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  1. Once she had the cards all shuffled, Brook set them down on their spot on the board. "Not really," she replied as she put her blue piece on the starting spot. She nodded when he said that she could go first so she reached over to grab the top card from the stack. "Boo," she chuckled when she saw that the card only one orange square, which of course was the very first square on the board.
  2. Brooklyn laughed with him when he started laughing at what she said. She raised an eyebrow when he asked if she was sure about that, before she chuckled again. "I really hope not," she replied. She would feel even more weird if she was erectly crushing on someone who was a jerk. Brook watched as his ball went through the loop and right into the hole. "You are welcome," she smiled back at him.
  3. Brooklyn smiled up at him after he kissed her back, before she held onto his arm as she slipped and regained her step. Thankfully she safely made it to her seat before she sat down across from him. "Wine sounds nice."
  4. Brooklyn couldn't remember the last time a guy had gone down on her, which in this moment was obviously a good thing. Although her plan had been to completely focus on Seth since it was his birthday and all, she was perfectly happy with this too. She bit down on her lip when she heard him groan and looked down at him between her legs, which was an incredibly hot sight. Brook ran her free hand through her hair before she arched her back and moaned again when he used his tongue on her clit.
  5. Brooklyn chuckled softly with him when he said that he was all muscle and strength. "Well, at least you don't use that strength for evil," she teased him. She was standing to the side of him as she knew that if she tried to help him from behind that she wouldn't be able to see over his shoulder considering how much taller he was than her. They did a practice swing together before she helped him with a real swing and waited to see how fall the ball would go.
  6. Brook nodded when he told her that he did know how to play. She sat back down next to him on the couch and pulled the coffee table closer to them. She picked out her piece, the little blue man, before she picked up the cards so she could shuffle them while he picked out which piece he wanted.
  7. Brooklyn leaned up on her tippy toes so she could give Seth a kiss, before she turned to walk over to the table. She slipped on a patch of ice but she was able to stay on her feet just fine. "I'm alright," she chuckled nervously after she had slipped. She was glad that she hadn't fallen on her ass in front of him. Brooklyn thanked Seth after she sat down and he had pushed her chair in and given her a blanket. "This is really nice," she smiled at him as she fixed her blanket so it was covering her lap and her legs.
  8. Brooklyn smirked softly when she heard him grunt after she said that she wanted to lay down. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck when he picked her up before he carried her off to his bedroom. Once he laid her down on the bed she shimmied out of her underwear so she was completely naked for him. She gasped lightly, a little surprised as he pulled her to the edge of the bed before she rest her legs on his shoulders. She nibbled her lower lip when she felt his hand on her, before she moaned when she felt his tongue. One of her hands held onto the sheets while the other rest on the back of his head.
  9. Brooklyn was really glad that she was here with him. This was something that she could see them doing again in the future, maybe she could join in with his tradition of coming every year. She raised an eyebrow as Seth leaned over to talk to the driver, before she grinned when she saw the little table that was waiting for them. "Seth!" She chuckled, surprised before she accepted his help out of the carriage. "You're just full of surprises, aren't you?" She asked, smiling at him before she walked over to the table.
  10. "I understand," Brook smiled at him when he explained what he had meant. She nodded when he agreed to her help and set her club down before she walked over to him. "It's all about having the right amount of force behind your swing." She told him as she placed her hands over his on his golf club. She guided his hands back for a practice swing, before trying a real swing.
  11. Brooklyn smiled softly when he said that he wanted to stay, which she was happy about because she didn't want him to leave just yet either. "Let's start with Candyland," she replied as she sat back down next to him and pulled the game out of the pile of other games. "Do you know how to play?" She asked as she took the lid off the box and pulled the board out.
  12. Brooklyn hummed happily as he paid special attention to her hips with his kisses. She smirked softly as she looked down at him, nestled nicely between her legs. "Lay down," she replied when he asked if she wanted to sit or lay down. She didn't mind staying where they were but being in a bed sounded more comfortable. She hummed again in anticipation for what they were about to do.
  13. Brooklyn was sitting behind the counter, reading one of the prenatal books that she sold in the store. She wasn't expecting but someday she wanted to have a child, especially with her boyfriend Seth. She looked up when she heard the front door open and smiled as she set the book down on the counter. She stood up and walked over to meet Cherry in front of the counter. "Hello!" She greeted the other woman as she held out her hand to her. "My name is Brooklyn, I'm the owner. It's nice to meet you, Cherry."
  14. Brook smiled back at him when Seth told her that he hadn't missed a year. "That's a nice tradition,'' she replied as she snuggled up to him and leaned her head against his shoulder. She sipped at her hot chocolate as she looked around at the beautiful snow covered enivornment around them.
  15. "True," Brooklyn agreed when he said that sometimes people had to have the idea before they realized that they needed something. She watched as he took another swing before she chuckled lightly with him when his ball bounced off the ramp. "Do you want some help?" She asked, a small amount of teasing in her tone but also seriousness and willing to help if he wanted.