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  1. Dylan Saunders

    Unless it was spelled out completely for Dylan, the man was never aware when people took a fancy to him. He was so captivated by his work with dragons, his own personal fulfillment of his career, that he had just never really focused on a personal life. He had had only one serious relationship and that seemed to falter when Dylan refused to move out of his small home on the Sanctuary. So, Dylan was filled with the assumption that the other man was merely just as much a dragon nerd as he was. "It's Darius right?" When guests came on tours, they had to sign a large book held in the visitor's center. The name Darius had appeared each time Dylan spotted the other man, so he was nearly sure he was right. "Well, how about a private tour? Have you ever touched a dragon?" The normal tour allowed the guests to get near the dragons, but a great deal of magical protection surrounded the creatures and the guests. @Darius Albescu
  2. Dylan Saunders

    RP takes place in August 2021. Dylan was nearly positive that, had he not been so obsessed with Dragons, he would have ended up a teacher. As he continued his studies, his new title as Junior Dragonologist still rather fresh, he had also taken over the daily tours of the Sanctuary. With the summer winding down, school terms just on the horizon, Dylan was able to welcome various families and summer groups to the home of the largest population of dragons in the UK. Today, however, Dylan had been ever so distracted. He could have sworn the guy in the back of the group had been coming on the same tour for the past few weeks. So, after answering the final questions and directing one family to the gift shop, Dylan approached the man. "Hey, are you trying to memorize my tour information or something?" He gave a chuckle, trying to sound friendly, and ran a hand through his hair. Tag; @Darius Albescu