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  1. Character Name: Maximilian Denvers Character Birthday: September 13th Character Age: 19 Country of Residence: Norway Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Durmstrang Deputy Headmaster; Hel Head of House; Owner of Evolut!on Face Claim: Andy Biersack Abilities: Parselmouth Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  2. Maybe? How was Maximilian supposed to answer that? He understood that Luca needed the time to think about an answer - this wasn't something you could just go ahead and answer at the press of a button - but the boy's slow response wasn't all that reassuring to him. He frowned at the response for a moment, trying to formulate some sort of answer and then nodded, deciding it was best to just give him the time to think. After all, the worst he could do would be to say no and then, what? Maximilian would just carry on living his life mostly the same way he had before that day. Nothing special. Nothing new. What did the guy's response even matter? Like he'd said himself, he was only another fuck. Maximilian waited on the couch in the sitting room a while for Luca to come back from his shower, drumming his fingers on the armrest as though trying to figure out what to say to him when he came back down. What did he say? Have you had time to think? I don't care what you say? Get the fuck out of my house? All seemed like completely the wrong thing to say and, somehow or other, the right thing all at the same time. He waited impatiently, the options still running through his head when Luca came down again, and there was a moment of awkward silence as though neither was really sure what to say. Then Luca spoke first and it was a sigh of relief as Maximilian no longer felt the need to worry. They could try? Trying was good. Trying was ideal. Trying was what Maximilian wanted. He smiled, standing from his seat, and moved over to where Luca stood. "Tonight? Tomorrow? As soon as you dry your hair? When do you want?"
  3. 'Perfect' was a nice choice of word for describing Maximilian. It was one he might have happily used a thousand times in his life to describe himself, as had his mother a few times, and it gave him a nice feeling of nostalgia that, for a moment, completely distracted him from the conversation he was having. In fact, it was a good enough distraction that it stopped him from at all noticing Luca's slight blushing. "Uh, yeah, thanks, I know that," he answered, smirking proudly. "But, like, perfect or not, I still can't cook." Maximilian chuckled, though his face turned serious again in order to answer the boy. "If you really do want to spend time with me, then why do you seem so eager to leave? You don't seem to want to teach me to cook or anything like that, and you've been kind of jumpy the whole time you've been here. What's going on?" The question seemed unnecessary too, however, since Luca suddenly answered him inadvertently. Well, when someone put it that way, all of his awkwardness seemed perfectly logical, even though it did hurt somewhat that he was scared for such a reason. Wasn't love something people normally wanted? Maximilian was pretty sure it was something he would like to experience in future. "It wouldn't be anything special though, just so we can talk about the house or...we can do the same thing here?" He wasn't sure what else could be suggested to make the situation seem even less romantic although Maximilian really wouldn't have minded them being stuck in a situation like that again. He'd enjoyed the previous night enough. "Only a fuck. You don't have to be only a fuck. You don't have to be hurt. We could take it further, make things different...you know?" Wouldn't that work? Wouldn't it be better? "Very well. I'll see you then," Maximilian replied, nodding and then making his way downstairs to take a seat back in the sitting room, waiting for his guest's return.
  4. Maximilian snorted, a little shocked at the idea that anyone might think he was good at everything. He knew for a fact that he wouldn't be any good at cooking - he could hardly make himself a hot chocolate in the morning, after all - though he did like the idea that someone could even think he might be. "I don't particularly. I just do whatever I feel like doing," he answered, shrugging. Maximilian had never really been one for planning anything all that far ahead, he just went for things. "It's not an issue or anything, I'd be happy to spend some more time with you. And that goes for the cooking classes too. Why, don't you want to spend time with me? I don't hear that too often. I'm more used to people absolutely dying to spend time with me." Maybe Luca just wasn't getting the hints that Maximilian felt he was so clearly dropping here. He didn't want the guy to leave, wasn't that much obvious? Really, Luca should be feeling honored because Maximilian very rarely wanted someone to stay after the first night they'd screwed, and they'd had sex twice already! He couldn't confirm just how long he was going to want to keep him around - Maximilian had always been fairly well known for getting easily bored of people - but he knew he wanted to. "Oh, it won't be a waste of her time. Like I said, we should have a business dinner and talk about things, maybe at some point later this week...?" he suggested, smiling at Luca. That would at least have him stick around a little while longer. "If it wasn't alright with me then I wouldn't have suggested it. You can take a shower here if you like, yeah." Maximilian stepped into the room and made his way over to the bathroom door, pushing it open so that Luca could take a look around there as well, leaning back on the door frame whilst he waited. "So if you like, you shower here and I'll wait for you downstairs or something? Just back in the sitting room."
  5. "I've had expensive food but that doesn't mean I'm going to be a good chef, nor does it mean the food I had was all that good either," Maximilian answered, quite matter-of-factly. In fact, he could recall a few times he'd been to restaurants which had seemed both promising and perhaps slightly overpriced, and the food hadn't seemed all that great in those. Prices could let you down sometimes, that was something you found out when you were used to buying nice things like that. "However, if you don't believe me on that matter, perhaps I should be taking you out to dinner again - not a date, somewhere fancy, a kind of client business meeting whilst I try and butter you up to buy the sort of property I'm recommending." He chuckled to himself, finding this idea quite funny, even though he was really somewhat serious about it. Nothing like a fancy and prolonged dinner to force someone to have to spend more time with you than they'd originally meant to. "And after you can teach me how to cook, yeah?" The perfect way to keep Luca around a little bit longer. Maybe sometime was close enough to a yes for Maximilian, even though Luca's tone didn't sound all that promising. Still, it was better than nothing, and all that he could really do was just find something that was reason enough for Luca to stick around a little longer. Something that would make his little visit a lot more permanent, although there were few things far from the extreme that were likely to make that the case. "No, obviously, we'll find you a place first. She can't work at her best unless she has an idea of the place, anyway." "Who's to say you're not going to be around enough? Maybe this whole experience in helping you find a house is going to make us the best of friends or something." Or something. Friends with benefits. Maximilian smiled as he took Luca's hand to pull him up from his seat and then gestured around. "Obviously, this is the sitting room. Double height ceiling, if you care. Follow me." He led him across the room and then up a flight of stairs, stopping on the landing of the first floor and pushing open a door for Luca to enter. "So, this is the first guest bedroom. There are two, although I suppose you could argue that the nanny's room is practically a guest bedroom as well, if she were to leave my service. They're all fundamentally the same. If you wanted to shower off - I think we spoke about that briefly yesterday - then you can do it in here?"
  6. "I'm sure it must be," Maximilian replied, not thinking that Luca had any reason to lie to him, and especially not about a hobby as simple as cooking was usually regarded to be. "Unfortunately, I've never tried so I doubt that I'd be at all good if I started now." As Luca had just described, he was sure that if he tried cooking now, out of nowhere and with no experience, everything was going to be pretty darn awful. But here was an opportunity for another meeting, so why not drop it in? "I'm sure I would be much better if there was someone who could teach me. No one special, just someone 'okay' who might have had a few compliments but wasn't any sort of world class chef." He winked at the boy, leaning back in his seat and turning his head to glance slightly in the vague direction of the kitchen, wondering if maybe it was going to get some use at last. Maybe even Robyn could join in some time. "Oh and, really, don't worry about Mummy. She works by appointment and I'm sure if I set one up for you it should take easy precedence." Well, if Luca had had a bad experience when he was younger, then there was no reason Maximilian saw to have Myrcel anywhere near him. He didn't want to accidentally terrify the boy or anything like that. "It's no issue. Not until you're used to him, anyhow." Now, no more talk about snakes, not if Luca was afraid, and back to the matter at hand. The sooner they got this over with, the sooner they could get to do other things, right? "Shall we get going, then?" he questioned, standing from his seat and offering Luca a hand to help him up too. "You'll love it all, I'm sure."
  7. Maximilian could neither agree nor disagree regarding the kitchen. As a child, he'd never been allowed into the kitchen of his home out of his mother's fear that he would somehow cut or injure himself, so the way it looked had never really bothered him all that much. Now that he had his own home, however, he'd focussed on the design of the rest of the house, opted for something a little more open plan, and allowed his mother to deal with the kitchen and such the like on her own. "Perhaps you'll like my kitchen, then. I don't use it very much for cooking - I'm not a good cook and I don't really enjoy it as a hobby - but if you're interested in muggle cooking then I'm sure you'll like it." Really, the room was almost there in a purely decorative sense or mostly as a storeroom for food rather than a place to prepare it, since only a few meals were ever actually prepared. "I'll send an owl to Mummy about that later today." Ah, yes, snakes. Most people seemed to find the creatures quite frightening indeed but Maximilian had never felt that way himself. Perhaps it was a side effect of having spent the last four years with one at his side. Perhaps it was simply the fact that he could talk to them. Either way, snakes had never seemed as worrying to him as they did to everyone else. "I'm sorry. At least he's gone now." Maximilian offered him a reassuring smile, looking over in the direction of the snake and the young boy. "I just asked them to go to Robyn's room, as a distraction." It must have sounded weird, that. Most people assumed that parseltongue was only used to say much more sinister things but Maximilian had always found that to be a pointless assumption because snakes really weren't all bad. "Nothing you particularly care for? I was thinking we could possibly look at the guest room, seeing as the bedroom is usually quite important and...perhaps also my bedroom?"
  8. Maximilian looked around the room as he spoke, nodding in quiet agreement. He loved modern things too, and he'd wanted someone light and open concept like this when he'd moved out to live on his own, and his mother and the architect had done a wonderful job ensuring that was the case. "Mummy's personal taste was a lot less modern than this," he explained, thinking back to the elegantly furnished estate in France he'd lived in until only around a year ago. "It looked ridiculous at home: everything was so much more old fashioned, whereas my floor was substantially more modern. When I moved out I wanted to maintain that without the awkwardness of having two completely different themes clashing." And it had come out perfectly if he did say so himself. "If you really do like it then I'll get you in contact with her." "He's an anaconda," Maximilian repeated, not sure whether or not Luca had missed that important fact in past conversation. Of course, the snake was big, what else was it going to be? "But if you're concerned for Robyn's safety, I assure you, there's nothing to be worried about." Maximilian reached over to ruffle his son's hair through the coils of snake now around him, noticing Luca inching away ever so subtly. Was he afraid? There was no reason to be afraid. "Go to his room," he told the snake and his son by proxy, then waited a moment for them to wander away again and hopefully be picked up by the nanny in the other room before he turned back to Luca. "There, it's safe. Now, we really should be getting onto the subject of the house, don't you think? Is there somewhere you wanted to see first or did you just want to wander around at your own pace?" Although, having said that, maybe the smartest choice would have simply been to stay in the room they were currently in since, well, they were currently alone and that could mean all manner of things. Maximilian didn't really want to do nothing but talk business here. He might have had one or two other things in mind.
  9. "I'm sure," Maximilian answered, although he'd noted the slight lack of enthusiasm in Luca's voice. He couldn't really blame the guy: it wasn't like muggle cars were all too interesting to the majority of wizards. Even his parents weren't overly thrilled that he liked to spend his money on such things (although his father seemed more against it than his mother, who was generally willing to allow him to do most activities). "If you're more interested in other things, however, my grandfather did leave quite a bit of his art in his will. We can take a look at that as well if we find a chance." Or if they just wanted to waste a little time together, that was always a fun possibility. Okay, looked like some awkward stuttering. Maximilian couldn't help but wonder what Robyn had said - presumably something that wasn't entirely normal for a four-year-old to say - that was making Luca react that way. In fact, solely based on the fact that Luca had suddenly exclaimed they were talking about the snake, he could be sure that wasn't the case. But whatever it had been, it obviously made his guest feel relatively awkward so, instead of saying something, Maximilian decided to instead continue the conversation on the new proposed topic, if only to prevent any further embarrassment for Luca. "Myrcel? I've had him since I've had Robyn, you know. The pair of them basically grew up together." And they seemed to get along famously. Maximilian had even caught his son snuggled up in bed with the reptile once or twice, a sight he'd always loved. "I told you, they like to sit together and chat." He nodded his head in the direction of the little boy, and the anaconda that was now sliding up onto the couch and wrapping itself around him too.
  10. "Yes, muggle cars. I love collecting them," Maximilian admitted, almost as though this was some sort of strange taboo. A lot of people seemed to think it was an abnormal hobby - if solely because he was a wizard so why would he ever want a collection of muggle cars - but he couldn't help it. They were like an art collection, you know? Only they couldn't move or do anything much interesting since Maximilian couldn't drive them and wouldn't have wanted to even if he could. "I have twenty-seven now, although I have an interest in several more." It was the sort of collection he wasn't sure he'd ever complete. Leaning on Luca a little, Robyn frowned at his answer, trying to understand why he needed so long to look at a bedroom. It must have been like when people came to look at the house and they spent forever in the bedroom. Robyn knew what that was called! Daddy told him once when he'd accidentally walked in when they were doing that and got shooed away. He prepared to voice this question to Luca now, feeling particularly proud of his grown up knowledge. "Did you have sex? That's what grown ups do in bedrooms so you're not supposed to go in." It was at this moment that Maximilian returned with a tray of drinks, although he missed Robyn's questioning. "I brought mojitos and cookies for everyone and pomegranate juice for Robbie," he announced, setting the tray down on the coffee table and grinning up at the pair of them. "So, what have you been talking about? The house?"
  11. "I'm sure you'll maintain that opinion once you see the rest of the house," Maximilian answered, smiling. He was always pleased to hear compliments regarding his home because, well, not only had everything been carefully built and custom designed to his usual tastes but he'd had quite the hand in how everything was going to end up looking and he was always glad to hear that others seemed keen on the design as well. "I'm particularly keen on the back of the house - the pool is gorgeous and the view is spectacular. Besides, I'm sure you're eager to see my car collection." Something that Maximilian had always enjoyed showing off because why shouldn't he share his passions with the world? Okay, so Robyn's question was a little embarrassing but, fortunately, nothing Maximilian couldn't handle. Plus, Luca didn't seem too put out by it, despite his intense blushing. He didn't need everyone knowing about his particular sexual activities, after all. Nodding, he tacked onto the end of Luca's explanation: "Yes, Daddy's just helping him see where he'd like to live. Maybe he wants to live somewhere like here because he likes it so much. We're just showing him the design." Maximilian set Robyn back down on the couch, looking to Luca once more. "I'll go get drinks, alright? Why not practise being a good host, Robbie?" Once he'd disappeared into the kitchen, Robyn stared up at Luca again and patted the couch beside him so that he could take a seat. "Are you where Daddy was all weekend?" he asked, frowning a bit, although he wasn't really all that bothered. "Oh! Did you get to meet Myrcel?" He struggled a little through the snake's name, lisping on the 'C'.
  12. And it sounded like Luca was here! Maximilian rose from the sofa at the news, making his way to the entrance hall to find him looking around. "Already getting a feel for the place?" he questioned, a slight smile forming on his lips as he offered him a hand to shake in greeting. It was a shame this whole thing had to be so formal because, at this point, Maximilian was sure he had become intimate enough with Luca by now that he could have simply kissed him on the cheek or more. "Come through to the sitting room, I'm sure Robyn would love to meet you." Especially so since, if this relationship somehow ended up going further, they were going to be seeing a lot more of each other. Maximilian led Luca after him into the sitting room where his son was, moving over and lifting him into his arms to introduce him. "Luca, this is Robyn. Robbie, this is Luca. Say hello." He grinned, pleased that they were meeting at last - Maximilian really was quite proud of the fact that he'd already started a family, even though most people considered him far too young and inexperienced - and looked up at Luca, waiting for him to say something in response. Robyn looked up at the man also, sticking his hand out to say hello to him and poking him in the cheek. "Hi! Are you going to be my new mommy? I had one just last week but she doesn't come here anymore. Daddy says we don't like her."
  13. @Luca Mesnikoff So, today was the day Luca was coming over. It was a little weird, in Maximilian's opinion, seeing the kid every single day like this, especially since they'd only met a couple of days ago, but it wasn't as though he was complaining. He had been the one to invite him over, after all, and it wasn't like this was going to be yet another date but, rather, more of a business meeting. He was showing off his home and, if Luca liked it, maybe he was just going to give him his mother's business card or something. See, there was nothing romantic or sexual about this at all! Besides, Robyn and Bettie were going to be there and that just removed all options of an encounter that was anything but business related. Maximilian had told the nanny to make sure Robyn was dressed up nicely and neatly because they were going to have an important guest. Guests were not a rarity in that household: there was usually a steady stream of men and women coming and going but, as this was different, he wanted the boy dressed in a cute little sailor suit and sat on the couch in the sitting room with instructions to not touch anything for now, but that he could play with Myrcel for a bit if he wanted, he'd had some drinks prepared and now Maximilian too was waiting for Luca's arrival in the sitting room. He had a nice home, and he was excited to show it off.
  14. Ah, Luca probably wasn't entirely aware of Maximilian's little ability, not that he had any reason to be. It wasn't as though they'd known each other all that long and it hadn't really come up in conversation at any point, so there was no reason at all why Luca should have known that he or his son were parselmouths. "Yes, they sit in a corner and chat. Nothing overly fascinating from what I've heard, since he's only four and really not all that capable of much conversation. Apparently, parseltongue is hereditary." Although, having said that, Maximilian wasn't sure he was all too aware of either parent of his possessing that skill, so he couldn't be blamed for not having known before. Maximilian waited for Luca to exit the bathroom somewhat impatiently, never having enjoyed having to wait for things. It had always been one of the perks of being him that he tended to get things that he wanted when he wanted them but at the moment that didn't seem to be the case and he wasn't really sure how to handle it. He wanted Luca and he wanted to fuck and the boy was still doing whatever in the bathroom. Maximilian pouted a little as he sipped his champagne, staring at the bathroom door in a manner that implied mild disinterest but certainly didn't mean it in the slightest. And then, finally, finally, Luca appeared again and made his way over to the bed, taking an excruciatingly long time just to make that simple move. "Hey," Maximilian answered, stretching an arm around the boy and planting a soft kiss on his cheek, far more gentle than he usually was. "Shall we?" {{ END }}
  15. "Oh no, they chat quite happily. Clearly, they're friends," Maximilian answered, although he noted that Luca wasn't one hundred percent paying attention to what he was saying anymore. It would have been nice to know what he was thinking about but, unfortunately, Maximilian wasn't a legilimens and that wasn't a possibility for him. He frowned, waiting for the other to say something until he received an answer to his question about whether or not they should go upstairs. Luca took his hand, and Maximilian nodded at the waitress to let her know that they were done and that she should send them the dessert as soon as possible and to just put the bill for everything on a tab for him. "Yes, let's head upstairs." The room Maximilian had asked to take for that night was the best room the hotel had. It was a shame they weren't really a big enough place to have proper suites or anything like that, but he'd managed to make do, and, hopefully, Luca was going to like it. Besides, it wasn't as though Luca had ever really experienced a proper hotel suite before, right? He wasn't going to be missing anything. Taking Luca's hand, he led the boy up to the room, pushing the door open and then gesturing inside. Although yesterday's room had been quite nice, this was better, and Maximilian was quite excited to see what he might have thought. Taking a seat on the bed, he leaned back on the cushions and looked over at Luca. "You can take some time to get ready in the bathroom over there if you like. I'll make sure dessert is on its way up and get us some champagne too." Maximilian smiled at him, looking through the mini fridge again to pull out the best bottle of champagne in there that he could find, and taking two flutes from a cupboard, pouring some into both for the pair of them. He set the two down on the bedside table and then started to unbutton his own shirt.