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  1. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    Brooklyn winked at him playfully when Seth called her bossy, before he took his next turn. Once he was done she reached over to grab her next card which showed two orange squares. Luckily for her the second one was the last orange square on the board and brought her almost to the finish line.
  2. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    Brooklyn's eyes widened just slightly when Seth told her that he would wash her mouth out with soap. She wanted to suggest that there was something else he could use instead, but she decided against it. She saw him shaking his head as she hadn't been firm enough with her swing, before he took his own turn. "How are you so good at this?" n
  3. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    "Well, lucky for you I do." Brook teased him when he said that some people didn't like the snow. She actually really liked snow and she always liked making ice cream or snow cones out of it. After she had set her spoon down, she picked up her glass again and took another sip. She nodded when Seth told her that he went boxing four or five times a week. "Would it be alright if I went with you one day? Maybe you could teach me something?"
  4. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    Brooklyn smiled when she heard him sigh before she rest her head on his chest. She giggled at what he said as he stroked her hair softly. She ran one of her hands up his body before she traced her fingers in random patterns on his chest. She let him recover for a moment as she wasn't done with him just yet, she still wanted to feel him inside her after all.
  5. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    Brooklyn ran her hands up Seth's body as she leaned up to place a kiss on his stomach. She chuckled lightly as he grabbed her arms and pulled her closer before she laid down next to him, snuggling close as she wrapped her arms around his waist. "Happy birthday," she smiled as she sat up to kiss his cheek.
  6. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    "Of course," Brooklyn smiled at him when he asked if she really did like the surprise. "It's absolutely beautiful here. Plus we don't exactly get much snow in England." Considering that she had lived her whole life in England she hadn't really seen much snow, so this was a nice surprise. Even if it was super cold she still wanted to play in the snow with him, maybe having a snowball fight or making snow angels. Things she hadn't done in a very long time. "Just practice, I don't want to see you actually get hurt."
  7. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    Brooke raised an eyebrow when the girl told her that graduation was in a week but she had managed to slip away cause classes were over. "Would you say you're a good student? Hard working and usually on time?" Of course she could probably figure that out from the school, but she wanted to hear Cherry's opipion too. She wrote down what Cherry said before she asked her, "Tell me a little about yourself?"
  8. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    Brooklyn smiled back at him before she reached into her pocket to grab her wand and wave it over her lap, turning her blanket into a heated blanket as she was still a little cold. "Likewise," she winked at Seth, chuckling softly when he told her that she was the perfect person to share this with. She ate a little bit more of her soup before she set her spoon down in the bowl. "When are you going boxing again?" She asked randomly as the thought crossed her mind.
  9. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    "I know," Brook told him before she playfully stuck her tongue out at Seth. She was glad that they had the kind of relationship where they could joke around with each other, otherwise where was the fun in that. She nodded when Seth told her to be gentle but also firm with her swing, which she tried to do but the ball only went a couple of inches and decided to stop.
  10. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    Brook chuckled with him when he started laughing, before she blushed lightly when he called her cupcake. "Just take your next turn," she told him as she nudged his shoulder playfully. She reached over to the bowl of now cold popcorn and grabbed a handful before she poured some into her mouth.
  11. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    Of course Brooklyn was enjoying herself, she had been daydreaming about doing this for months. She looked up at him when he cursed before she smirked when she realized why and she hummed happily when she made him come for the first time. She was sure that some had gotten in her hair but she didn't care at that moment. Brook pulled her mouth away from his balls so she could lick her tongue back up his shaft and catch any drops that were there.
  12. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    Brook smiled back at Seth before she playfully shook her head at him when he said that he was awesome. After they walked off to the next putting hole, she asked if he wanted to go first before she walked up to the course when he told her to go first. So she bent over to set her ball down on the ground before she studied the course for a second. This one was a little trickier as the whole course was raised up with water around it and obviously if you hit your ball into the water you would lose.
  13. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    Brooklyn playfully rolled her eyes at Seth when he disagreed with her before he winked at her. "Well, regardless, I'm really glad you brought me here." She smiled as she set her wine glass back down on the table, before she picked up her spoon and ate some of her soup.
  14. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    Brooklyn smirked when he teased her back and nudged her. "Guilty," she winked at him. She moved closer to him so she could rest her head against his arm and she smiled as they enjoyed this quality time together.
  15. Isabelle Brooklyn Edwards

    Brooklyn opened her eyes to look up at Seth as she pulled her mouth off of him, before she playfully nipped and kisses his thighs as she continued to use her hand to stroke him. She giggled softly under her breath when she heard him hiss again when she started playing with his balls. She moaned as she leaned forward to suckle the base of his cock while her hand stroked him a little faster, before she sucked one of his balls into her mouth and teased it with her tongue.