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  1. Character Name: Temperance Drake Character Birthday: may 19th Character Age: 28 Country of Residence: Norway Year: N/A House: N/A if not applicable Job: N/A if not applicable Face Claim: amy lee Abilities: N/A if not applicable Creatures: N/A if not applicable Additional Information: n/A
  2. Tempe couldn't help but laugh as Uri spoke, his words making her laugh even more as he stood there. When his next words came out, Tempe smirked a bit as she looked to kinsler then back "..once but I'd rather watch you fuck her.." she said with a satisfying grin sweeping her porcelain features "..let doxy and Dari watch the kids for a bit.." she said "..that's why we pay them.." she added, mentioning the house elves "..I'm sure they won't mind." tempe had employed the two for quite a while, paying them a wage unlike some purebloods, even them having their own rooms. Tempe took Uri by the hand then grabbed kinsler by the hand and leading them down the hall, first stopping by the elves door and asking them to keep an eye on Charlie and braelynn and watching the girls who were sleeping. seconds later, she was back to leading them to the bedroom and locking the door behind them with a satisfying grin on her face. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ meanwhile kinsler had a rather curious look to her face as she was being led to their room, not even enough time to comment as her cheeks blushed a bright shade of crimson, slowly creeping over the rest of her face as Tempe closed the door behind them and locking the door "are you serious.." she said, tilting her head abit as Tempe let go. She wasn't sure if he was kidding or what. kinsler tilted her head slightly as if trying to wrap her head around things as she backed up slightly, not realizing the bed was right behind her, causing her to topple over onto the bed, the only thing she could grab onto was uri's arm, pulling him down with her.
  3. Is it bad to want to watch my boyfriend fuck my best friend? 


    @Uristan Grange ?

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      Uristan Grange

      You could have just said yes. 

    2. Temperance Drake

      Temperance Drake

      Duh but this is fun

    3. Temperance Drake
  4. Tempe smiled a bit as Uri kissed her cheek, a soft pink hue growing as she watched her daughter bouncing off the ottoman "..hunny he'll be here soon." She said with a slight laugh as she shook her head "you never did decide what you guys wanna do for dinner tonight brae..." she said with a smile. tempe had never thought that she could live someone so dearly and here she had braelynn and Jeffrey and now Uri and his daughter. Something felt at home and peaceful. "so you better decide before he gets here or I'm making pot roast.." she said, knowing braelynn would curl a nose to that choice.