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  1. Professor Nicole Wolf

    She started to speak and then paused, tittering. "..Mr. Acres, if you don't mind, I think you should tone down your 'honesty' for just a moment. I don't know whether my cheeks can take it." Nic tucked a strand of blonde behind her flushed ears. "I shall leave that up to the Headmaster, but I dare say, I would like that." "M..mouse?" she breathed out quickly, then sucking in a small breath. Oh great.. Somehow they found their way onto her, scaring her half to death, when she discovered them. Nicole had not yet seen the small brown rodent, but she hoped it would reveal itself soon, hopeful finding it's way back into the hands of cute applicant.
  2. Professor Nicole Wolf

    UK Katerina Maidrake Slytherin ~ Shipped with Tytus ~ 16 ~ Empathy ~ Clairvoyance ~ Considerate Nationality: English, Irish // Accent: English (Southern) FC: Chrissy Costanza Logan Nightangel Ravenclaw ~ Shipped with Castian ~ 15 ~ 1/4 Veela ~ Friendly ~ Easy going Nationality: American // Accent: American FC: Logan Henderson AeRi Song Gryffindor ~ Not shippable ~ 17 ~ Twin ~ Curious ~ Energetic (I'll bring back her twin at some point) Nationality: South Korean // Accent: Korean (Ulsan) FC: Tiffany Hwang Phillip Gregory Goyle Slytherin ~ Not shipped/unplotted ~ 17 ~ Canon ~ Twin ~ Cautious ~ Doubtful Nationality: English // Accent: English (Southern Posh) FC: Jimmy Sirvent Haleyna Dodge Gryffindor ~ Shipped with Percy ~ 18 ~ Kleptomanic ~ Impulsive Nationality: Scottish, English // Accent: English (Lancashire) FC: Jenna Coleman Professor Laura Skye History of magic ~ Dating Ariel ~ 24 ~ 1/4 Veela ~ Loving ~ Loyal Nationality: English // Accent: English (Southern Posh) FC: Ana Mulvoy-Ten Grayson Edwards Welcome Wizard ~Plotted with Dymphna ~ 21 ~ Squib ~ Charming Nationality: English // Accent: English (Southern) FC: Julian Morris Charlotte Ruin UMC Bartender ~ Unshipped/Unplotted ~ 22 ~ Hard working Nationality: American // Accent: American FC: Alona Tal NORWAY Alex Belliveau Njord ~ Dating Tobias ~ 17 ~ Compassionate ~ Fair ~ Forgiving Nationality: French, Spanish // Accent: Spanish (Spain) FC: Diego Boneta Leofwin Knight Skadi ~ Plotted with Caspian ~ 14 ~ Clairvoyance ~ Trusting ~ Clever Nationality: English // Accent: English (Northern) FC: Matthew Knight Viktor Montgomery Njord ~ Shipped with Alex ~ 16 ~ Flirty ~ Demanding Nationality: Irish, Canadian // Accent: Canadian FC: Victor Norlander Professor Ashlyn Montgomery Potions ~ Dating Dimitri ~ 25 ~ Wandless ~ Careless ~ Daring ~ Stubborn Nationality: Irish, Canadian // Accent: Canadian FC: Avril Lavigne Sapphire Heartfilia Tromso Bakeri Owner ~ Plotted with Jasper ~ 18 ~ Faithful ~ Thoughful ~ Careful Nationality: Norwegian // Accent: Norwegian FC: Drew Roy FRANCE Jerome Oliver Panthere ~ Taken by Gareth ~ 17 ~ Demure ~ Helpful ~ Proud Nationality: Swedish, French // Accent: French Canadian FC: Nico Tortorella Ever Silversky Marsouin ~ Plotted with Bryson ~ 16 ~ Sweet ~ Imaginative Nationality: Swedish, Norwegian // Accent: Norwegian FC: Joshua Anthony Brand Akios Fray Faucon ~Shipped with Forest ~ 16 ~ Responsible ~ Untrusting Nationality: Norwegian, Finnish // Accent: Norwegian FC: Xavier Samuel Demetri Alexander UMC Auror ~ Shipped with Kiera ~ 24 ~ Impatient~ Dependable Nationality: English, American // Accent: American FC: Patrick J. Adams Eun-Chan Pyo Pianist ~ Composer ~ Unshippable ~ 18 ~ Brilliant ~ Ambitious Nationality: South Korean // Accent: Korean (Icheon) FC: Cha Eunwoo
  3. Character Name: Nicole Wolf Character Birthday: June 4th Character Age: 25 Country of Residence: France Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Reynard HoH, Quidditch Ref, Flying Professor Face Claim: Britney Spears Abilities: N/A Creatures: 1/4 Veela Additional Information: N/A
  4. Professor Nicole Wolf

    Despite Samuel being able to keep a straight face, Nic couldn't. Her face tinged an even brighter tint of pink, positively beaming to no end. "Oh stop it," she gushed, unable to handle any more compliments. Seeing him relax a little, Nicole felt herself become more at ease too. It felt like they were old friends, yet they had just met. What a strange feeling this was. It was quite perplexing. At his question, she tilted her head slightly, clearly confused. "Dorian? Who's Dorian?" (Feel free to G-Mod)
  5. Professor Nicole Wolf

    Nic blushed lightly and bit her lip to stifle her laughter. These boys and their jokes were going to be the death of her. Watching Samuel stick his tongue out at her, she simpered and sent a splash of water his direction. She looked away a moment, playing coy, before returning her gaze to their newly shirtless coworker. Cute. She tried not to stare. Swimming around a bit, she hoped someone would suggest a water game to play. It wasn't long till Samuel joined them in the water. "So, what do you think? Enjoying the cruise, beau?" Nicole bubbled to him, ever curious, as she submerged half her face under the clear waves.
  6. Professor Nicole Wolf

    "Good point, Helios," she chuckled, agreeing. Nicole flushed slightly at Sage's unexpected compliment. "Merci," she grinned back before looking away towards the others. Noticing that Samantha was acting so skittish, Nic nearly went to comfort her but decided against it, watching her wander off towards the water. As they started slowly walking towards to pool, her eyes wandered towards Samuel before hearing Sage's little announcement. Her hand went over her mouth a moment before subitaneous laughter erupted from her lips as a giant splash rained down on them. Had he really just said that? Nic couldn't help but beam. "My turn!" Taking a breath, she ran and jumped into the pool, smoothing her hair off her face as she surfaced.
  7. Professor Nicole Wolf

    Code to get credit: Name: House: Co-writers: (Include House) Challenge(s): Link:
  8. Professor Nicole Wolf

    At Beauxbatons we have classrooms for our RP Challenge lists, but the actual Role Play can take place anywhere in the castle. Each Professor will make one thread in their classroom. It is up to the student to post the code, including links to any Challenges completed, in this thread. You may complete up to 3 challenges per thread linked. Challenges completed will earn all student participants 20 House Points. In order to be considered complete, each listed writer must have 5+ posts. RP Challenges RP Challenges for First Years/Anyone. *Mount a broom. *Get your broom off the ground. *Race a classmate. *Fall off your broom. *Fly at least 3 laps around the Quidditch Stadium. *Catch something thrown at you while on a broom. *Try to ride a broom with a passenger. *Use an enchanted ring to help you fly. RP Challenges for Second-Fourth Years *Steal the professor's broom. *Perform the loop de loop. *Stand up on your broom mid-flight. *Perform a charm whilst flying. Owl Level RP Challenges for Fifth Years *Fly around upside down. *Knock someone else off their broom. NEWT Readiness RP Challenges for Sixth & Seventh Years *Snog someone on a different broom. *Catch a snitch in a weird way.
  9. Professor Nicole Wolf

    She nodded as he mentioned working for muggles. After he had finished, Nic replied, "That must have been a lot harder doing those sorts of mundane jobs without magic. Those are for sure odds jobs. I never would've guessed," she chuckled. Nicole listened intensely as he thoroughly explained about his schooling. She was quite surprised about how honest and upfront he was. Did her veela magic influence him to do so, or was the man just that candid? Either way, she valued it greatly. When he complimented her, Nicole met his eyes. "You're just saying that," she grinned, her cheeks a bit rosier than before, ".....I'm sure we would've become friends, had I gone. Makes me wonder if I'd be the same person..." Nic looked away for a moment, "I appreciate you trusting me."
  10. Professor Nicole Wolf

    ❤ABOUT THE WRITER❤ My name is Kayla and I'm 20 years old. I work 40 hours a week (sometimes more) a fucking lot so, I'm often busy, but typically I still have plenty of time for rping (especially at night). I love doing gay and ace ships, though I can do hetero or pan ships too. I won't do smut though so get it out of your mind now! Love you guys!! PM me if you have ship/plot ideas!! <<<//Discord: gayloveismyaesthetic #5727\\>>> <<<//RP Facebook: CLICK\\>>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ❤THE CHARACTERS❤ Students at Hogwarts Chloe Burns Gryffindor ~ Shipped with Loren ~ 17 ~ Pyrokinesis ~ Determined ~ Competitive Nationality: English, Chinese // Accent: American w/ a bit of English FC: Chloe Bennet Students at Durmstrang Rosalia Claire Skadi ~ Shipped with Konrad ~ 17 ~ Bitchy ~ Confident ~ Grateful Nationality: English // Accent: English (Southern) FC: Claire Holt Nico Legend Hel ~ Shipped with Garrett ~ 16 ~ Awkward ~ Bashful ~ Lonely Nationality: English // Accent: English (Southern RP) FC: Daniel Howell Dante Sinclair Odin ~ Plotted with Cartsen ~ 18 ~ Dhampir ~ Protective ~ Sneaky Nationality: Swedish, Icelandic // Accent: Norwegian mixed with Swedish (Darlarna) FC: Kevin Flamme f Daniel Edmund Varg Child ~ Plotted with Lenneth ~ 6 ~ future Odin student ~ Caring Nationality: ??? // Accent: Mixed, bits of Norwegian, French/Belgian, and English FC: Manu Rios Students at Beauxbatons Ishimaru Yuki Reynard ~ Plotted with Yazhu ~ 17 ~ Childish ~ Gentle ~ Honest Nationality: South Korean, Japanese // Accent: Korean (Busan) FC: Kim Taehyung Min Jeong Panthere ~ Shipped with Zen ~ 17 ~ Brave ~ Playful ~ Talented Nationality: South Korean // Accent: Korean (Busan) FC: Jeon Jungkook Yu-Jin Oh Panthere ~ Shipped with Usagi ~ 14 ~ Generous ~ Artistic Nationality: South Korean, Japanese // Accent: Korean (Zainchi) FC: Kim Jonghyun Adults in the UK Vincent Feng Prisoner ~ Plotted-ish, Widowed ~ 35 ~ Wandless ~ Pyrokinesis ~ Otherworldly ~ Dishonest Nationality: Chinese // Accent: Chinese (Southern Mandarin) FC: Godfrey Gao Finn Harrington Curse-Breaker ~ Plotted with Theodore ~ 24 ~ Omnilingualism ~ Tabby Cat Animagus ~ Secretive ~ Debonair Nationality: Norwegian, English // Accent: English (Northern) FC: Will Tudor Adults in Norway Nixie Lagune Mermaid ~ Shipped with Tobias ~ 26 ~ Land walking ~ Alluring~ Manipulative Nationality: Arctic Mer // Accent: Norwegian FC: Olivia Wilde Adults in France Professor Nicole Wolf Reynard HoH ~ Flying ~ Quidditch Ref ~ Plotted with Samuel ~ 25 ~ 1/4 Veela ~ Hopeful Nationality: French // Accent: French FC: Britney Spears Tadashi Ryo Traveling Artist ~Unplotted/Not shipped ~ 256 ~ Vampire ~ Demure ~ Old-fashioned Nationality: Japanese // Accent: Japanese FC: Ryosuke Yamada
  11. Professor Nicole Wolf

    Consciously putting the man's name in her declarative memory, she asked her question and prepared herself for his answer. As Nic listened, a few things stuck with her, but her curiosity really got the better of her. "What kinds of odd jobs?" Nicole tilted her head a little as she asked, trying to think of peculiar occupations, "Did you sell omnioculars or something?" "Also you mentioned some not so positive professors? Do you think they have influenced your personality in a negative way? Can you tell me a bit about your experiences with them?" The blonde stopped before speaking more. "I usually hear nothing but good things about Hogwarts. I even considered transferring over for a year, when I was younger." Her eyes softened as she recalled her years at Beauxbatons as a student.
  12. Professor Nicole Wolf

    She had been planning on starting some sort of game with her students after getting changed into her swimsuit, but was distracted by a group of adults that had gathered on the deck. Nic was pleasantly surprised to see that the small group was actually the members of their school staff. Sauntering over to them, she poked Samuel's side as she walked past him and went and stood next to Sage. "Bonjour mes amis," Nicole greeted them, "Glad everyone could make it!" she smiled to Zella and winked to Samuel. The blonde bit her lip to stop herself from bursting out with laughter. This is gonna be fun! She was enjoying teasing this quirky newcomer already. Looking around at everyone, she grinned before shifting her gaze to Sage.
  13. Professor Nicole Wolf

    Modest and sincere, the dreamers persevere. ♦ Team Captain: @Alexander Roux ♦ Team Vice-Captain: Chasers ♦ Name ♦ Name ♦ Name Supplement Chasers ♦ Name ♦ Name ♦ Name Beaters ♦ Name ♦ Name Supplement Beaters ♦ Name ♦ Name Keeper ♦ Name Supplement Keeper ♦ Name Seeker ♦ Alexander Roux Supplement Seeker ♦ Name Please state your wanted position, by filling out the code below: Name: Position:
  14. Professor Nicole Wolf

    Watching him sit down, Nic smiled as he thanked her and considered offering him a sweet, before hearing his question. She snorted lightly with amusement. "You looked like you were in your own little world, sitting on that bench. You seemed intriguing. Where as the others.. not so much. Tell me, Mister..." she paused, leaving a blank for his name, "What inspired you to apply here?" Nicole wanted to ask more, but she didn't want to overwhelm the poor fellow.