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  1. Alexander Cahill

    Alex moaned out at the feeling of hee squeezing him, his hands pulling her hips closer as he continued to slam i to her at every thrust "mmmm..yeah" he managaed to breathlessly get out as he lifted her hips to him. She felt so damn good as he called out, her warmth providing and overwhelming sensation. It felt so inviting and he couldn't help but increase his speed as he wanted her to cry out his name "fuck...you like that.." He seethed out as his thrusts turned to an overwhelming speed, fueled by erotic want as he seemed to be fueled by the need to fill her with all of himself and more.
  2. Alexander Cahill

    Holy hell he hadnt expected this coming home. He wasnt sure he could last much longer if she kept up. Hearing her words, alex moaned out as her lips wrapped him once more "fuck Kensi" he grunted then quickly picked her up and bounded the stairs to their bedroom and bending her over the side of the bed. He quickly removed the rest of his clothing and pushed her robe upwards and stripped her of her panties and thrust his cock up into her with a guttural moan outwards "fuck yea..mmmm" he moaned as he slowly started fucking her, increasing the speed after a few moments.
  3. Alexander Cahill

    Alex nodded as he looked to her "i figured as much" he said. In that next moment, alex moaned out as he was caught off guard, feeling Kensi's lips around his cock. He hadnt felt that in a while. Good lord he was in heaven. Taking his fingers and holding o to her hair lightly, Alex held onto her as she moved on his cock, trying his damndest to not thrust into her mouth but it was hard "mmmhhhmmm.." He grunted as the sensation rolled over him as he lightly moved his hips as she moved over his cock "fuck Kensi...."
  4. Alexander Cahill

    Alex smiled as he looked to Kensi "im glad you like it..ive been talking with grandfather for the last few weeks about it..." He said as he wrapped his arms around her waist. He was happy she was happy. "So...have you given any thought to when you wanna get married..." He said as he leaned down, lightly nibbling at her lips the her neck, wondering what she was thinking. He knew what he wasthinking right now and it wasnt about the wedding. He missed being with Kensi. With his hands sliding lower, alex pulled kensi closer to him, his hands now on her butt as he nibnled on her neck, wanting to hear her squeal a bit. @Kensi Westcott
  5. Alexander Cahill

    Alex smiled as she slid down the banister a laugh rolling from his lips "so...i have a surprise fir you" he said as he stuck a hand in his pocket to pull out the box from his pocket "gramm gave me so ething to give to you" Alex wantex to see her face when she saw the ring. It was gramms wedding ring and it was a harry Winston. They were one of a kind
  6. Alex had been away for a while and he wanted to surprise kensi. They had been friends through school and dated when they got older. Now they were engaged. But after graduation and a few months, alex had tongo handle some things with his parents and his books. Now he was home. He had gotten a few things from home and one special thing in particular that he had been hiding from kensi. He hadnt told her that je was stopping by home. Sneaking up the walkway, alex carried his bags and unlocked the door, heading in and quietly setting them down as he waited a moment before letting out a breath he had been holding as he listened to hear if he could tell where she was at "Oh Hunny...!" He called out as he knew shed know his voice as he stood in the living room With a amile, the box in his jacket pocket Box is holding the ring below
  7. Alexander Cahill

    Alex had been sitting by the fountain when a thud across the back of his head snapped him out of his thought process and splashing into the fountain "what the.." He said as he looked to find a big red ball beside him and kensi on the other side of the fountain, guilt on her face. Deciding on joining the impromptu game, Alex picked up the ball and with both hands hurled it towards @Professor Ashley Rose
  8. Alexander Cahill

    "I know that...and i hope i dont." He said we a laugh as they we t through some of the stuff. Alex smiled when Kensi spoke about her baby blanket and pulled the box out. His eyes settled on the second box, unsure of its contents as well as he looked through some of the records then looked to kensi "..now you have me curious.." He said, motioning to the box. Alex was curious as to what the box held as she reached for the second box, not know what to think. Often the thing held different hand me downs, dresses or blankets of different kinds "I hope its not a wedding dress...if not I cant see it...its bad luck if you plan to use it " he started laughing as he looked at a picture.
  9. Character Name: Alexander cahill Character Birthday: june 11th Character Age: 18 Country of Residence: uk Year: N/A House: N/A Job: author Face Claim: austin davis (model) Abilities: Creatures: n/a Additional Information: N/A
  10. Alexander Cahill

    Alex nodded "ok. We can do that. Id rather not get smacked..your mom scares me." He said with a slight laugy as he sat the box down on the bed in their room. Alex ran a hand through his hair as he dropped the box gently on the bed then looked to kensi "find anything good.." He said, peeking into tbe box.
  11. Alexander Cahill

    "Sure.." He called out aa he got from his chair, hearing her asking. Stepping closer towards the door, alex opened it and took the box from her "here let me take that. Just show me where its going" he said to her and holding the door open with his back as he waited for her to come out before he let the door shut. "..maybe the kitchen..there's alot of room there." He said, offering out a suggestion as he hel the box in hos arms.
  12. Alexander Cahill

    "...I love the sound of you begging.." he grinned, purposefully taking his sweet time at pressing himself into her. They had the rest of their lives to fully enjoy themselves and he was going to take pleasure in knowing that she was his now and forever. leaning down and capturing her lips in and unhindered passionate kiss, Alex fully encased himself inside her with a throaty growl as he pulled her hips closer, the warmth feeling a Million times better than what they had experienced in dream world. "fuck you feel good..." he growled out as he nipped her bottom lip, pressing fully into her as the table squeaked a bit. He was ready for everything that she had and so much more. with a rather heated moan outwards, Alex began moving inside her, slowly and methodically pressing back into her, never wanting to remove his cock from her warmth "..ugnnhhh .." he moaned out, his thrusts into picking up speed as he rocked their bodies harder and harder against the table, wanting her to cry out as he slowly began fucking her.
  13. Alexander Cahill

    Alex let out a throaty moan as he felt her hands over his hardened lap, his hands working diligently to remove every stitch of clothing she had on. He couldn't wait to open her up like a first, freeing her from the confines of her clothes and glittering his fingers over places he hadn't touched in quite some time. "..never apart again.." he said, moaning out as the only thing left on her was the skirt she wore, not caring because he could still take her in any way possible "..wanna help.." he said, his hands moving towards his pants in an effort to release himself from the tight prison that kept him from her. He wanted to bury himself inside her and never let go. leaning down and capturing her lips in an overly heated embrace, Alex started to unzip himself after taking off his shirt, his chest and stomach more defined over the year. He had to do something to keep in shape and during the tournament.
  14. Alexander Cahill

    "..I could.." he said as he held her, walking into the kitchen as he kissed her neck lightly "...but can we put the cat somewhere..I feel like shes watching us.." he said, motioning towards the counter as he sat her on the table. Alex waited to see what kensi said before he went back to removing her shirt as she had already taken off his "..the dream thing just wasnt the same.." he said, sliding his hands over her backside and pulling her closer to him, allowing her to feel his already hardened cock "..I've missed you "
  15. Alexander Cahill

    "..more beautiful.." he said, holding her around his waist "..you're welcome the secrecy kinda ticked me off..." he said with a slight gruff..all because things were swayed towards Durmstrang..I'm pissed off that I didn't win..I swear they had s boner for the durm champion and now they mysteriously won.." he said with a grumble then looked to her "..in not doing anything for durmstrang ever.." he added. carrying her around him, Alex kissed her lips ".can we just not talk about it..all I wanna do is go bitch at everyone cause I have a feeling they rigged shit.." he said, his bags moving into the home "..so you have anything to ...do" he says, hair longer as his hands held her waist.