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  1. Seth kissed Brooklyn back gently, thinking he had done a good job on this. She didn't look like she had suspected that he had been scheming something, so that made him feel good. She slipped on ice and Seth tried to brace her best as he could, the last thing they needed was her falling and getting hurt right now. "I'm glad you like it. Wine, or something warmer?" He asked with a smile. He had more hot chocolate and coffee.
  2. Brooklyn's reply almost had him rolling in laughter, the woman was truly something else. It took a moment for him to regain his composure but once he did he gave her a serious look. "Are you sure about that?" He asked her seriously. Okay it was a joke, Seth didn't have an evil bone in his body but it was nice to pretend sometimes. In all honesty he'd be a terrible bad guy, he just didn't have it in him. They did a few practice swings then came time for the real deal, off the ball went though the loop and into the hole. "Thanks." He said with a smile.
  3. Seth watched as Brooke got everything ready, she seemed to have a good head for the game. He let her select her piece and looked over what was left, after careful consideration he took the red piece because he was getting a good vibe from it. "You're good at shuffling cards, do it often?" He asked curiously, maybe she worked part time in Vegas as a dealer in a casino. "You can start." He told her with a smile.
  4. Brooklyn wrapped around Seth like a pretzel and it took all his self control not to be bad and just take her, he could have but she deserved better than that for their first time. He made a mental note to add it to their later list, they would both like it. She gasp and Seth groaned, if she kept up making noises like that he was going to lose his head and race to the finish. Sighing he used his tongue to circle her clit, alternating the pressure he was using to see how she responded.
  5. "Oh good." Seth felt a little better now knowing he didn't sound like a total idiot. Okay so maybe he did sound like a total idiot but she was just too nice to say such a thing, and if that was the case that was really decent of her. "Have you seen me? I'm all muscle and brute strength." He said chuckling. She placed her hands over his and it made Seth realize how delicate she was, if he wasn't careful he could break her. He let her guide him in hopes he may not screw this shot up.
  6. Seth was really like an overgrown child when it came to games, or really anything in general. He grew up sure but it didn't really mean a lot when exciting things happened, he could be mature when the situation called for it but other than that he was really just an overgrown puppy. "I do." He told her as she set the game up. Being the gentleman he was he decided to let her pick her piece first.
  7. Seth was waiting as patiently as he could for her to make an indication, to say he was patient at this moment in time would be a lie but he couldn't risk her falling over when he used his skills on her. Seth grunted at her response, wasting no time he stood up and wrapped arms around her. Lifting her off her feet he headed straight for her bedroom, he was more than well aware of where it was being here many times now. He pulled the covers back and gently set her down on the bed. He pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and rested her legs on his shoulders, leaning forward he nuzzled her. Leaning forward he used a hand to gently open her lips, then he started stroking her with his tongue.
  8. Getting Brooklyn to agree to come with him tonight had been the easy part, getting everything else set up and keeping his mouth shut about it had been the tough part. Seth was terrible at keep secrets, that is why he always did his Christmas shopping last minute so he didn't stick his foot in his mouth and ruin it. She said his name and Seth waited to see if it was good or bad, but mostly he was hoping not to be punched. This was an experiment of sorts for him, he didn't know how she did with surprises so he wanted to learn. "I try." He said with a smug grin. Leading her to her seat he pulled it out, once she sat he'd push it in and over her a blanket before taking his own seat.
  9. Seth smiled, he was glad to have Brooklyn here with him. He had hesitated on if this was a good idea or not but now that they were out here he had no doubts about if it was a good idea. He leaned forward and whispered something to the sleigh driver and the man nodded, directing them off the path of all the other sleighs. He rounded a table and stopped waiting for them to get out. Seth got up and helped Brooklyn out, giving the driver instructions to be back in forty minutes. Seth took extra blankets out of the sleigh before it pulled away. "Surprise." He said, waiting for her response.
  10. "I'm sure that doesn't make a lot of sense. I just mean if it requires too much abstract thinking I struggle with it." He hoped that was a clearer explanation for her, Seth didn't usually talk in riddles but she made his brain go kinda fuzzy around the edges. "Truth is if you don't help me I'll likely be stuck here." He told her, sounding slightlychagrined.
  11. Seth frowned at her question. "No, I want to stay." He told her honestly. Even though they weren't to the naked stage of their relationship yet he did want to spend time with her so they could progress to that stage sometime in the near future, he figured if they didn't at some point they would both spontaneously combust of they kept up sessions like this. "Monopoly or Candy-land?" He asked, excited about either option.
  12. Seth was not sure at this point if he was helping his case or just succeeding in annoying her because he wasn't moving fast enough, it wasn't a matter of not wanting to go fast but in most cases just impaling her on his dick wasn't considered polite. Seth paused in his descent down and paid special attention to her hip bones, lavishing them with open mouthed kisses before continuing down. Seth slowly kissed down pausing at the top of her slit. "You need to sit or lay down?" He asked, if she did now was the time to say so because once he took his mouth to her there was no stopping.
  13. Paying attention to the movie or even trying to at this point was futile and they both knew it, even in they were squarely in denial about it a little bit. It was just as much his fault as it was her's, he was the horndog would could think about anything other than getting his dick wet. Not a very appropriate thought for the moment either, but he was trying to be good and not do stupid things like boys usually did. "Either sounds good to me." He told her hopefully, not fully convinced it would work but as long as it wasn't a dirty version of the games he should be okay.
  14. Seth was just enjoying himself and taking in as much of her beautiful body that he could, Seth could spend hours paying attention to every inch of her body without actually hitting any of the naught bits. Although as you could imagine that didn't exactly win him any awards in the past, and she was impatient to get started or so he guessed by her little wiggles. "Hmmm?" He hummed in response to his name, mouth not leaving her succulent nipple. However much he wanted to continue on in his current position he knew sweet Brooklyn might clock him in the head if he didn't get things moving. With some regret he removed his mouth from her nipple and started kissing down her body.
  15. "As long as they aren't frustrating yes." Seth told her with a smile. He like complex things and figuring them out, things like math and science. However, that meant he struggled with creativity and common sense things. As for not striking up a conversation with a goblin in the future it was the best for her, they were grumpy all the time and more likely to be annoyed by an attempts at kindness. "Well sometimes it just takes an idea and the perfect location to give the people what they didn't know they needed." He said giving her a wry grin. She told him to try again and Seth hit the ball with a lot of force, but this time it bounced off the side of the in ramp. "Well shit." He chuckled.