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  1. Layla Marcosi

    Layla smiled as her dad spoke "id really like that dad.." She smiled as she looked at tge menu. When the waiter came back and her dad ordered, layla smiled "ill have the sane except ibstead of wine ill have the twelfth night cake.." She said as she closed the menu and handed it to the waiter. She waited as tge waiter left and looked to her dad "...it would be really great if you could.." She said as she crossed her feet at the ankles. She recalled her dad's words about luke and blushed a bit "...yea i really do like luke dad...he makes me smile..and laugh" she said as her cheeks turned red as she mentioned him. If her dad was paying attention he could see it. @Will Barlow
  2. Layla Marcosi

    Layla smiled as she sipped her wine, the warmth radiating from her cheeks as she lookes to her hand which was in his. The moment he touched her hand caused her stomach to flip in knots as he asked if ahe was still in school "yea...its my last year." She said. Taking another sip, layla's eyes brigjtened as he spoke, saying she was beautiful. Her fathers told her that all the time. They were her fathers. But this was different. He was rather nice looking and he was paying attention to her. Noone of the opposite sex did that except her dads and that was different "..i...um thanks.." She saod as She looked to him for a second as she bit her lower lip slightly. He was cute but she really couldnt say that to him. Shed get to embarrassed. @Luke Doyle
  3. Layla Marcosi

    Layla sipped on the water aa her father spoke and asked jer of she had any ideas about after graduation "well im not sure quite yet..i mean i like helping people and taking care of some of the younger kids at school who dont have family.." She said as she looked at the menu "maybe a healer of some sort or working at the orphange.." She added. Layla looked over the menu and smiled a bit "the three course lunch sounds really good..." She looked to him with a mod as she motioned to the lunch course. Whem he mentioned Luke. Layla looked down at her hands and blushed and if herr dad was paying attention, she could see it. @Will Barlow
  4. Layla Marcosi

    Layla had taken a sip of her drink and was walking about the room when a rather attractive guy came up to her and introduced himself "nice to meet you Luke...im Layla..marcosi.." She said, taking his hand and shaking it in greeting. She couldnt help but smile as he atood there, her cheeks glowed slightly with a hue of red as she tried to not stare so much. He was really cute "its really nice to be invited to the place...usually just stuck inside the castle all day" she said as she looked to him, her eyes shining like diamonds.
  5. Layla Marcosi

    Layla had been taking in all the sights as they were vacationing. She hadnt remembered anything more beautiful. When they were seated at a table and will jad asked her how she was enjoying paris so far, layla smiled to him "...paris is really pretty" she said as she looked to her dad. She had been adopted by them when she was just a tot so for all purposes they were her fathers. Layla smiled a bit as she looked to him "i didn't think id like it this much but being here...at least with you guys...its rather nice" she said as she as she crossed her feet at the ankles as she gave her father a smile, her eyes sparkling like diamonds. @Will Barlow
  6. @Luke Doyle She couldnt believe everyone had been invited to the gala for the minister. Itt was a nice night and the trip on the knigjt bis had been rather noisy with everyone talking about the election and all. Making her way off the bus, Layla followed the others into the tent and watxhes as the others plus the asults had shifted off into their own places. Layla smiles as she looked around, making her way through the tent and admiring everything they had, picking up a glass of sparkling cider and sipping on it as she walked around.
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