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  1. Oliver blush and Lilith grinned, she always felt special knowing she could make him blush like that. It helped provide validation that she affected him like he did her, it was rather sweet too. "I made you nervous?" She asked, clearly confused at the notion. Oliver had always gushed confidence to her and had seemed like this untouchable figure until he approached her and finally gotten her nose out of a book for once. "I can't argue that statement." She told him honestly, he was the piece of her she hadn't realized she needed until he'd come into her life. He led her through the museum patiently, not pressing her when she stopped to gawk at something, to a beautiful fountain. He began one of his flourishing speeches and Lilith let him speak, heart racing and feeling breathless. She always felt like this when he made his professions of love to her, something he did quite frequently. However, he stomach dropped out and her heart stopped when he went to one knee and revealed the ring. She screamed like a banshee and jumped on him. "Of course! Yes yes YES." She exclaimed, then kissed him.
  2. Character Name: Lilith Nesbitt Character Birthday: 2/4 Character Age: 18 Country of Residence: UK Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Dragon Keeper in Training Face Claim: Rose Byrne Abilities:Metamorphagus Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  3. Oliver squeezed her hand and Lilith felt the butterflies in her stomach flutter, she figured she'd grow out of them in the beginning but here years later he still gave her them over the littlest things. It was just one of those things that further reassured her that he was the right person for her, if they ever stopped she'd know something had changed and that they were meant to part ways but she never wanted that to happen. "I love you as you are, if you were any other way you wouldn't be my Oliver." She told him, as if he were being silly for suggesting he be any other way. "Oh dearest you are ridiculous, I can't read your mind so I suppose I'm going to have to take your word for it. If you wanted to meet me so bad why wait so long then hmm?" She was not afraid to grill him. "Those are my happiest days too, even though I didn't always know it at the time." She admitted shyly. As a teenager she didn't know she would be meeting the love of her life but looking back now she realized the significance of those days. He led her forward, he remained good-natured even though she made a jab at him. That was something she appreciated about him, while she was serious he was able to be easygoing enough for both of them. "I'm still convinced it was you who taught me how to love. As for capturing your attention I can't argue that, I imagine it's the same ensnarement I've felt for you since we met-officially that is." She replied, eyes and heart full.
  4. Lilith looked up at Oliver, eyes shining with love. She still couldn't believe she had caught this man and kept him, he was too spectacular for words and she knew how lucky she was. "Oh don't I know that, you're Mr. Rush into things headlong without a thought." She teased him, but it was just part of his Gryffindor nature so she understood. "You are utterly full of it, I was eleven and you were twelve but it is a cute story." She told him honestly, she didn't believe it. At that age boys still believed girls had cooties and didn't want anything to do with them, so for him to know he wanted to know her more seemed crazy. Although once the man made his mind up on something that was it for him, so perhaps it wasn't too impossible. If she had any idea the whole point of this trip was to propose to her she would've been a mess, sure they had talked about rings but she figured it would be a long ways off before he made good on using it. She'd likely panic in the way she always does because she's the sensible one who actually takes the time to think about things. Oliver kissed her hand and she felt her cheeks tint pink, he was hell on the heart. "Flattery will get you everywhere. As for teaching you I'm not sure such a thing is possible." She teased.
  5. She gave Oliver a look and rolled her eyes. "Slow down? Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?" Lilith asked him with a chuckle. She knew they had plenty of time for everything they wanted to do but that didn't make her any less excited about things, which in turn made her rush a little more than she normally did. That was funny though because she was most definitely the more relaxed one of the two, Ollie could be a bit of a hothead sometime but she didn't love him any less for it. Of course he took advantage of the moment and swept her into some grand gesture that had her heart racing. "Well we wouldn't want that now, best kiss the fair maiden eh?" She responded seriously. Luckily the man was holding her upright or she would've completely melted into the sidewalk right then and there, no matter how much he did things like this she never got used to it and to be honest she didn't want to either. Lilith had often worried that the spark between them couldn't last and what they had couldn't be real when they were younger, but years together had shown her things only got more intense between them as time went on. Thank goodness he'd had the common sense to send out decoys, it was still awful and ridiculous that they need such a thing but they'd never get peace from the vultures if they didn't. He placed her back on her feet and she sighed dreamily, something about that man made her extra mellow after he kissed her. "Lead on." She said squeezing his hand gently.
  6. Lilith certainly had no problems admitting Oliver was right, especially when he was. However, she preferred to be creative in showing it as opposed to just coming out and saying such a thing. He'd never develop an ego, at least he didn't dare with her, so that wasn't the reason she didn't tell him. The man knew her better than everyone or anyone else in the world, he would've figured out her tricks even if she'd tried to swap books so that was exactly why she didn't even bother trying it. It wasn't that she didn't want to relax on vacation and spend time with her boyfriend she just knew how behind she felt at work and it would be interrupted time to try and make progress on getting to where she needed to be. How much thought he'd actually put into this whole thing she didn't realize, but she'd been too wrapped up in books and the stress of work lately. That didn't excuse the oversight but she would realize it and surely let him know she appreciated him. As for the proposal even though she'd been hesitant to look at rings with him she was still going to be surprised and caught off guard. Of course she'd say yes, they were perfect together she just wasn't expecting such a thing so soon and while they were still so young. "Sorry I didn't realize I was pulling." She said, cheeks tinting light pink. She was just so exuberant knowing she was going to get a chance to learn new things today and spend time with him, it was two of her very favorite things when it came down to it. By far it wasn't her favorite thing to do with him but here in public wasn't really the place to do that. "I'm just excited. Vacation was such a good idea." She said, rolling up to her tiptoes to peck his cheek in appreciation.
  7. Training for her new job had been extremely stressful, Lilith was passionate about dragons and good at studying but she was struggling to translate all that to working at the Sanctuary. Most days she came home so frustrated and dejected, bless Oliver's heart he did what he could for her but she was stressing way too much. Lilith had been hesitant to take a vacation when she was struggling so much with work but Oliver had insisted it was exactly what she needed, she had struggled to relax when they'd first gotten here but now that a few days had passed it was way easier. They lounged at the pool for the first day and then some but she'd gotten bored as Oliver made her promise not to bring any books on the trip because it would just keep her frustrated he claimed, he was likely right about that like always. The man she loved was understand about her nature though and agreed they could visit museums so she wasn't so restless. Cabo San Lucas was beautiful for the eyes but the Ravenclaw Alumni needed beauty for her brain too. She anxiously pulled him up the stairs as they approached the museum, she was clearly excited.