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  1. Marcus bumped into aomeone, not really expecting it. Not really caring that he had. He hadn't said sorry. It wasn't in his nature. Besides he knew who it was "kenneth.." He said with a sour expression on his face. He really hasn't taken the separation very well, but as long as Tatiana was happy was all that matter to him. They still their daughter together "didnt expect to run into you..' He said with a blank tone to his voice.
  2. Marcus made his way into town, perturbed as to the events that transpired the last few weeks. Yes he had found Tatiana but he hadnt managed to bring her back to stay with him. They had a daughter together which they had agreed to not argue about but for once he was letting her do what she wanted to do. Marcus shook his head at the thought of Tatiana married to someone else although she was supposed to be his forever. That didnt sit well but what was he supposes to do now? He lnew how stubborn she was when he turned her and when he married her and he had promised her that he would give her what she wanted. Even if he wasnt happy about it. Pulling his coat closer towards himself although he wasnt cold, marcus contiued to walk down the street as the sun finally went down and turned to ight as people started to thin out in the crowd.
  3. "Ommm?...if you keep at that im not gonna last much longer tat.." He grunted.." He said as his hips arched towards her mouth, wanting to feel more. He wasnt used to that at all but it felt amazing and if she wabted ti do it, was he going to deny her. Hell no. He got pleasure out of knowing that sge was enjoying herself just as nuch as he was. "Fuck tat..i cant hold on much more..." He seethed out, his fingers running through her hair as her mouth webt tighter around him. He felt the need vto come already and he wasnt about To do it in her mouth.
  4. Marcus stood there looking at both of them for a moment before gathering his composure and nodding " ok lets go.." He said, looking to his daughter ans knowing what she wanted without her wven speaking a word. She had always had that effect on him. Marcus sighed a bit as he ran a hand through his hair before imitating a smile and waiting with the door open tp let them go out forst before he followed them put "anything you guys want and maybe we can get some stuff for the house to..i mean pick something together... Like a tree for that holiday thing..."
  5. Character Name: marcus versum Character Birthday: april 9 Character Age: 200+ Country of Residence: united Kingdom Year: N/A House: N/A Job: N/A Face Claim: dominic cooper Abilities: omnilinguism Creatures: vampire Additional Information: N/A
  6. Ok so he was seriously debating on just not going. A shopping trip with two females. And him carrying all the bags. But for one he cared for his daughter and she has asked him On mOre than one occasion for an outing. So he was at an impasse. "Its not like you havent seen me naked before" he said as he started to get dressed, pulling up his pants and putting on his shirt. Letting his hand run through his hair as he tucked away the necklace that hung around his neck the ministry gave him into his shirt, and had put his blazer and shoes on then made his way down to his daughter with tatiana "ok..lets go before i decide to go back on my word.." He said, having more than enough coin for them to buy everything if they wanted.
  7. Yes he was confused as to what she was doing. The sensation of her mouth on his member brought a gutroll growl sound that reverberated off the walls a bit as he gripped the bed beneath him, thanking the stars that their daughter had her headphones in "mghgnnmmm" he growled out, a mix of sebsation sweeping over his cold body az if almost sparking something new. It felt good. Marcus couldnt help but watch for a moment as her looked to what she was she was doing to him, still confused a bit before he lay back and closed his eyes, growling out as he enjoyed the sensation, becoming even more turned on than before " fuck that feels so good..."
  8. It was a completely new and utterly euphoric sensation to marcus as he let tatiana take the regins, letting her control things, this once, letting her have her own way in things even though in his head it was hard as hell to just not pin her down ans clamp onto her. Restraint was the key. Marcus had changed quite a bit all these years and it showed as he lookes up to her, the need to have her back home taking over in more ways than one as her growl with an animalistic reverberation as his fingers gripped her hips tightly " fuck tat.." He seethed out as he thrust up higher into wanting to go deeper than her ever had before.
  9. Marcus gritted his teeth As he fucked her. He was nearly close, wanting to fill her in more ways than one but was taken by surprise when she flipped him onto his back, feeling her riding him. His senses were lit ablaze just knowing that she was doing this of her own accord, wanting her to want to be with him. a growl of heated arousal filled the room, nipping his lower lip as her brought his hands to roam up her stomach "..mmm tat.." he called out, his eyes shutting for a mere moment as his hands reached her hips. He was allowing her to control the speed, something he had only ever done. But he wanted her all to himself.
  10. "..oh you want more.." he said with an almost heated growl, slipping back down to her thighs and delving his tongue back in harder and faster than before, his hands on her stomAch as he hummed against her clit. something so foreign about being with her made it that much more exciting as he rubbed her clit faster and faster "..mmm Tatiana .," he moaned out against her lower folds, lapping up her juices as he tries to hold on a bit more but couldn't. in mere seconds, Marcus removed his tongue from her and replaced his tongue with his rather hard cock, slamming deep inside her and clawing at the bedsheets as he began tucking her harder and harder, wanting to hear her unravel as he gave her everything "..mmm fuck.," he called out as he rocked their bodies harder and faste agsibdt the bed, unsure of how much longer he would be able to hold on. it had been far too long.
  11. Marcus smirked a bit as he heard her words, then went back to teasing her with his mouth as she called out his name, bucking up to meet the sensation "How can I be sure...mm..by this" he got against her lower folds, waiting for a moment before delving his tongue deep inside her, wanting to hear her squeal out like she had when they first got together. Moving his tongue in and out rather quickly, Marcus had already removed his attire, completely naked as he continued,wanting her to beg for him to let her release as he enjoyed her. "..mmm my beautiful minx.." he called out, moving his tongue faster as faster into her as his fingers danced over her clit, to intensify the sensation "..come on..let it go.." he called out as he waited for her to get close before he stopped, standing before her in all his rather impressive glory l.
  12. Marcus couldn't help but continue, feeling the way her body ached for his touch, despite her saying that would be unwise. Instead he watched her for a bit, like when he first had met her, his gaze following her every move as she moved towards the window "..oh would it.." he said with an almost heated growl, knowing the windows were bolted shut as he stepped to her rather quickly and picked her up against the wall, pinning her as he pressed against her thighs "..don't you like it.." he whispered in her ear, letting his teeth lightly graze her neck as he held her to the wall, his free hand roaming over her body, wanting to get a reaction from her as he moved towards her thighs, wanting to touch her. "..Come..on...I know you want to.." he said with a challenge laced behind his words. She had always been stubborn and he knew how to get to her. By tell her she couldn't handle it. marcus lifted her from the wall and dropped her on the bed, pinning her hands to the bed for s moment before he skimmed his hands under her waist band and stripped them off, letting his lips caress her sweet spot, his tongue moving through her lower folds for a moment. Oh how his missed her.
  13. Marcus coukdntbhekp but growl slightly as she pulled away, not used to having another female pull from him the way she did. When she spoke of his family and the council, Marcus nodded as she walked down the hall "..sone other time.." he said, following her, watching her hips sway as she walked, feeling an old forgotten lust that he had not used since she left. Opening the door to his room, Marcus invited her in, the door almost shutting silently behind her ""..this is my room...dark curtains for when I do decide to take a relax to myself" he said as he walked up behibd her , no noise and slowly started caressing her neck, his hands shaking around her waist and down towards her thighs "..or we can make use of the bed.." he said as his hands dipped lower, starting to rub her through her clothes.
  14. "..I only got this place because it was closer like I said." Marcus answered once more as he nodded to viola when she was leaving. When tat asked about the big house, Marcus let his hand lay over hers as he stood there with her. "..certainly..we can plan an event...maybe invite a few people..maybe a welcome home party." He said with a rather husky sound to his voice "..I'm glad that you are home love.." he said to her, a glisten of something showinf for a slight moment. he was unsure of her thoughts overall but he hoped that she was glad to be home.
  15. Marcus stood there watching them, a soft spot still in his cold dead heart as he looked to Tatiana who motioned for them to join "..for a bit.." he said as she moved closer, pulling up a chair near the bed and looking at the scrapbook with them. "she really does look like you inso many ways" he said, looking at the book then sitting back to watch them. Marcus wasn't sure what else to say as he watched viola And Tatiana looking at pictures and memories of what happened while they had been looking for her "..and I still have our home in London..this was just closer to you.." he said to Tatiana. sucking in a soft breath, Marcus sat straight in the chair "..viola...hun...I don't mean to cut this short..but I'd really like to spend some time with mother before dinner..do you mind.." he said,looking to her then tat "..I promise after dinner we can do whatever you want.."