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  1. Alex nodded when Zade said to write down whatever they wanted to eat and he would order his own food. She smiled when he told them that his parents were still in the picture, it would be nice that their children would still have grandparents. She chuckled when he said that he would always make time for them before he walked off to take his shower. Alex smiled back at Skylar when she said that that had gone better than she thought it would. "Well, he has always wanted kids and a lot of them from what I remember," she reminded her girlfriend.
  2. "No no, we don't need more," Alex chuckled when he called over a waiter and asked for more onion rings. She had her own food after all, she could control herself to not take all of his food. She pouted when he said that he didn't like the name Michael, but it was alright. She was sure that they would be able to agree on something before he arrived. Alex nodded in agreement when Zade said that they should find a book and pick out some names they both liked. "We should probably get a couple, to give us more ideas." She replied before she ate a few of her French fries. She looked up when the music stopped and she saw a woman come out to play the piano. Alex smiled as she started playing footies with Zade. "You spoil me too much," she sighed happily. She knew between the two of them and Skylar that their son was going to be spoiled rotten.
  3. Alex grinned when she heard Zade moan before he had to bite down on his hand. She could feel him getting harder under her foot and she giggled softly when she saw him blushing. "I'm pretty flexible," she winked at her boyfriend. He of all people would know how flexible she could be. Clearly she wasn't taking this very seriously though, since she was still using her foot to stroke over him. As she pulled her foot away she looked around the restaurant to make sure no one was around or looking at them, before she climbed under their table which thankfully had a tablecloth that went down to the floor so no one was able to see her anyway. Alex settled herself between Zade's legs as she reached up to unzip his pants and pull out his hard cock. She let her fingers dance over him for a moment before she leaned forward and licked her tongue up the underside of his shaft.
  4. Alex laughed softly when he wiggled his eyebrows at her. She smirked at him when he pinned her to the wall before he winked at her and leaned in to kiss her. She kissed him back, groaning softly when he bit down on her lower lip. She raised an eyebrow questioningly when he unpinned her and held out his hand for her, before she placed her hand in his.
  5. Alex smiled lightly when she heard Skylar say she was awake and ask where they were going. "My water broke. I'm in labor," she told the other woman calmly. Despite the fact that she was incredibly uncomfortable with her gaint stomach and that the baby was clearly making it known that he was awake as well, she was very excited to meet him and be able to hold him for the first time. She nodded when Zade reminded her how to breathe, as if she had forgotten in the last few minutes. She placed her hands on his shoulders to keep her balance as she stepped into her pants. While he went to get their bags, she walked back over to where she had been sleeping and grabbed her wand from the nightstand so she could clean up the bed and to make sure that she had it with her when they left.
  6. Alex added a little extra salt to her French fries because she liked them salty and she had been cutting back on the salt because of the baby. Of course she did this while Zade was in the bathrrom so he wwouldn't be ab;e to see that she was adding more salt, before she picked up somee of the fries and nibbled at thim. She smiled as she watched him walk back over to their table before she sat down and placed his napkin back on his lap. Alex nodded when he said that they needed to come up with baby names. She picked up half of her sandwich and took a bite out of it while she tried to think of some names. "How does Michael sound?" She smiled at him as she placed her sandwich back down on her plate, before she reached over to grab another one of his onion rings.
  7. Alex caressed her hand over her stomach as she heard him sigh more than once. She didn't want to be mad at him simply because she didn't want to be mad at him but also because she didn't want any harm to come to their son. She just shrugged with him when he said that he had been trying to play earlier when they had been at the pool. Alex smirked when she heard Zade moan as she rubbed her foot over his crotch and he had to cover his mouth. "Oh I can assure you, I have loads of experience," she smirked back at him.
  8. Alex moaned lightly when he suckled her neck, he knew that that was one of her weak points and was probably purposely teasing her. She just rolled her eyes at him when he giggled against her neck. "Really?" She replied with a chuckle of her own when he asked if she was hungry or thristy. "You're just going to tease me and turn me on, and ask me if I'm hungry for food?" She teased him as she pressed her body up against his.
  9. Alex caressed her large stomach as she grabbed her hospital bag before sitting it down on the end of their bed. She noticed Zade waking up and getting out of bed, but she couldn't really pay attention to him as she leaned against the wall to have her first contraction. She closed her eyes and groaned softly as Zade put his clothes on. Once it had paaassed soon afterwards, she opened her eyes and watched him pull on some sweatpants. Alex nodded when he asked if she needed help getting dressed. Even though it was only February, it still got warm enough with three people in the bed that she slept naked most of the time. "Please," she sighed as she handed him a pair of her own sweatpants, so he could hold them for her while she stepped into them. Once she had some pants on, Alex pulled on a baggy tshirt because she wasn't about to show up at the hosiptal half naked. After she was dressed she looked over at Skylar who seemed to be still asleep. "Should we wake her or just leave a note?"
  10. Alex smiled when Skylar mentioned joining her for some movies, before she raised an eyebrow when she asked if there was enough room on the couch. "Are you suggesting there isn't enough room?" She knew that was huge but she definitely didn't take up the whole couch. Aleex made her hot chocolate and one for Skylar as well before she held out one of the mugs to her girlfriend. "What movies do you want to watch?"
  11. Alex giggled as they made out on the dance floor, before he lead away from the dance floor and over to some wall. She hummed softly as he moved his lips down to her neck, a small weakness of hers, before she smirked lightly when Zade said that he couldn't keep his hands to himself. "I can see that," she whispered back, teasing him. She let outa soft groan as he nibbled her skin before she gasped lightly when he grabbed her ass. "Zade!" Alex laughed as she playfully slapped his arm. They had already had sex before coming to the club, were they really going to go at it again after only one song?
  12. Alex grinned when she saw his eyes lit up as he felt their son move. She nodded in agreement when he said that this was a beautiful moment, before she kissed him back as he caressed her stomach. "Me neither," she chuckled with him when he said that he couldn't wait for the arrival of their son. Of course she was worried about the whole labor and delivery thing, but she was more scared about being a good mother and raising their son right. Alex nodded when Zade her that he would be back after talking to the manager. She smiled as he kissed her again before she watched as he grabbed his jacket and walked off. So she waited in her seat as she caressed her stomach lovingly and waited for ttheir food to show up. Not long before he came back to their table, the waitercame by with their food so she thanked him before she stole one of the onion rings that were on Zade's plate. She took a bite out of it before she raised an eyebrow as the lights were dimmed.
  13. Alex's frown deepened when he told her that she wasn't be funny. "Well, it wasn't funny when you joked about not being our child's father." She frowned at him as she folded her arms over her chest. She sighed as she unfolded her arms and set her hands on her lap, she didn't want to be mad at him and she knew that stress was bad for their baby. Alex raised an eyebrow when Zade told her that the interview would basically be a typical work interview. Since she had already taken off her shoes, Alex moved her foot up between his legs so she could gently stroke it over his crotch. "What sort of questions?" She smirked back at him.
  14. Alex had woken up in the middle of the night with an intense urge to go to the bathroom, but that thought quickly disappeared as she moved to stand up but realized that her water had broken instead. "Shit," she muttered under her breath. She reached back behind her to shake whoever had been sleeping next to her awake. Even though she couldn't really remember in that moment she was really hoping that it was Zade because she didn't want to wake Skylar up knowing that she needed all the sleep that she could get too. Alex took a deep breath and reminded herself to stay calm because freaking out right now was not going to do anyone any good. She held onto her swollen stomach as she stood up and walked over to get her hospital bag that was thankfully already packed and ready to go for them.
  15. Alex frowned when he accused her of thinking that he would cheat when he was at work. "Relax Zade, I was joking." She didn't even care if he did want to fool around at work, as long as she knew about it before hand. Of course she loved him and Skylar, but obviously they were in a open relationship. So if he did want to have sex with someone else she knew that she would have to be alright with that, even in her crazy hormonal pregnant state. And if he didn't then she was perfectly happy with that too, most of the time she didn't want to share her man aside from Skylar. Alex smiled lightly when he said that he would be worried if she got hurt if she was working for him. She smirked when he winked at her and offered to set up an interview for her. "And what would this interview include?"