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  1. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney was eating when she got the weord feeling about him. Not knowing what it was, Delaney only ate about halfway before setting the plate down and looking to the bathroom and starts to get dressed, shaking her head from the feeling as she buttoned her shirt. Was it kust her imagination runningbwild or what? Sighing slightly, delaney came out and sat on tje bed, putting her shoes on as she tried not to look at him. She couldnt place a finger on jer feeling as she shook her head and stood from her seat. She didnt like being laughed at "ok..so.." She said as she nibbled her lip for a moment then waited for an answer. @Daniel Rani
  2. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney had fallen asleep, still naked as she stirred in the bed. She had this weird feeling that someone was watching her as she stirred a bit, slowly openong her eyes as she stretched "oh hey.." She barely got out as she looked to him. She wasnt sure why he was chuckling as she sat there, looking like a kid that lost his clothes. Delaney waited for a moment before resting herself against the headboard and not knowing what to say for the lo gngest time as she tried to fogire out why he was juat sitting there chuckling at her "you seen my clothes" she asked as she covered herself out of habit with the cover. She couldnt shake the weird feeling of him wantong to say something as he just sat there eating as he looked at her. @Daniel Rani
  3. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney nodded "yea..i didnt. I mean i guess i was more into my books than anything" she says as she looked to him and sipping her . Delaney gave a aoft smile as she sat there with him when he said he found that hard to believe. "Its true. I never did. I mean its how i was able to graduate with all o's" she added as she looked to him for a moment. @Isaak Morozov
  4. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney coughed slightly as he pushed her down further, her mouth being filled with his seed. She wasnt sure what to do as it was in her mouth, her moans filtering out as she swallowed it, his fingers working her. She couldnt help but cry out as she came again, her body tensing up around his fingers "oh fuck!!" Delaney shuddered out as she fell back against the bed, her breathing laboured as she tried to regain some sense of stability. For he first time in so many ways, she was enjoying everything he was giving her. She had no idea what was going through his mind. It made every nerve ending swim with excitement as she lay there with her eyes closed and her hair matted againt her head, heart racing still. @Daniel Rani
  5. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney gasped a bit as he teased her ass a bit more and slightly tensed a bit as he pressed a finger into her ass as well as her front folds "oh hello..." She squealed only slightly. Her body shuddered as he moved his fingers in and out, her body arching nack to meet every movement "...different.." She mamaged to get out to his question. Delaney couldnt help but moan out as he continued to press into her, stroking him as she eased up a bit as he said watch it. When he said if she wanted his cock in her mouth, she waited a moment as she looked to him them slowly slipped her lips around his cock and started sucking on him, her fingers gripping the bed bemeath her as her moans filtered out, like song notes filling the air as he pressed his fingers in and out of both holes. @Daniel Rani
  6. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney held onto his neck as he carried her to his room, feeling the softness of his bed beneath her. She was stilla little shakey from things but overall felt like she was on top of the world. When he led her hand to his cock, delaney started stroking it as she gasped put, going wide eyed when his hand led down to her ass, causing her hand to squeeze slightly hard on his cock. She wasnt sure shed enjoy it but then again she wasnt sure shed enjoy sex the first time either. When his hand reached her rim.and teased it, delaney tensed slightly as she lutched forward, her lips almost touching his cock in the process. There was a first time for everything right. @Daniel Rani
  7. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney couldnt help but squeal in excitement as he pressed his lips at her lower folds, her breathing laboured as he pumped his fingers into her. Her fingers clawed at the couch as she barely was able to keep from crying out, her hips rocking to his hands over and over again as she cried out his name over and over. His words barely registered as her body waa already in overdrive, the sensation he was giving her sweeping over her body once more as she came yet again "FUCK!!!" She cried out as she shook, her walls tightened around his fingers as she jerked slightly, her body dewing with beads of sweat as she fell back against the couch. @Daniel Rani
  8. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney couldnt help but moan out as he slammed into her, the warmth spreading over her as he filled her up. She lay there breathlessly as she put her legs down and was caught offguard when he came down and startes carressing her lower folds. "Oh hell" she gasped out as she arched towards him as he slipped a finger into her and started to suck on her clit ".....d-dan.." She managed to get out between heavy breathing as she was still reeling from what they had just done. Now he was adding a new page to a chapter that hadnt been done to her. @Daniel Rani
  9. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney couldn't help bit gasp out, her eyes going slightly wide as his hands held he down onto him aa he moved inside her. Every sense inside her was swimming as she tightened around him. It was feeling so good to her as her breathing laboured as they moved together. When he flipped her over and beckoned for her to lift her legs, delaney did as such, her legs up by his shoulders as he plunged back into her "oh m-my.." She barely got out as she shuddered in feeling him slamming into her. She could hear the soumds of their bodies slamming together as the pressure was building to overwhelming proportions. She wasnt sure how much more she could handle as he slammed into Her over and over again, her breathlessly calling out his name as her fingers curled into the couch. The sensation of his body slapping against hers as he slammed into her time and time again caused her body to tense as she shook uncontrollably as she came for the first time "DANIEL!!" @Daniel Rani
  10. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney sat there for a moment as he spoke, his words ringing out some truth. She didnt kniw what he was doing. Shuddering out, delaney nodded yes and was about to say it when he pressed fully into her. She whimpered out against his lips as he kissed her, stilling around his cock as the pain slowly started to subside. She couldnt help but kiss him back as the pain went from loud and angry to all of a sudden not being there. The thirst for his lips and everything he was introducing her to starting to swim around in her head as her body tingled all over. Finally opening her eyes, delaney looked to him as she slowly started to rock her hips like she had seen in the muggle movie. Just hecause she was a virgin, past tense, didnt mean she had seen a movie or two "im ok..." She gasped out as he was fully inside her, her knees bent as she slowly began moving up and down, feeling a rather new sensation swelling in the pit of her stomach. Her hair started to turn a rainbow of colors as she was moving over him, shuddering out every so often as the pain moved from that to one of pleasure. It was making her insides swell with all kinds of emotions as her arms wrapped about his neck for stability. @Daniel Rani
  11. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney kissed him as her removed yer bta, softly whimpering as he flicked over her nipples. When he set her down beside him, delaney looked to him with a nervous note as he removed her bottoms completely. She watched as he removed his clothes, his cock in full view as her eyes went wide for a moment. She couldnt believe she was doing this. When he pulled her back to him, delaney gasped out as she felt him teasing her lower folds with the head of himself, her legs shuddering as she whimpered slightly against his lips. Hearing his words, delaney placed her hands on his bare chest as they kissed a bit more, her feeling the head of his cock perched at her opening "you know i havent done this before...right" she managed to get out as she shakily sat above him cock, waiting to see what he said or if he still wanted to continue with her. She had no idea what his plans were. @Daniel Rani
  12. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney nodded as he spoke, her nature almost inquisitive as he said it was the family piano. She wished she jad a family that gave her stuff like that. Or at least a family that didnt use her like hers had. She had taken a sip of the beer and had just set it down on a table when he pulled her closer, his hands now under her shirt and touching bare skin as she gulped, shakilu breathing against his lips. His trailing fingers were like ice against fire, cooling her skin as he urged her shirt upwards. At first she was hesitant as she sat on his lap, but his deepening of the kiss made her forget about many things as she lifted the shirt up and over her head, now sitting in only her bra and pants as she had kicked off her shoes the moment that arrived. Her skin was like porcelain against the color of her hair and her undergarments as she sat on his lap, her hands pressing against his chest as her stomach filled with butterflies as she kissed him. @Daniel Rani
  13. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney held his hand as they apparated to his place, putting her hands near the fire as he asked if she wanted anything to drink "anything will do" she said as she looked around and saw the piano, her eyes brightened as she let her hand graze over it "i love the piano.." She said as she looked to him, taking the beer he had brought back and sipping on it "played as a kid when i was at meh nan's " she said to him. When he said it was a warm and cozy place with her there, she was about to speak when he tilted her chin to him and kissed her again. Her fingers curled around her bottle as her eyes closed and she started to kiss him back, slightly shivering as his hands grazed over her clothes. It sounded more like a puppy's whimper as she hadnt been touched like that before, goosebumps gracing her skin as she tried to refrain from pressing closer to him like she wanted. It had been mere moments before she left all that behind and pressed closer to him, her chest rather large as it pressed against his. @Daniel Rani
  14. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney shook her head as he asked was she expecting that "...n-not really" she said as she sat there for a moment, finishing her stuff aa she felt him kiss her lips again. Some reason she was just sitting there like a girl with a crush. When he came back and asked if she had plans or if he could invite her back to his place, Delaney shook her head fir a moment, the colors disappearing back to purple "i wasnt gonna do anything except go home and watch a movie" she said, biting her lip as she stood and went to throw here trash away "i guess. Your place will be alright" she said, not knowing what his plans were as she neared him again "its gettinv kinda cold anyways" she said as sbe waited fir him to lead the way. @Daniel Rani
  15. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney's hands were wrapped about her soda. When he took the can away from her, she was about to say something but was caught off guard when he kissed her. It took, what seemed like forever before she closed her eyes and started to kiss him back. Meanwhile her hair and her face turned dark red as her hands had come to lay over his chest as if she was going to push him off. She had no idea what he had running in his mind. She was naive. Sucking in a breath, delaney kissed him back as her fingers curled against his chest then slowly let out her breath. Leaning back away from his lips and her eyes still closed, delaney tried to catch her breath. She was a bundle of mixed emotions and she had no idea what he had planned to do. @Daniel Rani