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  1. Drake Vesper 19 - Pansexual - Heir - Original Drake is a guy that gets what he wants - to the point that he kidnapped a romantic interest one time. Things were good for a while but he eventually let his boyfriend free and then said boyfriend was kept away from him by the boys family. Rude. He has since moved on from that and is pretty open to anything happening. He is a dominant top. -now plotted with narcissus dorny- ~ Lorcan Scamander 17 - Bisexual - Ravenclaw Seventh Year - Canon Lorcan is just getting out of a relationship and is currently quite heartbroken. He is charming and not quite athletic. Innocent and naive, too. I don't have any set plot ideas for him. He is a bottom. -reserved for philip- Owen Devine 32 - Bisexual - Music Tutor - Original Owen is a sweet, loving man that married his school sweetheart as soon as they were legally able to. They were very much in love and Owen was devastated when she died a few years ago. He has slowly become open to finding new love and would very much like to have a relationship with a man. He always knew he was bisexual but didn't explore it since he was very committed to his lady. Is a vers in bed. -reserved for philip- Richard Dorny 18 - Fluid - Unemployed - Canon Richard is not looking for anything too serious after barely escaping the clutches of a half-veela. It was an adventure that he is now quite over. Unknown to Richard, his own brother is into him and so potential interests should be aware that Narcissus would also be very important for threading. -possibly reserved for philip- ~
  2. People now plotted. Keeping for posterity. Aaron Perry-McKnight 27 - Homosexual - Ink Knights Owner - OC Newly divorced, Aarons marriage fell apart due to a lack of trust on his husbands part as well as an infidelity on Aarons. Their starting foundation was not very stable to begin with. Aaron had been dating someone else when he began an affair with Dexter. When his then boyfriend discovered the affair, Aaron got drunk with Dexter and they had a Vegas type wedding. They decided to keep being married but despite Aarons attempts to be faithful, Dexter constantly was of the belief that Aaron would cheat on him. So Aaron did and when Dexter discovered it, they got divorced. Aaron actually was in love with Dexter and so the sanctity of marriage has been very much soured for him. He is a top. -reserved for philip- ~ Gabriel Akerman 27 - Homosexual - Quidditch Player - Canon Just getting out of a broken engagement with a man that had been his best friend, Gabriel is feeling a little lost. He has taken to drinking a lot to dull his emotional turmoil. He has also thrown himself into his practice and taken up reckless activities. He is vers but is willing to be mainly a top if his lover prefers it. -reserved for phillip- ~ Olaf Albertsen 23- Heterosexual - Photographer - Original Olaf is a man that was born a werewolf along with his identical twin. I don't have a set plot idea for him so throw whatever you like my way! for rachel ^.^ [/s] Torance Kolstad 18 - Pansexual - Hel Seventh Year - Canon Torance is a redtailed hawk animagus that aspires to be a dark wizard once he graduates. He is cruel, sadistic and very much enjoys murder. When it comes to his romantic partners, however, he is very kind, charming and affectionate. I would very much like for him to have a 'murder boyfriend' in which they commit heinous crimes together and it can be seen as their sort of 'date night'. He is definitely the top in sexual situations. -reserved for philip- ~ Vladimar Zdunowski 16 - Bisexual - Njord Sixth Year - Canon Vladimar is an absolute sweetheart that has not had much luck in love. He has had two failed relationships though one of them wasn't officially a thing. Even so, it felt like one to him. He loves music, dancing and is generally a charming goofball. I think it would be fun for his new plotted to be someone that had been crushing from afar and finally decided that it was time for them to step up before Vlad gets his heart broken again. Bottom in sexual situations. But is a virgin. -reserved for philip-
  3. People that are now plotted. <3 Keeping for posterity. Dorian Beaufleur 29 - Gray-Asexual Homoromantic - Researcher - OC Like above, is kind of clueless when it comes to sex and relationships, in fact he is still a virgin. Dorian doesn't have much a sexual drive so whoever he ends up with will need to be understanding of that. In his previous plot, he had been living with his best friend for several years who was living under the assumption that they were just a couple that did not have sex while Dorian thought that they were just best friends. Unlike Dorian, he is not on the asexual spectrum but remained a virgin because all this time he thought he and Dorian were in a committed relationship. Dorian would be the bottom once sex actually happens. -reserved for philip- ~ Jules Martel 18 - Demisexual Panromantic - UMC Official, Death Chamber - Canon Jules is a serious, hardworking person with very little understanding about romantic relationships and sexual ones. He does not have sex with someone unless he is very romantically attached to them. He has had one boyfriend who he had to break up with when the pressure that they were under got too much since one of his family members murdered one of his ex-boyfriends family members long before either had met. Jules is likely to be a top in sexual situations. He is thus still very in love with his ex-boyfriend and it will take a lot to win him over. -reserved for philip- ~ ~ Rosaire Favreau 18 - Homosexual - Unemployed - OC Rosaire is currently unemployed because he has no idea what he wants to do with his life. Add to that the fact that he and his school sweetheart broke up soon after graduation and he is currently not a very happy young man. Rosaire would be the bottom in sexual situations. He is also currently very wary of getting into a new relationship and won't be won over very easily. -reserved for philip- ~ Sinclair Lemaire 15* - Pansexual - Marsuoin Fifth Year - OC I never even got a chance to play Sinclair very much so he is a mystery to me. He likes music and with his empathy and healing hands feels it is only natural that he become a healer of some sort. He is a little eccentric and hippy-like in nature, often able to be found strumming his guitar and singing wherever he has planted himself. No clue what he'd look for in a romantic partner though more than likely, they should be some degree of eccentric themselves. -reserved for philip-
  4. 12 now gone to a good home. Will move them off this list once the characters are actually made. Hyon Yeong-Jin will be going the organic route with Kayla's character. <3
  5. UNITED KINGDOM UNPLOTTED Clarissa Cosgrove 16 - Demisexual - Hufflepuff Sixth Year - Original Clarissa is a very ladylike girl and I have no romantic plot ideas for her beyond the fact that she is a sucker for bad boys from the wrong side of the tracks. ~ Conrad Abney 15 - Demisexual Homoromantic - Ravenclaw Fifth Year - Original A selectively mute boy, Conrad only speaks to his best friend whom will become his romantic interest now that they're older. Conrad is meek and timid but is very expressive even without speaking. His best friend is able to tell what he is thinking just by looking at his features, something people outside of the duo might find slightly weird. Without his best friend nearby, Conrad tends to recoil into himself and is not very responsive to social attempts by others. Will likely be a vers. ~ Darla Darling 22 - Heterosexual - Librarian - Original A half-veela with chlorokinesis, Darla is a bit of a cynic when it comes to romance. She enjoys sex, has had a lot of it but when it comes to love, she isn't so sure she believes that it exists. She is especially not too trusting of men since she pretty much assumes that they are all just dazzled by her veela allure. Her preferred type of man is the athletic sort that will both put up with her nonsense and call her out on it. Yeah, she's a bit weird. >.> ~ Desire Adair 19 - Fluid, Prefers Males - Veela - Original Desire is full veela and was raised away from civilization. A lot of life not in a forest is confusing for him and he does not really understand why clothes are needed. Thus a lot of trying to get naked in public. I would like to keep his original plotline where he was taken from the forest by his 'owner' when he was seventeen. This man is absolutely crazy about Desire, fulfilling his every wish and desire (hehe). They are monogamous. I would like for him to eventually propose because Desire will not understand the use for a marriage. ~ Flora Finch-Fletchley 16 - Bicurious - Hufflepuff Sixth Year - Canon Flora is curious about the world of sex and is looking to explore. I don't really have any set ideas for her. ~ Hwan Moon 18 - Homosexual - Junior Mediwizard - Original Hwan is getting over a breakup with a boy that he saw as his One True Love. He isn't sure how to move on so has been diving into his work. Hwan is a sweet, generous boy that can be quite naive to the intentions of others. He is a bottom. ~ Hyon Yeong-Jin 29 - Bisexual - CEO - Original Yeong-Jin is a closeted bisexual mainly due to family pressure and the fact that his family is very old school. To the point that he worries constantly about them finding out he is attracted to men as well as women. He was in a long time romantic relationship with his accountant who was also keeping his sexuality a secret. Their secrets eventually drove them apart and Yeong-Jin has not been taking the breakup very well. At all. Probably vers. *reserved for kayla to see how things work out with vincent >.> #shameless* ~ James Potter 20 - Homosexual - Quidditch Player - Canon For a long time James was in the closet about his sexuality and was also in the closet about his long time romance with his best friend, Hector. James eventually came out but things with Hector eventually fell apart for different reasons. He has since moved on from that and is looking for a good time now that he is free to be himself. He is a top. ~ Lionel Greyback 20 - Pansexual -Musician - Canon Lionel is a werewolf that was born that way. His mother was forcefully impregnated by Fenrir Greyback and he manipulated her over time into thinking she had not been. He coerced her into giving Lionel his surname when he was certain she was with child and subsequently ditched her before Lionel was even born. Lionel is selfish, charming and manipulative. He is also a dominant top. reserved for hunter ~ Rosabella Zabini 17 - Heterosexual - Hufflepuff Seventh Year - Canon Rosabella is 1/8 Veela and has a bunch of brothers. She is very much the princess of the family, being both the sole girl and the youngest in the family. I have no set plot ideas for her. ~ Sylvain Baird 18 - Homosexual - Herbologist - Original Sylvain is a nephilim that does not like people very much. He has chlorokinesis and tends to stay in the woods. Since his break up with his first and only boyfriend, he has become even more of a hermit. He is a winged nephilm and is often confused for an angel. I think it would be amusing for him to rescue a guy and for them to think he's an angel only to discover, he's generally an overly grumpy teenager xD. He is a Power Bottom. Xenon McKnight 19 - Homosexual - Unemployed - Original Xenon comes from a very abusive household that he only managed to escape when his Nemesis turned Lover moved him in with his large family. Xenon is very skittish around most people and has a tendency to flinch at sudden movements or loud noises. His romance with his boyfriend has helped some but he still has a long way to go. He believes that he is unworthy of love and this song is the theme song of his life. I would like to continue on his plot from where it was and am totally up for doing backdated threads to make our characters story their own version. Is a bottom.
  6. NORWAY UNPLOTTED Finn Stevenson 24 - Homosexual - Ink Knights Tattoo Artist - OC Finn is a very promiscuous man that would probably be happiest in a polyamourous ship. He tends to bottom in sexual situations and has a preference for rough sex. I don't have any set plot ideas for him so feel free to throw whatever ideas my way. ~ Hyperion Fairlie 24 - Homosexual - Model; Actor - Original Hyperion is a half-veela, something that he shamelessly uses against his lover. Hyperion's lover is also his manager. With Hyperion not being very bright, Hyperions best friend has always taken it upon himself to manage both Hyperions life and his career. They live together and have ever since they graduated from school. I want to continue his plot from that view point. He is a bottom though maintains most of the power in the relationship. ~ Kristoff Strand 20 - Homosexual - Waiter - Original Kristoff is a waiter that doesn't put much stock into romance. I very much want a soulmate sort of plot for him where the other man is absolutely certain that they are meant to be while Kristoff is basically /eh, you're good in bed so I'll put up with that/ despite the fact that they very much are soul mates. He would eventually come to love the other man as well but wouldn't be wholly expressive about it. ~ Nathaniel Schultz 22- Homosexual - Herbologist- Original Nathaniel is little ball of sunshine with a love of plants, animals and the world around him. He is wholly innocent and also virginal. He has had relationships but they never entered sexual territory due to his own innocence of the matter. He is a submissive bottom. Samuil Utkin 19 - Homosexual - Unemployed - Original Samuil is a dhampir that runs a little on the hedonistic side of life. He enjoys living a BDSM lifestyle in a Master role though is monogamous. His partner should be the delicate sort and absolutely listens to everything Samuil commands of him. This man should be absolutely dependant on Samuil to the point that he always asked Samuil for permission over everything. He also wears bdsm collars. Very much a top. ~ Sebastian Grindelwald 18 - Homosexual - Hel Seventh Year - Canon Sebastian is also a man that enjoys the bdsm lifestyle though on his end, he enjoys receiving pain. It gets him off like nothing else. Outside of the bedroom, however, he is not a very warm person. Being clairvoyant, Sebastian actually tries to avoid touch. It would take someone extremely to his tastes to be completely physically intimate with him. He is vers with submissive tendencies. ~ Storm Nightengale 18 - Fluid - Dark Wizard - Canon Part of the esteemed Nightengale family, Sebastian is dark, twisted and has definite homicidal tendencies. He is a parseltongue and has telepathy and is not shy about using the latter to eavesdrop on his potential interests thoughts. Definitely the top in sexual situations.
  7. FRANCE UNPLOTTED Damien Kochersperger 17 - Homosexual - Aspiring Wandmaker - Faucon Seventh Year - Canon Is kind of clueless when it comes to sex and relationships. His first sexual experience mostly happened because he just went with it when another boy was heavily hitting on him. Will need someone that will push him a little as well as be supportive of his aspirations. Damien will likely be the bottom but could probably be vers too. ~ Esteban Zavala 27 - Pansexual - Pro-Quidditch Player - OC Esteban is vers with toppy tendencies. I don't have any specific plot ideas for him so feel free to throw whatever my way. He prefers men but is attracted to all genders. ~ Julien Bordelon 19 - Pansexual - Gentleman's Club: Sex Worker - OC Julien is a sex worker at the Gentleman's Club in France. Romantically, he prefers men but due to his circumstances and the fact that he is still totally in love with Caspian Ryker has him closed off to romance. If someone were to take romantic interest in him, they would need to do most of the chasing. Julien prefers bottoming in romantic relationships but will do anything when it comes to 'work clients'. ~ Veronique Manon 17 - Panexual - Panthere Seventh Year - OC Veronique is a studious, hardworking girl that has not put much thought into romance. She never got much development so things are pretty open with this one.
  8. Character Name: Falcon Konstantinov Character Birthday: August 15 Character Age: 29 Country of Residence: UK Year: NA House: NA Job: Deputy Headmaster/Gryffindor HOH/Muggle Studies Professor Face Claim: Matt Bomer Abilities: Animagus - Ferret; Omnilingualism Creatures: NA Additional Information: NA
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  10. Saigey-dove Echo & Dmitry more incoming
  11. Tina Demetrio & Willow - Engaged Fred & Kaitlyn - Dating Ivy & Berkeley - Dating Florent & Lila - Dating, Have baby twins!
  12. Ashley Sylvia & Zoe - Dating Katharina & Mason - Engaged Night & Oliver - Plotted, gradually getting together Zephyr & Georgi, in a poly romance along with Dmitri. All live together. ....feel like I'm forgetting someone but according to her HOCP thread, I'm not
  13. Because I forget sometimes. Minus ones with Emily because that is a fuck ton and fuck that noise. Probably also only doing the most active writers with me at the moment because, again, I have a fuck ton of characters.
  14. This was answered elsewhere. Member didn't realise that the "Open Positions" link in the Informations dropdown when on mobile is the apps.
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