    Georgi laughed softly when Zephyr suggested a spell to make the Ferris Wheel get stuck. He smiled as his boyfriend took his hand and he intertwined their fingers together, before they apparated to the amusement park. "Well, it is the end of October," he replied when Zephyr said that the park wasn't crowded today.
  9. Georgi Zakrevski

    Georgi was a little bummed that Demi had to go to work, but he knew that somebody had to make money for them. And since he still hadn't been able to find a job yet, it obviously wasn't going to be him. Right now he was reading a book when he started to smell all sorts of delicious smells coming from the kitchen. So he set his book down before he went to see what was going on. A small smirk appeared on Georgi's lips when he saw his boyfriend pretty much naked, cooking up some bacon. He walked over to give Zephyr's ass a nice squeeze and placed a quick kiss on his lips. "Whatcha making?"
  10. Georgi Zakrevski

    Georgi smiled at his boyfriend when he told him that going to the gala was a good idea. He was looking forward to spending the night out with the two men that he loved. He was sure that they would probably want to do a lot of dancing, and he thought that he was a horrible dancer but he didn't mind tonight. Georgi chuckled as he walked over to help Zephyr with his tie after he asked them for help. He reached up to tie Zephyr's tie for him before he quickly kissed his cheek and pulled away.
  11. Georgi Zakrevski

    Georgi smiled back at his boyfriend, before he chuckled at what he said. "How long do you think the Ferris Wheel ride lasts?" He smirked lightly at Zephyr, knowing that they were all pretty sexual. So while making out sounded like a great idea, he was thinking about doing something a little more than that. Georgi finished the rest of his drink before he stood up and held his hand out to Zephyr.
  12. Georgi Zakrevski

    Georgi couldn't wait until he was done with school and could finally move in with the two gorgeous men that he loved. He wanted to spend all of his time outside of school with his boyfriends, but he knew that he still had to spend time with his family too. And during one of these trips home he knew that he would have to tell them about where he planned on living after graduation too. His parents had come to terms with his sexuality, but he wasn't sure how they would react to the fact that he was romantically and sexually involved with two guys at the same time. Georgi shrugged slightly when Zephyr asked him what else he wanted to do today, since it was his birthday. "We could go to Hunderfossen and spend the afternoon there?" Most people probably felt like that was a little kid's place but there were still some fun rides that he was sure they could still enjoy.
  13. Georgi Zakrevski

    Georgi smirked as he watched Dimi take all of his clothes off. Hummed happily as he watched him kiss Zephyr's neck and felt his hand slide over his chest. He chuckled lightly as Zephyr said that he felt like he was overdressed. Georgi kissed him back when he pulled him back in for another kiss and he reached down to unbutton his pants.
  14. Georgi Zakrevski

    When they had been in school, Georgi had mixed feelings about going to the school dances. Before he had met Dimi and Zephyr going to dances had been pretty boring, but afterwards they had been kinda fun if he was with one or both of them. Then they had both graduated and went off to do their own things while he still had another year of school left. But that was fine because now he was out of school and had completely moved in with the two wonderful men while he was looking for a job. Georgi had read about the gala in the Daily Prophet and he thought that it would be something fun to do with his boyfriends. So he was all dressed up in his suit while he waited for the two of them to get ready.
  15. Georgi Zakrevski

    Georgi Zakrevski Adult/Njord Alumni - 18 - Canon - Pureblood - Homosexual Nationality = - Accent = Dating Dimitri Rhee & Zephyr Vega Playby: Konstantinos Laios October 2022 Game On w/ Dimi November 2023 Care for a swim? w/ Zephyr June 2023 * {M} Our House w/ Dimi and Zephyr October 2023 * A little birthday treat w/ Zephyr Halloweeeen w/ Zephyr & Dimitri August 2024 * Night of Fun w/ Zephyr & Dimi October 2024 * Sunny Side Up w Zephyr