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  1. Callista Fray

    To make it simple Callista was like an onion, in order to get to the center of who she truly was you had to work hard and peel back the layers. Of course most people didn't bother with that, especially not the egotistical pureblood boys her parents were hoping to set her up with so they could marry her off. They had hoped for some time she might actually attract someone of the same status or higher so they didn't have to look so hard to make a decent match for her because it would be much easier for her to accept the match if she was at least agreeable towards the boy, but when it came apparent last year she had no interest in trying to ensnare someone in an early marriage they had gone into a tizzy trying to make what they viewed as a decent match. The only good thing about it was they weren't home a lot when she was on break, however it did mean she got paraded around a lot like some sort of show animal at events held by the elitist pureblood families by her parents. It might seem innocent enough but when you end up in the loo having a panic attack sometimes because some slimy boy got handsy it got awful tiring after awhile. "I mean not literally for an exchange of money." She clarified. "For the right connection to another pureblood family though? Certainly. They support 'keeping the bloodlines pure.'" She informed him, using air quotes and all. The whole thing made her head want to explode, so she took another drink of the nicked champagne to keep herself in check. Hopefully he didn't notice her hand shaking, nothing terrified her more than being married to some complete stranger who didn't give two figs about her. Thankfully he seemed clueless about her blushing, or perhaps he was just playing it coy and was going to use it to his advantage. The second idea made her nervous, however everyone in her life had always wanted something from her so why not him too? It was an unsettling thought for her. "But they don't force you to come?" They idea seemed foreign to her. "No girl waiting for you to ask her to dance?" Why had she just said that? It had just come out on it's own according, the damn champagne was making her filter fall by the wayside. It was time to eat more so she didn't get tipsy, reaching forward she grabbed something off her plate to nibble on.
  2. Callista Fray

    Callista was an odd one that was for sure, so while it seemed strange she might accept a table with him it truly was better than the alternative. Nothing gave her more anxiety then the thought of sitting with strangers, whereas she just met Kai he seemed tolerable and the alternative of sitting alone and someone approaching her was much worse. Besides, he seemed to have a good sense of humor which meant there was a possibility they could get along. She smirked at his response, he truly took everything in stride which was nice. "Well then I guess you had better hide that awful mug then." She shook her head, chuckling. "Come on, lets go find a table." Careful not to touch him she walked out from between the shelves and looked for an empty table nearby.
  3. Callista Fray

    Thankfully it looked like Kai was just about as clueless in this whole thing as she was, hopefully they would get past this awkward stage quickly so they could stop acting like bumbling idiots. Of course most days she felt like a bumbling idiot so maybe getting comfortable wouldn't help her at least. She smiled at her plate, eyes cutting to him as he tried to get his words out. It was so adorable, although she was quite sure he wouldn't appreciate being told that let alone by a girl. "Thanks my Mum sent it, I expected some prostitute dress honestly." She said with a shrug, like it was no big deal. One thing was for sure she was starting to feel more comfortable with him, she wasn't a stuttering mess and was speaking a bit more freely. "Yup, my parents are off in the states looking for the highest bidder for me to marry." Her tone was bitter, she sipped her drink to get the awful taste out of her mouth. "How about you?" She asked, risking a glance at him again. Heat colored her cheeks just thinking about come girl rushing over here to sweep him away and shouting at Callista about stealing "her man", if he was here with someone she wanted to skip that part.
  4. Callista Fray

    Callista was not about to air her dirty laundry to a stranger but no she did not get any compliments at home at all, mostly she was told how worthless she was as a girl and how she had ruined her parent's lives by being a girl. She was well aware as a girl she was less desirable when it came to making connections for the family, they would sell her to who they thought was best when the time came whether she liked it or not. It was her lot and life, and as unfortunate as it was there wasn't a lot she could do to stop it even if she did want real love. "Oh that is nice. I would like that." How she managed to not stumble over her words was a miracle, but now at least she wouldn't have to look for a table that was empty and worry about someone sitting with her or finding somewhere to sit with people she didn't know. She smiled at his comment, eyes making it just to his chin this time. "Why, are you that ugly?" She teased.
  5. Callista Fray

    Callista hoped by keeping her head down and minding her own business that everyone would leave her alone, she should have known better with how many people were here that it wouldn't be possible. However, if someone was going to join her Kai was definitely the right person. He didn't make her feel too uncomfortable even if he was way too attractive to be slumming it with her, not that she would ever say such a thing because she'd be mortified. His voice had her head snapping up, dear god she forgot how to breathe and swallowed her tongue when she saw him. Staring for a moment longer than was strictly polite color flooded her face before she remember her manners and turned her face back to her plate. "Sure Kaiden, have a seat." She said quietly, finding her voice finally.
  6. Callista Fray

    Transfiguration wasn't her best subject either, but she was trying so hard because she wanted to be an animagus and if she didn't do well she would never learn. She wanted to see what creature she would be, she wanted to do it so just for once she didn't have to be herself. Care of Magical creatures was her favorite subject but she needed to do well in all her classes in order to have a shot at deciding something about her future. "Oh...thanks?" She cringed at the sound of her own voice sounding so unsure. "Oh...no. In case I need another book that isn't a good idea." Her eyes made it to his waist this time and she noticed how tall he was.
  7. Callista was still annoyed that she had to come to this Gala, but her father had told her in no uncertain terms that she had to come represent the family since he and her mum were abroad for other business. Her dress arrived and she was at least pleased her mum hadn't picked something awful for her to wear or something that showed off way more skin than was appropriate in hopes she'd attract a suitable suitor. The ride over on the night bus had been dicey at best, making her wish they had floo'd or used a port key but of course that made to much sense. Once the festivities began she made sure to make herself a plate then find a table as far away as possible from everyone else that was empty, sipping the champagne she'd nicked she waited for when they could go back to school. Attire
  8. Callista Fray

    Callista was not trying to be rude, she just wasn't very good at talking to people and looking at them. It just made her so damn uncomfortable and she couldn't shake the feeling no matter why she did. It also accounted for why she didn't date, let alone date anyone known, because she had seen how girls acted when someone dated someone they thought should be their's and it wasn't pretty or the kind of attention she wanted. "I have a paper due for Transfiguration next week and the book I want has been checked out all week. So I figured this was a good second choice since next week everyone will be fighting over books anyways." Callista said with a shrug, face flooding with color again. She glanced up and her eyes made it to his knees before they dropped again, but at least it was progress.
  9. Callista Fray

    Now that Callista was back on the ground she was certainly more nervous about talking to this boy than she had ever been climbing the shelves. If she fell and hurt herself or got in trouble that was no big deal, but talking to people could be painful. There was a reason she chose to fade into the background around everyone, it was easier if she wasn't noticeable or noticed by people. "I prefer a hands on method." She was not about to admit she had left her wand in her room, that would just guarantee teasing. "Oh thank you." She muttered, flushing red. No one ever thought anything she did was impressive so she was a bit skeptical he actually meant it. For her it made more sense to get the book than go back and actually get her wand or ask someone for help, and the latter was a fate worse than death to her. "Er I'm Callista." She offered, not because she wanted to but more because she felt like it was expected of her otherwise she'd likely seem rude. She wasn't about to lie and tell him it was nice to meet him, she didn't like people enough to actively seek them out for interactions. "Happy to make your acquaintance." She mumbled, although she sounded anything but happy. Poor girl hadn't even looked up from her shoes since she'd gotten down, it was probably better that way because if she looked at him she wouldn't be able to talk. Attractive people bad her nervous and super jaded.
  10. Callista Fray

    Callista was almost to the book when she heard a voice, she just ignored it for the moment. She tucked the book in her messenger bag before climbing back down the shelve, satisfied with a good job. Luckily for the boy she didn't have telepathy or she might have smacked him for comparing her to those prats in Gryffindor, it was so insulting. "I think I am capable thank you." She said quietly with a sigh. Contact with new people made her uncomfortable, she liked to fade into the background and be left alone by well everyone. Her palms were sweaty and she wiped them on her pants, luckily she had chosen not to respond to him while climbing or she could have slipped. Staring at her shoes she shifted uneasily on her feet, she was an introvert bad and people in general made her nervous. If her father had been here he would have chastised her to stand up straight, smile, and be friendly but he wasn't so here she was slouched looking at the scuffed toe of her converses. To be honest her reaction to people was probably her Father's fault, not that he would claim he'd ever done anything wrong.
  11. Student Name: Callista Fray Current House: Slytherin Current Year: Sixth Year Three Requested Courses: Potions, COMC, Transfiguration
  12. Callista Fray

    Callista was searching the library for a book she needed, she was trying to finish a paper early so she didn't have to worry about it last minute like most students. She was well aware that most of her housemates made fun of her but she just ignored them, her ambition to graduate with good grades was enough to tip the scales and make her a Slytherin as opposed to a Ravenclaw. Her temper also helped the situation, and while she was a gentle soul mostly she was considering hexing whomever had this book. Sigh she spotted another book that might work, like an idiot she began climbing the shelf to get it because she'd forgotten her wand in her room as per usual. Being a witch was nothing new to her, she just wasn't very good at remembering to carry her wand with her all the time. Once she learned wandless magic her life was going to be much better, it was just getting to that point.
  13. Callista Fray

    [b]Year Of Student:[/b] Sixth year [b]Face Claim:[/b] Katherine McNamara [b]Quidditch Preference:[/b] Beater
  14. Character Name: Callista Fray Character Birthday: 3/10 Character Age: 16 Country of Residence: France Year: 6th House: Panthere Job: N/A Face Claim: Katerine McNamara Abilities: Red Tailed Hawk Animagus Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  15. Callista Fray

    At this moment in time nothing was certain so it was understandable neither of them would be willing to open up about things like their past or their families. Besides Cal's was full of nutters, or so she thought, so there was not point in sharing in case he thought she was the same way. To be fair sometimes she wondered if she was adopted or something because she was so entirely different from her parents, besides looks she was nothing like the pair. Of course she didn't know a lot about them when they were younger before she came along, her dad never talked about it and her mother usually couldn't be bothered with her so she had stopped trying to ask questions years ago about things. Callista was so intrigued by him, he could open up a new side of life for her and she wanted that so much and she wanted it now. His reply had her blush deepening, he was something else and she was getting better at picking up implications. "Promises promises." She blurted before slapping a hand over her mouth again, apparently her filter was hit and miss with him. He nudged her should softly and Cal smiled, it was such a sweet thing for him to do. It was in that moment she realized she could easily open herself up to this boy if things went properly, she should have been scared but wasn't for some reason. "I'm sorry to be such a bully." She teased him quietly. She'd spent her entire life closed off and being dull, didn't she deserve a little bit of fun for once? Honestly, what was the worst that could happen? He would be there with her so she had faith everything would be okay and even if it wasn't together they could manage to fix it. She wanted to do it but it would take reassurance and encouragement from him to do it when the time came, otherwise she'd be running back to her rock to hide under if he let her. Since she wasn't the responsible one for once she would let him plan it and worry about what could possibly go wrong, besides if she was the responsible one she'd stress out too much and they'd never get to do it. Even if something like bodily harm came from her fun time she wouldn't blame him, this was something she wanted to do for herself and it wouldn't be his fault. This was important to her, and even if he didn't help her make it happen he had opened the door and she would do it by herself if she had to. Callista had put her foot in her mouth with Theo now, that selective filter was going to get her in so much trouble and there was nothing she could seemingly do to make it better. "Being around a boy." She asked, heavily embarrassed but she was honest to a fault. Even if she hadn't admitted it now she was sure he could just look at her with those beautiful eyes, give her the smolder and she'd tell him anyways. His arm went around her waist and she felt giddy, she leaned back slightly so she was pressing against him and it was a comfort. She shivered at his breath on her neck, it had goosebumps rising on her skin and made her entire body feel flushed. Thank god he couldn't see her face otherwise she might be in trouble, or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, jumping his bones was not the appropriate thing to do at this moment and she should be ashamed of herself for even thinking about it. Okay so it wouldn't be full out like sex but she would kiss the hell out of him and in her world that might as well be sex. He said magic was easier and she shook her head. "No, I want to do it this way." Cal informed him, leaning harder against the knife which pierced the bark this time.