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  1. Brooklyn rolled her eyes at him and Seth just gave her a cheeky grin, he couldn't help but go into goofball mode when she was around. Something about her just made him loosen up and want to be silly, it was a nice change of pace from his normally stoic and serious demeanor. "I'm glad you are enjoying it. You were the perfect person to share this with." He said with a smile. He sipped his own wine before inhaling like half his soup in five bites, Seth had a big appetite.
  2. She said she was guilty of only wanting to beat him in a game and Seth let out a gut roaring laugh, at least she was honest about it. Once he managed to gather his composure he gave her a smile. "I see how it is cupcake." He replied, shaking his head while still chuckling at her. No matter what happened with them in this moment he was so glad he'd met this amazing woman, she was very special.
  3. If Seth hadn't know magic and other types of sorcery were possible he would have thought the things Brook was doing to him right now were witchcraft, but alas at this moment in time it was just pure skill. She giggled at him and Seth mentally rolled his eyes, of course she was enjoying this way too much. He was a big strong man and little her had total control over him right now. "Shit I'm..."Was all the warning he managed before exploding with the force of a hurricane.
  4. Seth was honestly surprised he didn't get an eye roll from her and an punch in the arm when he said he was awesome. "You can laugh at that, it was a joke." He told her with a wink. He watched as she lined up her shot, studying her posture, trying to determine if her shot would be successful. "Be gentle but firm." He said, not sure that made sense but hopefully it would help her out. It was the advice he would have given himself.
  5. She pouted and Seth grinned at her, wondering how it was possible for her to get more adorable when she did stuff like that. Probably was best not to mention it though, girls got touchy about that kind of thing. "You just want to beat me." He teased, nudging her side.
  6. If she hadn't noticed now wasn't exactly a good time to talk, I mean Seth could try and focus on what she might have to say but it was more likely he was going to fail at it so she shouldn't expect too much of him at the moment. Once you diverted the blood to the Southern head things got sketchy at best. She kept taking more of him in her mouth and Seth almost wanted to tell her to slow down, she was so delicate and he wasn't exactly small. However he couldn't complain about it, it felt so amazing as her mouth surrounded his shaft, he hissed as she took his balls. Gods she was good at this.
  7. She said he was a lot of fun to hang out with and Seth gave her a crooked grin, he liked hearing that. "I'm awesome, I've met me too." He teased with a smile. He wasn't trying to be cocky at all, just make her laugh because he was totally joking. Seth was full of himself a lot but he tried not to be cocky or condescending. She lead them to the next hole and Seth followed like a dutiful puppy, waiting his turn to putt.
  8. Seth pulled another card and cocked his head, he moved his piece like he was supposed to and hit a shortcut he was able to take. "I'm lucky you didn't pick monopoly. I always land in jail." He told her with a guilty smile, it never failed him.
  9. If Brooklyn thought she was going to get some answer out of him at the moment then she was mistaken, Seth's focus wasn't really good to be honest and he was awful at talking about his feelings or if something was bothering him. In typical male fashion he just grunted in response to her question, it was the best answer she was likely to get. He hissed when he tongue touched the underside of his shaft, hips wanting to trust forward but he controlled himself. He let out a groan when she took him in her mouth.
  10. Seth hoped he wasn't making this some big thing that he didn't need to, but he wanted to do something special for her and show her he cared. Sure he still had his head up his ass a lot but that came with the territory of being a guy, but he still wanted her to know he could do nice things for her and not totally muck them up. "I beg to differ." He winked at her and took a bite of his soup.
  11. Seth was in the zone, so his confusion had to be understood. Girls didn't just move when Seth was in the zone, they laid back and enjoyed what he was offering them. So the fact Brooke didn't want to take it laying down, literally and figuratively, was hard for him to process at the moment. It was like he was watch from the side as she removed her legs from his shoulders, he wanted to tell her to put them fucking back but he was sure she definitely wouldn't appreciate it. Seth was kind of in a funk as she kissed him, he still wasn't fully processing what was happening. However, his brain (well maybe his other head) clicked on as she moved on. His eyes closed as her delicate fingers wrapped around him and she began stroking.
  12. She nudged his shoulder and Seth just shook his head at her, she was adorable and she didn't even know it. Of course it probably wasn't a good idea to tell her he thought so, most women got all offended when you told them something like that. "I s'pose." He replied, giving her a teasing smile. "Better luck next time Champ." He said, chunking her chin. He drew his next card which was purple and moved his piece like he was supposed to.
  13. There was no question in his mind how much Brooklyn was enjoying what he was doing, and he enjoyed doing every second of it to her. Some dudes were selfish and only did the minimum so they could get their own, not Seth. He wanted to have her a good time as long as she could stand it. This could go on as long as she wanted because Seth would never get tired of bring her to crescendo then starting the process all over again, seeing her get off would be more than enough enjoyment for him and most women thought Seth was strange for that. He growled at her words, pumping his fingers faster and making the pressure of his tongue on her clit feather light. She sat up and Seth froze, unsure of what was happening, one minute he was trying to get her off and now she was gone.
  14. This had turned into a weird night, even by Seth standards but that didn't mean bad. He had a girlfriend and he was about seventy percent sure he loved her, she was so sweet and pure though. Okay so she probably wasn't but that is how she came across to him and Seth wanted to be extra vigilant and protective of her because of it. "False." He told her, revealing his card to show one orange square. He moved his piece and smiled at her, she was still pretty. "I'm a very skilled mini golfer minus the loops." He told her, he took mini golf very seriously.
  15. Seth wasn't sure who was more relieved at her words, himself or his heart about to explode out of his chest. "Well good. It'd be awkward if we hung out and you didn't know." He said trying to make a joke out of it without sound like a stalker, no one liked a stalker. Okay that wasn't true, some crazy people married their stalkers and he'd even read about it in a muggle magazine once. Besides he was developing a little crush on her so he totally wanted to see where this might go. "Well take your putt madam and lets get this drag show on the road!" He said, giving a cheeky grin.