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  1. It was common knowledge that James was gay - he definitely was not shy about it despite his initial reservations about it when he'd been discovering his sexuality when he was just a preteen. Once he had fully accepted himself as being a gay boy, however, he'd practically dared the rest of the world not to, he was so open about it. It was also common knowledge that James Sirius Potter was very decidedly not serious. He didn't do dates and he mostly rolled with the whole friends with benefits deal when it came to relationships. That had changed lately, however. When he'd come back to school in the new term, he'd noted that one Oscar Goldstein seemed to have utterly captured his attention and he had begun a pursuit of the slightly younger Gryffindor. It had been an absolute victory for him when Oscar had agreed to attend the Gala as his date. He had never had such an intense crush before so he was rather glad that it had gone his way. His mother had practically begged him to please dress properly, whatever that meant so James was all done up in a red suit. Sitting on the bus with Oscar as it barreled towards its destination, he looked over at the other boy and grinned at him. "You look great - are you excited to get to go to this big gala?" He asked curiously, hoping they would get there soon so that they could get on with the actual date part of the evening. @Oscar Goldstein
  2. James Potter

    "Does she want the room clean or not?" James said idly. He couldn't be trusted to do a good job of it without magic. He would just shove everything into a closet and be done with it. "Besides, what are they gonna do? Inspect it? Maybe I'll leave a porno mag on the bed just to see if they do." Being gay, obviously his porn was more on the homoerotic side of things. Actually, seeing their reaction might be hilarious. @Albus Potter
  3. Student Name: James Potter Current House: Gryffindor Current Year: Seventh Three Requested Courses: DADA, Potions, Muggle Studies
  4. James Potter

    SET JULY 2021 James's seventeenth birthday had recently passed and you bet your ass he had been taking advantage of now being able to legally to do magic outside of school. James felt a little too tired to trek down the stairs? Boom, James would just pop into the kitchen. Usually startling somebody. He had slept in and was pretty sure that it was afternoon as he did so that day. Yawning and rummaging around for some food, he didn't pay much attention as some other family member came into the kitchen until he plopped down at the table and ran a hand through his messy dark hair. @Albus Potter
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  6. Character Name: James Potter Character Birthday: July 24 Character Age: 20 Country of Residence: UK Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Quidditch Player Face Claim: Cole Mohr Abilities: N/A Creatures: N/A Additional Information: Canon