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  1. Aleksander Feldt

    Alek was so excited about finally being able to spend their birthdays together with his fiancé. He had never been to Tromso before so it would be exciting to be able to explore this new part of their country with Kirito. He wasn't entirely sure why they were taking muggle transport, but with his bags packed he was ready to go on their little vacation! He knew that Kirito had had a crazy busy day at work, so this would be nice for them to be able to just relax. They could do whatever they wanted the next few days and just enjoy each others company, rather it be sexually or not he didn't really care. As long as they were together. As they walked down the stairs of the station, Alek giggled as he heard Kirito ooo'ed and aww'ed at everything before he starting clinging to him. "What time is the train supposed to be here?" He asked as he fixed the strap of his bag on his shoulder.
  2. Aleksander Feldt

    Alek smiled back after he kissed his boyfriend back, before he blushed lightly as Kirito whispered against his lips. "Thank you for being my Prince Charming," he winked at the other man. He smiled when he felt Kirito running his fingers along his chest, it felt pretty good as they were laying there after having sex. Alek nodded when Kirito mentioned making dinner soon, before he talked about inviting his mother other sometimes. "That sounds wonderful. And dinner sounds great, but I think a nap is in order first." He giggled softly as he caressed his hand up and down Kirito's back.
  3. Aleksander Feldt

    Alek was still a little surprised that they had been able to finish so many times when they had only first started having sex earlier in the day. They had tried so many new and different things, and he had really enjoyed all of them. There had been something different about Kirito during that last round but he kind of liked how wild it had been. Feeling Kirito finish inside of him was also more erotic than he previously would have thought. Before he probably would have been grossed out by the idea but now, now he realized that he actually liked feeling his boyfriend fill him up with his seed. Alek smirked when he heard Kirito gasp before he let out a moan of his own when he felt him release into his bottom. He smiled as his boyfriend laid down on top of him and he reached up to lightly play with his hair, before he giggled at what he said. "Let's just lay here than," he agreed.
  4. Aleksander Feldt

    Aleksander Feldt YOU'RE THE ONLY THING I WANNA TOUCH NEVER KNEW THAT IT COULD MEAN SO MUCH Daan van der Deen | 25 | Job coming soon | Gay | Dating (Kirito) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FULL NAME Aleksander Feldt NICKNAMES Alek, Al AGE Twenty-five BIRTHDAY Coming soon HOUSE Durmstrang, BLOOD STATUS Halfblood OCCUPATION Coming soon WAND Coming soon APPERANCE Coming soon DISTINGUISHING FEATURES Coming soon BOGGART Coming soon PATRONUS Coming soon AMORTENTIA Coming soon LIKES Coming soon DISLIKES Coming soon STRENGTHS Coming soon WEAKNESSES Coming soon FAMILY Father: . Mother: . Siblings: . Spouse: Kirito Yudichok. Children: . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  5. Aleksander Feldt

    Alek bit down on his lower lip as he stared up at his fiance and moaned loudly as Kirito pounded into him. He let out a soft whimper of need as Kirito pushed his hand away before he thrust his hips up into his hand as he started to stroke him for him. He could feel the build getting higher and he knew that he was going to find his release soon enough, even if the other man didn't answer him. Alek reached down to grab Kirito's leg and squeeze it before he moaned when he saw him nod. With just a couple more deep, hard thrusts into his tight bottom he cried out as he released himself all over his stomach. He moaned lightly as he kissed Kirito back, reaching up to tangle his fingers in his hair and hold onto the back of his head as their tongues danced together.
  6. Aleksander Feldt Job WIP - 23 - Halfblood - Homosexual Nationality = German & Polish - Accent = Polish * Character Lore. Engaged to Kirito Yudichok Playby: Dann van der Deen May 2023 {M} Just Browsing w/ Kirito June 2023 * {M} Trip to the Beach w/ Kirito November 2024 * Birthday Blues w/ Kirito
  7. Beginning of RP Alek moaned out, half pain and half pleasure, as he felt Kirito bite down on his neck. He gasped in surprise as the other man moved him into a more vulnerable position, with his knees pressed up to his chest and he stared up at his boyfriend with lust filled eyes. He noticed as Kirito watched himself thrust in and out of his bottom, and he moaned loudly when he said that he was going to cum in him over and over again. He arched his back against the couch and lifted his ass up more, before he reached down to wrap his hand around his cock as he stared up at Kirito. He was surprised by this sudden change to his boyfriend but he also found it kind of hot as he felt himself throbbing in his hand as he stroked himself. Alek gasped again when he felt Kirito slap his ass before he cried out as he pounded into him. "Can I cum, baby?" He panted, feeling the need to ask permission to have his orgasm although he normally wouldn't have.