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  1. Luke Doyle

    His first thought was that she had really nice hands and he wanted to keep his grasp on it but knew that would seem incredibly creepy. "Its a pleasure to meet you Layla!" he said brightly before taking another sip of cider, "Yeah it is... Castle? are you still a student??". She hadnt looked like a student to him but he wasnt that long out of hogwarts. He liked that her cheeks were turning slightly red, was it him or the wine she was drinking. "I just want to say you look so beautiful tonight". He smiled and wink at her quickly.
  2. Luke Doyle

    Luke was so excited to of been invited to the gala. He was very young and was looking for someone to spend his life with hopefully. He smiled at the other people and walked into the tent where the gala was being held. Luke picked up a cider from a nearby waiter and looked around the tent, his eyes settled on an attractive young woman. He decided he may as well walk up to her and ask to spend some time with her. "Hey, Im Luke and you are?" He said smiling and holding out his hand for the girl to shake.