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  1. Professor Helena Rose

    Once she had the baby Azreal was sure as hell going to fetch her some food, she wasn't sure what she wanted yet but she was sure by the time everything settled down it would likely be everything. She was being deprived by these awful healers who wanted to starve her. Okay to be fair she was sure there was a good reason she could only have ice chips right now but that didn't change the fact she wanted to chew her goddamn arm off. If she did chew it off maybe she could use it to slap the ship out of the healers who were annoying her. "Okay." She replied, feeling awkward. It wasn't a statement she was really sure how to respond to given their history, and now really wasn't a good time to fight about things either as they had bigger things to worry about. She'd hate to get mad and do something stupid, like kick him out so he couldn't see the birth of their baby. He'd already missed a lot with this baby and even more with his oldest daughter, mad or not he deserved to be here. Thankfully she didn't see his smirk or it might have annoyed her enough to seriously consider being a lesbian, but she was a fool to think she could live without real penis. "This is hell." She replied once the contraction had passed, panting in pain. She wanted to sit on the ball and bounce to get this process moving but she was being selfish and didn't want to leave his arms, it was nice to pretend everything was okay with them for once.
  2. Professor Helena Rose

    Azreal could have learned the sex of the baby some time ago if he was so impatient, the only one he had to blame for being in the dark right now was himself. It was a pointless argument though, all he was going to do was say he wanted to be surprised. So he could wait until it came out covered in goop to find out. "Thank you." She said taking an ice chip. She was starving, she wanted french fries and a greasy burger but all they were giving her was ice. Talk about a load of bullshit. He just nodded grimly at her declaration of being a lesbian, she wasn't sure what to make of that but now was not the time to make something of it as she was overrun with hormones. "Sure sure." She replied, patronizing. Even to her own ears it sounded a bit like she was trying to convince herself that was what she wanted. She sighed and burrowed her nose into the hollow of his neck, he was warm and smelled good like always. It was a sweet moment until she had a contraction and clutched him tight to keep upright.
  3. Professor Helena Rose

    Helena was a mess and she knew it, the only thing that was keeping her from ugly crying right now was Azreal holding her hand and her self respect. She was scared shitless even if she was too proud to admit it, she had never planned on being a parent yet here she was about to bring a baby in the world. Az had been there for as much of the pregnancy as she had let him, and it was probably selfish but his first reaction had made her defensive about the whole thing. They had both done things wrong but they were here now in this moment, and she supposed that was what really mattered. Maybe he wouldn't turn out to be a douchebag like her father, but he would have to prove that. "Just ice unless you can expedite the baby's exit." She was cranky and she wouldn't apologize for it. She'd had an exact conception so how she'd managed to go this far over due she didn't know, probably because the baby was stubborn like it's parents. "After this I don't know if I ever want another penis near my vagina again, I might just become lesbian." She deadpanned. Okay so she mostly meant it, it would probably change later though. He helped her up and she was amazed he could lift her beached whale body, she swayed uneasy on her feet still not used to being front heavy. "Thanks." She said, leaning against him intentionally now. She was beginning to soften towards him whether she wanted to admit it or not.
  4. Professor Helena Rose

    Calm was nothing something Helena did well to be honest, in fact she was really bad at it. Probably had something to do with her temper, in fact if she had been younger and in less control her pyrokenesis would have been going crazy and lighting things on fire as soon as she showed the first signs of frustration. Helena was hoping they could get this whole thing on the road so they could get the cat out of the bag on the sex, it was hard to name your child when the father was intent on pulling the ostrich head in the sand on the sex. "Trying." She said through gritted teeth, not actually minding the praise from him. In fact the praise helped tame her inner helhound, it was marginal but considering she was in labor you had to take what you could get. "I have other ideas about bouncing balls, but I'm pretty sure it was what got us into this." She said giving a weak smile, attempting to make a joke. "Help me up?" She asked, bouncing on the ball was better than laying here waiting.
  5. Character Name: Professor Helena Rose Character Birthday: 2/14 Character Age: 28 Country of Residence: UK Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Hufflepuff HoH, Divinations Professor Face Claim: Anna Paquin Abilities: (N/A if not applicable) Creatures: Pyrokensis, Kiwi Animagus Additional Information: I'm a gosh darn unicorn
  6. Professor Helena Rose

    Even to this exact second Helena could not believe Azreal had been asinine enough not to want to know the sex of the baby, although she had respected his wishes and not told him. As for the fighting he was right, the hormones made her like a rabid animal, fine one moment then bat shit crazy the next. It was good he had enough sense to try and keep her stress down, lord knows she probably wasn't rational enough to do it herself. "Thank you." She replied honestly, eyes feeling a little misty at the praise. She had struggled so much with the pregnancy and knew she wasn't going to be a decent mom but she was going to try. He kissed her hand and she chewed another ice chip, trying to make sense of her feelings without the pregnancy hormones and failing miserably. "Not if I breast feed." She told him with a sigh, what a depressing few more months she had ahead of her. Helena asked the midwife's questions the best she could. The woman checked her whoha and said she wasn't dilated enough yet and to hang in there. Thank god Azreal was holding her hand or she would've come out of the bed and punched the woman.
  7. Professor Helena Rose

    If Azreal wanted any more kids he surely wasn't getting them from her, but she wasn't sure how she could say that because she'd never intended for this to happen and yet here they were right now. The world had it's own plans, and like the ruthless bitch it was it did what it wanted with you totally disregarding what you might possibly want. Even if things between them weren't settled right now she was happy he was here, and even if she hated him -which she didn't- she still wouldn't have denied him the right to be here and see the baby born. Helena was trying her best to be understanding with him but right now she wasn't sure how she felt, and not knowing hurt him but she wasn't about to make a promise to him about a relationship if she couldn't keep it. Helena nodded when he promised not to leave, she'd expected some flourishing answer with declarations of love and was surprised when she didn't get one. Even though she didn't say it she appreciated he hadn't left and was sticking with her through this, she would have been an even bigger mess if she was doing this all herself. "Good, I'm a little busy to give you more at the moment." She told him honestly, breathing through the contraction best she could but it hurt like a bitch. She took the cup and started chewing on an ice chip to distract herself from the pain, it didn't work but she was happy to have something to wet her mouth. "A fifth of whiskey?" She asked hopefully, knowing the answer was no.
  8. Professor Helena Rose

    Helena was not convinced that on any planet the pain and suffering of pregnancy and childbirth was worth it, however that was her personal opinion and she was probably a little biased since she'd had a rough time with her pregnancy. The idea that women actually enjoyed being pregnant flabbergasted her to be honest, but there was a new sucker born everyday as they said. Not to mention not having him there through the whole pregnancy hadn't likely helped her opinion, but she was partially to blame for that too but not that you'd get her to admit it. However, she knew it was time to try and make it work for this baby, and if it didn't at least they could say they had given it their best go when it came down to it. That meant she had to get through the next god knows how many hours and get this baby out, no matter what it took. "I swear to god if you don't come back I'm going to find you and rip out your intestines with my bare hands." She threatened him, not knowing why she suddenly felt like he was going to duck out on her and never come back. Probably the hormones still, pregnancy was hell til the very end. "I think I love you too, just not right now okay? Lets get through this then we can worry about the future." Even though everything had checked out fine the whole pregnancy with the baby she was now suddenly panicked something was going to be wrong with her parasite. He darted out to get ice chips after another forehead kiss, and had to be back in record time. She let him take her hand, being careful not to claw him as another contraction struck.
  9. Professor Helena Rose

    At least being new to a parent wasn't something she was alone in, however Azreal still had a little more experience since Missy had come into his life. Even then it wasn't the kind of experience you got with babies so they could be confused together. Now she had no doubts who would be the better parent, him of course, but that was okay as she still had to bring this baby in the world so that should totally count as her part in all this. Of course that sunny thought came with actually expelling the baby from her body, knowing her luck the kid probably would refuse to come out and have to be removed c-section which was fine with her. At least that way her vagina wouldn't be ruined. Bless his heart Azreal was remaining calm in this whole thing, it let her freak out without feeling bad because at least someone was in control here. But who was she kidding, Helena had never been in control one minute of her single life which is probably how she'd ended up in this situation. At least he was aware he had been an idiot, but being pregnant without sex had been hell for awhile because of the hormones but she'd made due with her B.O.B. not that he probably wanted to hear that. Even if she wouldn't admit she was scared as hell and having him her with her and throughout the pregnancy had been nice. He undressed her and it might have been considered nice and sensual if she wasn't in excruciating pain as well as being as large as a beached whale. He was so gentle and it was nice, as soon as she had the thought she realized pregnancy had made her soft. She made no comments about the kiss on her head, it was nice but she wouldn't admit it so it was easier not to say anything. "I think I'm only allowed ice chips ohhhhhhh." Her sentence died into another contraction.
  10. Professor Helena Rose

    It was ironic they were both new to this whole birth thing even though Azreal already had a daughter, okay that might have made him sound like a deadbeat dad but that wasn't the case. Right now she didn't have the time or patience to argue logistics, this thing finally wanted out and she was more than happy to try and expedite the expulsion process. Helena was trying to remain calm but between this turning into reality and the hormones it wasn't working out too well. "I don't want a goddamn potion Azreal, I just fucking want it out." She informed him, feeling a bit testy as a contraction took her body. She'd always heard that child birth was magic but she was calling bullshit right now, it would only be magical if the baby magically appeared outside of her when it was time. He wheeled her into the birthing suite but she was focused on the feeling of her organs wanting to tear apart to notice. "Well I sure as fuck can't do it." She hissed mid-contract action. It subsided and she slumped in the chair in relief. "Sorry I mean would you please? I lost my feet three months ago." She said in attempts to be civil.
  11. Professor Helena Rose

    Helena was the last person on earth who would preach about trying to make peace and be one happy family. She and Azreal were barely back on good terms, and that was putting it nicely, so the future was uncertain. Having a baby together didn't automatically make you a family and she knew that, besides she was jaded and didn't think she'd ever find a happy relationship. She wasn't thrilled when she'd gotten knocked up but slowly she was making peace with the idea she'd have a spawn to care for. She wasn't the best person alive ora perfect role model but she was going to try and be there for the parasite and Missy. Missy switched the chairs back and apologized, Helena nodded at her. "I'm sorry for faking contractions but I needed help out of the chair. Then they turned into real ones so I'm not sure if that makes me a liar." Hel had no filter but at least she was honest, being a parent was going to be hard on her.
  12. Professor Helena Rose

    Helena wasn't really concerned at this time with her relationship with Missy, some resentment and problems were natural at this point in time. As long as she proved she wouldn't be bullied, needed respect, and wasn't going anywhere Helena figured she and Missy could work it out but that was something for another time. He was doing all this positive talk about the parasite all the time and usually she just let it go, but now she wanted to punch him for it. She didn't because she knew she wasn't in the best humor and the imminent expulsion of the parasite was the reason why so she needed to keep herself in somewhat check. "They don't help the stabbing pain!" She informed him, somehow managing not to sound like a total bitch. Irregardless she was a good little lady and did the breathing techniques even though they didn't do anything but annoy her and make her feel light headed. She did her best not to bitch and moan about things because it was half her fault she was in this situation. She flopped unceremoniously into the wheelchair and focused on not letting the pain overwhelm her.
  13. Professor Helena Rose

    Okay so maybe this whole thing was mean but if Helena didn't do it chances were the girl she would think she was a doormat and try to walk all over her and that wouldn't be allowed. Helena was not trying nor would she ever try to be the girl's mother, and while it would be nice if they got along and liked each other Missy was not required to like her. Helena of all people could understand the resentment of seeing someone who wasn't your mother with your dad, a new trophy wife for Lyre every two to five years assured that. But the hell if the girl was going to disrespect her, wasn't going to happen. Missy sent off another owl and the braxton hicks contractions began to subside, causing her to slump against the chair. "Might be a false alarm. I'll need a few more minutes to be sure." She said taking a deep breath trying to relax, this parasite was gonna be the death of her.
  14. Professor Helena Rose

    Helena had been miserable as she swelled larger and larger, and the fact she still had to walk all those stairs at work hadn't helped her out either. Then her collapse chair inside the Common Room was seen as a joke, students either moved it or Azreal's daughter had taken to replacing it with one she couldn't get out of. She had fixed Missy good though the last time she'd done it, nothing like false labor to scare the girl into shaping up and it convinced Helena maybe there was hope for her to be a decent parent. Even if she wasn't Azreal would still be a good parent so the kid would have at least one normal, good parent which was more than most people got. What pushed the woman further into unhappiness was the alarming rate she continued to grow but not expel her parasite, the date the baby had been conceived was no mystery so they knew when it should pop out. However the damn thing seemed to be as stubborn as it's father, and while she panicked the Healers assured her everything was fine with her precious parasite and she needed to remain patient. Bull shit was all it was, but now that they had set a date to forcibly evict the parasite it decided to appear because that was just her luck. God bless Azreal he'd done everything and them some to indulge her lately but she was miserable. At least she had been at his house when she decided to erupt, so he could get her to the hospital. "I'm clearly breathing Azreal, if I wan't I'd be passed out on the floor!" She hissed, squeezing his hand as she cried out in pain.
  15. Professor Helena Rose

    Helena hated to be the one to burst Missy's bubble but even if her mom was still alive Helena would be in the picture, it was only because the woman had died that poor Azreal had learned he was the girl's father. Since then he was trying to do everything he could to make it right with Missy and Helena understood that and would never stop him from trying or to separate the pair. She wasn't the world's nicest woman but she understood family, even if her own sucked ass. "Call the Healers? I mean I don't know. I'm glad this thing finally wants to come -oooooooh!" She cried grabbing her stomach.