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  1. Cal was trying to relax in hopes that everything else would blow over in her life, but she couldn't get rid of the nagging bad feeling in the pit of her stomach as her birthday approached. She would be of age which meant she could legally be married without it looking like her parents were forcing her, even though they would be. Things between her and Theo had been different since her father's owl last month and their fight, however since then she had been doing her best to pretend everything was alright even though her gut told her it wouldn't be. Hopefully her act was fooling Theo so he didn't think anything was wrong or that she was worried. He had suggested they go down to the hot springs to relax after some brutal tests and she agreed, changing into her swimsuit she entered to find him already in the water. Shyly she dropped her towel and joined him in the water. Sitting on the bench next to him she nestled under his arm and rested her head on his shoulder. "Today is a good day." She told him with a smile, little did she know how wrong she actually was.
  2. Callista Fray

    The man looked at her like she had startled him and it was likely she had, in her carelessness she had just flopped down at his table. It was lucky that she wasn't a total moron and flopped into his lap, which would have just been her luck. "Are you sure?" She asked, she would hate to think she was intruding on him doing....well whatever it was he happened to be doing at the moment. "Oh dear, you appear to be correct." She said, looking around at the cafe that was bursting at the seams. Leave it to her to pick the most popular place in town when she wanted to be frivolous for once.
  3. Callista Fray

    Cal was happy to be off school grounds, there was too much freaking drama going on in her life right now. She had never been a particularly mean or spiteful person but if she could kill her parents right now she might consider doing it just now. Slipping into the bakery she ordered a latte and a muffin, if her parents were going to be assholes at least she could spend their money. In a flourish of anger once she had her food she plopped down into a random empty chair. Looking across the table she blushed realizing there was already someone there. "Oh sorry." She said rushing back to her feet to find another table.
  4. Callista Fray

    Callista was trying her best not to panic and bite his head off but she wasn't sure she was keeping a good grip on things. When she thought about her future she got overwhelmed and overcome with panic usually, it was a grim thing and it was hanging over her head like a death sentence. She was trying to keep it together but the closer she got to being of age the sense of foreboding got worse, her birthday was a few months away and she was just waiting for the announcement of her engagement any day now. If she pushed her parents and kept seeing Theo then they would rush things and the moment she turned Seventeen or close to it she'd be gone, they'd hide her away. "I can help with that." She told him lightly, trying not to think about what was coming. "If I'm married and have a baby by a muggleborn I'm worthless." She said quietly, eyes haunted. Even not a virgin it wouldn't matter, even married it wouldn't matter, even pregnant it wouldn't matter. She had seen it done before, two girl she knew as a kid. Of course the one who had did as Cal just said been disowned but she'd gotten her freedom, perhaps that is what made Cal be a contrary child. The other had her baby aborted and was sent off to her intended husband, Cal still say her occasionally at events and she was a shell of a person. "Do we have another choice?" She asked him, hoping she wasn't showing how distraught she truly was by this whole thing. She sighed as he walked into the wall, he was so accident prone. "Episkey!" She pointed her wand towards the graze, replacing it after she finished. "What if you can't find me? Then how can you protect me?" She asked softly, not trying to upset him more.
  5. Callista Fray

    Cal was trying to stay upright but her chest was getting tight and it was getting harder to breathe. This was such a huge step and it had taken a lot for her to suggest such a thing, she wanted to be in a relationship with him and she wanted to see where it would go. To be fair she realized this was like putting the cart before the horse but she was panicking, if she didn't figure something out then her parents would take action and that was something she knew without question. Callista breathed in through her nose and out through her mouth, then she focused on five things she could see followed but four things she could touch. It was working until she got to three and realized she didn't remember what it was, so much for not panicking. "Charms is easy." She mumbled, trying to keep the ugly monster in her chest down. She was so young and here she was being forced to make life altering decisions, it wasn't fair but she had come to accept the fact nothing about her life thus far had been fair. "What other choice do we have?" She snapped at him unintentionally, it was because of the stress and panic. "If we don't do something and keep carrying on like we are someday I'll be gone and never be back. I'll be married to someone else and regardless of what I want that marriage will produce children. Then I get to spend the rest of my life with that man and those kids." Cal knew it too, she flinched at the reality of it.
  6. Callista Fray

    This whole thing was turning out crazier than she ever imagined, who would have guessed they'd end up here? All because she'd decided to take a bath in the prefect bathroom and he refused to leave when he rudely barged in. She had been doing okay with her lot in life until then, well mostly okay. Then he'd awoken something in her she didn't know it was possible to feel, it was a fire she had to feel and to feel it she had to be with him. Being without him now wasn't an option for her, and if he left she would be destroyed. She had given him so much more of herself than either of them realized, she didn't want a life without him anymore and it was a sobering thought. If he wanted to run away she'd do it because even though she didn't realize it she loved him. "I can do that." She told him that. While she was dreadful at divinations she had a knack for charms, adding an extending charm to a bag would be easy. Likely that would be the easiest part, figuring out how to make a living would be much harder. "If they don't know or can't find me they can't do anything about it." She murmured quietly. It was hard enough to suggest it panic gripped her chest when he started pacing, had she gone too far? Oh lord had she done something stupid. If he didn't say something soon she was going to hyperventilate.
  7. Callista Fray

    Reading her mind was not something Theo wanted, she could assure him of that. Her mind was a dark, scary place that rarely made sense to even her so she couldn't imagine him trying to get in there and make sense of things. Every moment she spent with him made her happier and was better than the last moment with him, nothing else in the world mattered when she was with him. It was like he was her own personal little bubble and as long as she had him around nothing bad could happen, even in light of this owl it still did stop this illusion. "I know they aren't." She said, feeling bad about it. He was perfect in every way that mattered and it wasn't fair her parents were turds and wouldn't give him the fair shot he deserved. She listened to his suggestion and shook her head. "They'd just annul the marriage, although running away isn't a bad idea." She considered, thinking. Cal wasn't sure if they would try and find her or not, as long as she was worth something to them they likely would. The solution jumped in her head, so obvious, and she felt her face growing hot. "We could...." She said, turning crimson not sure if he caught her drift. Trying to offer some clarification she made hand movements in the vicinity of her stomach.
  8. Callista Fray

    The good thing about Cal was she didn't think the same way her parents did, she didn't think that anyone wasn't good enough just because something silly like blood status. Sometimes her parents cursed her because they didn't know how they'd ended up with her as a daughter, she was polar opposites of them and they hated her for it. They were counting down the days until they could marry her off and she wouldn't be their problem anymore, it was a sad life for her. Being a teenager of a militant and purist family was not easy, especially when they clung to the old traditions. He pulled her close and Callista just cried, she hoped she wasn't snotting on him because that would be embarrassing. She leaned in to him and took some deep breaths to calm herself, something about him had her on edge but calmed her at the same time. "I want this." She said softly. "I just don't know how to make this work with my parents." She said, sounding desperate.
  9. Character Name: Callista Fray Character Birthday: 3/10 Character Age: 16 Country of Residence: France Year: 6th House: Panthere Job: N/A Face Claim: Katerine McNamara Abilities: Red Tailed Hawk Animagus Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  10. Callista Fray

    Cal felt awful, not only for herself but for him as he had done nothing wrong and was now caught up in this because her parents were jerks. She knew this was something she would have eventually had to discuss with him, her parents being purists and all, but she hadn't imagined it would be anywhere near this soon. If she ever found out who was passing information on to her parents she was going to kick them in the shin, as hard as she could. She bit her lip when she heard he'd gotten it through the gossip train, not sure if that was better or worse to be honest. If he had heard it first hand he would know what her father really said which wasn't good, however with hearing it from the gossip train it could have been horribly twisted. Both made her heart hurt because neither of them were good, and it hurt him which was worse. "I mean I know they're my parents and I should listen to them..." She said sighing. "But I don't want to! I don't think you're not good enough for me. I like you and I want to keep seeing you!" She told him, bursting into tears.
  11. Callista Fray

    When it came to crappy days this had to be pretty near the top when it came to ones Callista had so far, of course leave it to her parents to ruin anything good in her life again. For years she had been a good girl, did well in school, made prefect, and (mostly) obeyed them over everything, yet they couldn't let her have any happiness. Of course not, she thought bitterly. It wasn't just the fact he was a boy, it was that he was muggle born and wouldn't be useful for her parents in making connections in the pureblood world. Even if he had been pureblood it might not have made a difference, if he wasn't from the right family they still would have forbade any interaction so the families of possible suitors didn't question her integrity. She wanted to scream yet she wanted to cry at the same time, as always she wasn't more than a tool for her parents to use to their benefit. Cal was so tired of being told what to do like a dog, she wanted to see Theo because he made her happy for the first time in her life. Of course her parents wanted to take that away, Theo was a threat to all the plans they had laid out for her from the moment she graduated. She was so engrossed in her embarrassment over everyone hearing the howler and her hatred of her parents that she didn't hear anyone approaching, when they sat down she almost snapped at them to go away until she realized it was Theo. Her heart soared at seeing him, and butterflies erupted in her stomach. If feeling that was wrong then she didn't want to be right. "So I guess that means you heard." Was all she said, quietly. She hoped he hadn't heard the howler firsthand, but she couldn't be sure.
  12. Snow was rare in France so the school had thought it would give the students the afternoon off to enjoy it, especially since Christmas was almost here. All the pre-break tests were already over in her classes at least so them missing a day didn't matter much. Besides it suited her mood, she was sulking and she didn't care. She'd gotten a particularly nasty howler from her father this morning and she was upset over it still, and she was still puzzled that the man even knew she was hanging out with Theo and his blood status. Not to mention she'd made the mistake of opening the blasted thing in the halls so it was likely half the school heard her father and she was ashamed. Once it finished shouting at her she headed right out here, the gardens usually brought her peace but with it being winter the dead plants matched her mood perfectly. Sitting down on a bench she sulked, not bothering to brush the snow off before she sat so her jeans were beginning to get wet.
  13. Callista Fray

    At this moment in time nothing was certain so it was understandable neither of them would be willing to open up about things like their past or their families. Besides Cal's was full of nutters, or so she thought, so there was not point in sharing in case he thought she was the same way. To be fair sometimes she wondered if she was adopted or something because she was so entirely different from her parents, besides looks she was nothing like the pair. Of course she didn't know a lot about them when they were younger before she came along, her dad never talked about it and her mother usually couldn't be bothered with her so she had stopped trying to ask questions years ago about things. Callista was so intrigued by him, he could open up a new side of life for her and she wanted that so much and she wanted it now. His reply had her blush deepening, he was something else and she was getting better at picking up implications. "Promises promises." She blurted before slapping a hand over her mouth again, apparently her filter was hit and miss with him. He nudged her should softly and Cal smiled, it was such a sweet thing for him to do. It was in that moment she realized she could easily open herself up to this boy if things went properly, she should have been scared but wasn't for some reason. "I'm sorry to be such a bully." She teased him quietly. She'd spent her entire life closed off and being dull, didn't she deserve a little bit of fun for once? Honestly, what was the worst that could happen? He would be there with her so she had faith everything would be okay and even if it wasn't together they could manage to fix it. She wanted to do it but it would take reassurance and encouragement from him to do it when the time came, otherwise she'd be running back to her rock to hide under if he let her. Since she wasn't the responsible one for once she would let him plan it and worry about what could possibly go wrong, besides if she was the responsible one she'd stress out too much and they'd never get to do it. Even if something like bodily harm came from her fun time she wouldn't blame him, this was something she wanted to do for herself and it wouldn't be his fault. This was important to her, and even if he didn't help her make it happen he had opened the door and she would do it by herself if she had to. Callista had put her foot in her mouth with Theo now, that selective filter was going to get her in so much trouble and there was nothing she could seemingly do to make it better. "Being around a boy." She asked, heavily embarrassed but she was honest to a fault. Even if she hadn't admitted it now she was sure he could just look at her with those beautiful eyes, give her the smolder and she'd tell him anyways. His arm went around her waist and she felt giddy, she leaned back slightly so she was pressing against him and it was a comfort. She shivered at his breath on her neck, it had goosebumps rising on her skin and made her entire body feel flushed. Thank god he couldn't see her face otherwise she might be in trouble, or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, jumping his bones was not the appropriate thing to do at this moment and she should be ashamed of herself for even thinking about it. Okay so it wouldn't be full out like sex but she would kiss the hell out of him and in her world that might as well be sex. He said magic was easier and she shook her head. "No, I want to do it this way." Cal informed him, leaning harder against the knife which pierced the bark this time.
  15. Callista Fray

    Cal would never push him to reveal anything about himself he wasn't comfortable doing, she hoped that he would trust her enough to tell her when he was ready. She also understood that some secrets you just couldn't tell, she respected that too because everyone deserved privacy. It was easy to understand why he thought she might pity him or feel bad for him, people had a way of doing that but she didn't like pity because it was pointless in her opinion. She felt driven to touch the boy so she lightly brushed her hand against his momentarily, feeling silly for doing it but something about him compelled her to want to touch him all the time. "Good." She blushed but she was secretly pleased at his promise. She was such an innocent, but moments like this she believed she actually had a shot at a normal life before reality came crashing back down. "Later." She gave him a smile, feeling more confident then she had in ages. It was funny how things changed when you finally had someone around you who wasn't constantly tearing you down. "Well that isn't fair. What if I want fun?" She asked reasonably. She had seen how much fun he had last night before face planting and the idea kind of appealed to her to be honest since her life was usually dull and drab. Not to mention he would be there the whole time so she was sure he'd take care of her, or at least she hoped so. Hopefully the offer wasn't driven out of some needs to possibly make reprimands for her taking care of him last night, in fact the idea had her frowning which had a crinkle forming between her brows. There she was thinking the worst of him again when he'd not given her much reason to, aside from the whole bath fiasco last night, shaking her head she cleared the thought away. Even still he apologized for that and he was intoxicated so it wasn't really a fair representation of him in her opinion. If Callista knew she was making him feel better about himself she would have been sure to praise him more, not because she felt like she had to but because she wanted to build him up like he did her. He didn't say anything about her eyes misting up and she appreciated it, he did kiss the tip of her nose a few times and she felt herself melt as well as sighing. She relaxed when he placed her hand over his heart, it was so reassuring to feel it beating under her hand. Leaning into his touch was natural now, that didn't mean she didn't blush lightly though as his thumb brushed her cheek. Callista almost blurted something out she didn't mean to but managed to find the power to filter herself for once, now wasn't the right time to be saying something forward like that so it was probably better she managed to hush up for once. Then she caught sight of his face and her control slipped, he was so beautiful it just wasn't fair. "Is it always like this?" She spilled, then flushed red. He probably wouldn't understand what she was asking so she'd have to clarify which would just make her embarrassed but that is what she got for her lack of self control around him. Of course if she wasn't such an innocent then maybe she wouldn't have this problem around him, but to be honest she wasn't sure even if that changed she wouldn't have the problem as he was so damn beautiful so she was going to blame it all on that fact. This tree was clearly important to him so she felt touched that he had brought her here, like she was special and seeing a part of him not everyone else did. She watched as he pulled something out of his pocket and frowned, she had no earthly idea what the device was but she was sure he would explain. He slipped something plastic in her hand and she couldn't even stare because he was guiding her hand toward the tree, she could inspect it later. Theo kissed her neck and she shivered in delight, not caring one bit if her body happened to brush his while she did. What a little hussy she was turning into. Listening to his words she nodded, it made sense but she felt the need to do this by hand. "I might need help." She didn't care how girly that sounded, she was weak and she knew it. Irregardless she took the objected and pressed it into the bark of the tree, finding it a bit harder than she expected.