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  1. Braelynn Drake

    Brae didn't even look at the ring. She tossed her arms around his neck as her feet left the floor. Kissing Charles was as natural as breathing, and fucking hot. Braelynn realized for the first time in her life, that it wasn't her job to say no anymore. Moaning softly in dismay when the man boy set her back to her feet. Lynnie's breath was still coming fast when he started talking again. She couldn't help cracking a grin at... That is if you want. She'd always wanted a small family, and she knew he knew it. They had discussed loudly more than once if any number between 2 & 5 was the ideal number of kids. Still, that wasn't what was on her mind. Still grinning Brae looked up at her man with flirty eyes and asked, "What is included in all?" Running a finger down his chest, and over his stomach, to catch on the waist of his jeans.
  2. Braelynn Drake

    Brae watched in silence as Charles came to her and dropped to one knee. Where he pulled the ring from was completely lost on her, but she eyed the lovely emerald surounded by little diamonds, and she slowly started to nod. "Yes." The word was a breath. She was ready for this adventure too. Catching her bottom lip between her teeth she wondered if Charles would kiss her tonight. There hadn't been much of that in their relationship. Cuddles stopped at a line, and the woman had waited patiently for there to be more. Not because she didn't spend hours wondering curiously, but because she was scared. Charlie was her best friend. If she lost him she'd be devistated.
  3. Braelynn Drake

    Watching her best friend open his gift, Brae couldn't contain a happy laugh. "I'm glad you like it. I figured she'd need a bigger home when we get married and I move in with my Eve." Speaking of the cat Braelynn wondered what she was up too. Usually she came running when Charles showed up. It was about then that the puppy whined. Looking down to get the ribbon off his lower jaw, she was in the proccess of untying it when she realized what it said. Pulling the ribbon up into the air she asked the all important question. "You sure you're ready?" It wasn't something they even really talked about, but both young adults knew they had been all but promised to each other from birth. No one had called it arranged, but it might as well have been. It helped that as they had grown they had stayed close. Lynnie had just always known they would get married one day, and not once in all that time had the boy failed her. At 14 they had agreed not to sleep together till they were ready to get married. Mostly in responce to Brae's friend's relationship crashing horribly when she slept with a boy she'd been snogging all over the castle for weeks. Braelynn was sure if she was more excited or scared he was going to say Yes.
  4. Braelynn Drake

    Brae giggled scooping up the black and tan ball of fur as it made every attempt to to lick every inch of her face. "You might as well open yours now too." She spoke, still too busy handling the wiggles to bother noticing things like what the ribbon might say. She wanted to see the expression on his face when Charles opened the paper to find the double decker hand made cage for his owl.
  5. Braelynn Drake

    "You thought it would sleep?" The expression on her face didn't clear. Ever since he'd given her a jarvey in 4th year they had tactically agreed not to give living gifts while they were still living with their parents. Granted, now at 17, they were done with school and could choose not to live at home. Getting up slowly the dark haired girl headed for the significantly smaller parcel under the tree. That's when the box jumped. Brae screamed, but the sound turned to a squeal when the lid bopped and a little brown nose snuffed out to see what was the commotion. Dropping to her knees the girl pulled open the box to see just what Charles had gotten her.
  6. Braelynn Drake

    "I keep trying to tell you... Step parents aren't that bad. Just look at papa. Mostly he keeps mom out of my hair." Uri had stuck around through everything, and most of the time Brae loved him for it. She didn't really remember her father anymore, but she didn't feel slighted. "What did you do?" She looked at the boy with narrowed eyes as the tree started making noise. Normally gifts happened after the movie.
  7. Braelynn Drake

    Brae was in her room when Charles bopped into the house like he owned the place. She heard him call her name. "Hold on!" And the thumping around that haralded their yearly tradition. Putting one last curl on the ribbon of her own gift, the girl picked up the unwieldy, but light, container and headed for the stairs. Walking in on her best friend as he stuffed a cookie in his mouth. "Couldn't wait, huh?" She teased walking over to set her gift under the tree as well. It was Christmas eve, and their parents had taken the littles to Sarah's annual party. She and Charles had never had to go, having already been 11 when they started being thrown by Uri's friend. Jeff said the parties were awesome, Chelsea & Rae said they were boring. Brae was totally content to stay home with her bestie and be stupid. "Have you figured out who your mom's been running off to see yet?" She asked as she headed for the couch. Falling into it's squishy softness beside him. It had only been a couple of weeks but Kinz was definitely up to something.
  8. Character Name:Braelynn drake Character Birthday:may 30 Character Age:6 Country of Residence:norway Year: (N/A if not applicable)na House: (N/A if not applicable)na Job: (N/A if not applicable)na Face Claim: need a new one Abilities: (N/A if not applicable) Creatures: (N/A if not applicable)na Additional Information: (N/A if not applicable)na
  9. Braelynn Drake

    "Jeff is never gonna stay outta my room now..." The girl came to the horrifying conclusion out loud as her friend ran for the ladder. Still watching Charles run for the slide she couldn't help a grin. She was doing a slow walk through of the room she knew couldn't be this big. It felt as big as the whole house, that was when she found the doll house. The little people were only like 3 inches tall, but there was a whole family, plus cat and dog and horse and pig. And a dragon. But it was what was next to the doll house that held the girls attention. 3 little toy brooms. "Come see what I found!!" She screeched.
  10. Braelynn Drake

    Brae tumbled right over on her bum as the human missile of her best friend collided with her front. Wrapping her arms around him the girl gave the boy a huge hug. "Mum says you can even sleep in my room!" She almost squealed. Most of the time sleep overs had to sleep in the office, and you couldn't jump on that bed. Papa Uri had gotten her a surprise for when Charles got here, and that was when it dawned on the girl. "We gotta go see my room!" She stopped him as he started pulling out toys. She grabbed the strap of his bag, motioning violently for him to hurry and bring his stuff. "Papa made us surprise." And she ran off up the stairs to her still closed door. ((Go look at Braelynn's Room.))
  11. Braelynn Drake

    Curl a nose? Brae almost gagged when her mom threatened pot roast. Dry meat, covered in weird veggies. Um No. "Broccoli!" You know the kind with cheese sauce. She was telling her mother when she finally heard the car pull up in the drive. Jumping on the ottoman the little girl gave a scream of delight, and clapped her hands to see her bestie coming out of the car beside his mother. She thought it was awesome her mom and Auntie could drive. Lots of wizards didn't, and Braelynn was gonna when she got big. Running to the door she plastered herself to the window beside it. Making faces at Charles, she was tall enough, but not allowed to touch the front door knob.
  12. Brae bounced into the living room looking for her Papa. "When is Charles gonna get here already?" She asked all dramatic like as she flopped on the ottoman in front of her parents. It had been months since she'd seen her best friend and there was lots to do this summer. @Kinsler Monroe, @Uristan Grange, @Temperance Drake, @Charles Monroe
  13. Braelynn Drake

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