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  1. Kenneth Roberts

    Kenneth smiled lightly and nodded when the other man told him that he had other errands to run, so that gave him time to make the other potions that he was looking for. "No, can't say that I do," he chuckled lightly when Finn asked about another elixir. "I can probably brew one of those for you as well though." He Smiled, watching as Finn pulled out some money for the potions that he had already given him. "Yes, that looks good," he nodded. "And I will have the other two ready for you in a few hours." r
  2. Kenneth Roberts

    Kenneth groaned as she drank from his neck, mostly pain as she broke his skin with her teeth but also a little pleasure mixed in there as usual. He didn't want to be rough with her but when she didn't stop when he told her too, he knew he had to get her to stop somehow. "Baby," he said softly, frowning when he heard her growl at him and he saw how dark her eyes were. Ken sighed as she ran outside and towards the lake, maybe that had been a bad idea after all. He could still feel some of his blood trickling down his neck so he took care of that to make sure that it stopped bleeding, before he went to grab some bags of blood and shove as many as he could fit into his pockets. Kenneth sighed again as he walked back out to the park before he jumped into the lake and started to look around for Tatiana. When he saw her laying down on the bottom of the lake he swam over and laid down next to her, unsure if he should touch her so he just laid there quietly.
  3. Kenneth Roberts

    Kenneth grinned when she told him that the gala had been a nice surprise. He enjoyed spending time with her doing fun things like this, although he would have been happy to just stay home and dance with her in the living room too. He smiled as she kissed him back before he nodded when she said that she was thirsty, watching as she stood up. "We should get you something to eat then," he replied as he stood up and followed her over to the edge of the roof. Of course he didn't mean at the party though, he didn't really want the ministry getting on them about attacking a wizard or whatever.
  4. Kenneth Roberts

    Kenneth smiled as she snuggled up closer to him, and he wrapped his arm around her waist and rested his cheek on the top of her head. "Anytime, my love," he replied when she thanked him for a beautiful evening. He smiled turned to kiss his cheek before she caressed it. He leaned down to give her a soft kiss on the lips, before he asked "Do you want to call it a night and head home?"
  5. Kenneth Roberts

    Kenneth was a little surprised as someone bumped into him. He was pretty good aabout not walking into people so it almost never happened, unless someone else bumped into him. And he didn't even have to look up to know who it was, he remembered that scent. "Marcus," he replied coldly as he looked at the other man. "Like wise," he said when Marcus told him that he hadn't been expecting to run into him.
  6. Kenneth Roberts

    October 15, 1971 I never thought that I would like working for the ministry, but working in the creature department is actually not that bad. wip
  7. Kenneth Roberts

    March 27, 1967 Tattoos have been beginning all the rage the last few years, so I decided to get my first one. It's on my chest, right over my heart. I had thought about adding a date, maybe our anniversary, or maybe the children's initials but I decided that just the M would be the best.
  8. Kenneth Roberts

    January 7, 1960 It's the beginning of a new era. I hope that this new decade will be the start of a new beginning, a fresh start of sorts. I'm sure that Mary would have wanted me to move on by now. It's going to be hard but even as much as I want to keep loving her, I'm not sure if that's the best idea. I know I had that fling with Alice, but I wasn't in love with her like I was with Mary. My heart will always belong to her but I know I need to open up to the possibility of finding love again.
  9. Kenneth Roberts

    March 27, 1958 I've been back in London for a couple of months, found an apartment and a new job as a recpennist in the creature department. I've transferred my paperwork back into the British ministry and I'm glad I came back. It was the first thing that I did when I reentered the country, but I went back to visit Mary again today. I'm not sure if she knows that I visit her or not, but it helps me to keep talking to her in one way or another. The grandkids are grown and don't remember me, the great-grandkids have never met me. I still keep an eye on them whenever I can, sort of like a guardian angel.
  10. Kenneth Roberts

    January 2, 1958 It's a new year and I've finished packing up my things for my move back to London. There are ways to keep in contact, despite the long distance. And we knew that some day we would have to go our seperaate ways again. But he is the last thing I have of my pervious life, so it's going to be hard. It has been thirty-eighht yars since Mary's death, I need to go home.
  11. Kenneth Roberts

    December 24, 1957 Today is Mary's birthday and I had really wanted to be back in England so I could visit her. But in the end I decided to stay to spend one last Christmas with Anthony. His girlfriend is visiting for the holidays and I know how he likes her. She's a very nice woman and probably one of my favorites out of the women that he has dated. He has told her about our blood and she doesn't seem to really mind. Which is very rare to find in this day and age.
  12. Kenneth Roberts

    December 2, 1957 Anthony is fifty now, but he still looks like he's eighteen. I technically turned ninety-two this year, but I still look like I did at twenty-two. It's rather annoying, knowing that we will never grow old. Today especially I'm feeling lonely and wishing that I was with Mary. I miss her and our daughters, but I know that they are together again. Since he is all grown up, I have been thinking about moving back to England. He doesn't need me anymore, hasn't for a while and I really miss home.
  13. Kenneth Roberts

    Kenneth smirked when he heard Tatiana laughing, knowing that he was getting closer as he climbed up the side of the building. When he got to the roof, he chuckled lightly when she waved at him. "I told you I would," he smirked at her when she winked at him. He walked over and laid down next to her, before he looked up at the stars. "It's a beautiful night."
  14. Kenneth Roberts

    Kenneth frowned as he could hear that cold touch to her voice. He knew that she still wasn't feeling good and he really wished that they could figure out what the problem was. He didn't like that she was always hungry and it was starting to affect her mood. Ken sighed softly when Tatiana told him that her blood lust was making her act weird. "Should we stop at St. Mungo's again?" He replied, hoping that they could maybe figure this out before he smiled softly when she kissed his cheek. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close before he chuckled and shook his head when she asked where they were going. "It's a surprise, but I can give you a hint."
  15. Kenneth Roberts

    Kenneth listened as the other man listed off the things that he was looking for today. He raised an eyebrow at the word "betrothed". He hadn't heard someone use that word in quite a few decades. He had been around for a pretty long time but as far as he knew arranged marriages didn't really happen as much anyway. But that was none of his business as he was in his own relationship and he didn't know these people. "This way," Kenneth told the man as he walked over out from behind the counter and over to the things he needed. He picked up two vials of dittany essence and turned to hand them to Finn. "I don't have any dreamless sleep potions, but I do have the ingredients to make one. If you would like to come back in a few hours?"