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  1. Braelynn Drake

    "Yep. He should be here any time now." She was saying when a knock sounded at the door. "Like now for instance. Do you want to give the cheese a stir?" Finger foods was the name of the evening's spread. Every thing from fruit to steak bites was scattered across the table, with cheese dip in the middle for fun. Heading for the door she pulled it open with a grin. "Hey stranger, how are you?"
  2. Braelynn Drake

    Brae suppressed an eye roll as her family followed her in. She loved each and every one of them, but she was starting to think the pool house might not be far enough away after the wedding. Watching Dana slip around the bar to fill her brother's mug. "Ya we can do a girls day on Sunday! I'll ask Tyler to pack us a treat basket. The one he sent for me and Charles after we announced the engagement was absolutely heavenly."
  3. Braelynn Drake

    Brae slipped into her man's arms as soon as she saw him. Kissing Charles hello cause she could now. "Mmhmm, a couple of someones. You & Jami." Looking up at her fellow she sucked in her bottom lip. "Do you remember him?" Jamison Kelbi had been a year ahead of them, and a hufflepuff. He'd approached Brae to see if Charles was open to advances when they were in 6th year. Getting close enough to see Charlie was in love with Lynnie he'd never brought it up before leaving school, though BraeLynn had stayed in contact. She was curious how tonight might go.
  4. Braelynn Drake

    Brae nodded into Dana's stunned words, and grinned like a fool at the yes. Wrapping her arms warmly around the other girl. "With your red hair, you're the only other one in this family that can pull off the shade of green I have in mind for our dresses." She giggled with a wink. Reaching for her drink to take a sip. "I was kinda hoping in two weeks? Most of the planning is done, once the date is set, but we'll need 6-8 hours at some point this week so I can fit & finish your outfits."
  5. Lynnie had pretty much taken over the pool house as a residence since she'd finished school. It gave her a certain amount of freedom from Jeffrey. Tonight she had a friend from school coming to visit, though she hadn't told Charles why he should hurry up and get here already. She was so ready for the wedding, and the opportunities that would follow. She still couldn't believe they had been interrupted whe she'd tried to make her move at the springs. Brae knew Jami had had a crush on Charles, but she was still hoping this weekend would be awesome. Wearing a soft, green sundress the witch flitted around the kitchen preparing snacks.
  6. Braelynn Drake

    "Well... Me and Charles were talking the other night, about how it would be cool to have someone from each others family in the bridal party... Just, with Jeff, you know." Brae rambled on a minute trying to get to her point, her fingers twisting together. "Would you wanna?"
  7. Braelynn Drake

    Brae didn't hear what was being said, but she did notice Xara blatantly pointing in her direction, so she headed for the small gathering of women at the end of the bar. "Hey guys. You look busy." She teased. She'd seen a good busy night in here before. Tonight was not it. Ordering a rum and sprite the little red head turned to Dana, the target of this visit. "What's your schedule look like next month?"
  8. Character Name:Braelynn drake Character Birthday:may 30 Character Age:6 Country of Residence:norway Year: (N/A if not applicable)na House: (N/A if not applicable)na Job: (N/A if not applicable)na Face Claim: need a new one Abilities: (N/A if not applicable) Creatures: (N/A if not applicable)na Additional Information: (N/A if not applicable)na
  9. Braelynn Drake

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