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  1. Andrew McGuffin

    Andy snorted at Lion's comment about him not being special. "No need to remind me of that. I already know, my mum reminds me of it, daily." He murmured in a light tone, but anyone could tell that he was faking it. He tried to control his negative thoughts. Cameron wasn't the only who got badgered and neglected by their parents. He did too, but seeing that he was the young twin, he got off more lightly. Watching her chugged down his bottle of firewhiskey as if her life depended on it, Andy stayed silent. Was she that scared of kissing him? When she finally leaned in, and their lips touched, he could feel that she didn't know what to do for she was stiff as a board. 'Relax babe,' he thought, 'go with what you are feeling...' He pulled her gently closer and slanted his mouth across hers, trying to coax her into relaxing more before drawing away from the girl. Sitting back down, he waited for the others' reaction to their kiss. @Isabella Wood
  2. Andrew McGuffin

    Surrendering the bottle, Andy rolled his eyes a little at the little Lion's words and said, "Oh dear me, you're a feisty one aren't you?" He then shrugged his shoulders and kept silent at her comment to whether or not she had read his mind. But at the visible blush on her face, he knew that she indeed had read it. A smirk appeared, and he leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Seriously." He then stole the bottle back and drank from it before giving it back to her. When the girl started the game, and the bottle landed on him, Andy's eyes widened a fraction before returning to normal. A small smirk appeared on his face as he looked up over at the girl. A flicker of confusion appeared in his eyes when he read the emotion on her face. At first, it looked slightly upset before settling to a shy one. Did she not want to kiss him? Tilting his head to the side, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Shall we get this show on the road?" He leaned in slowly to allow the girl time to push him away if she chose to. He wouldn't force himself on anyone. @Isabella Wood
  3. Andrew McGuffin

    When Andy asked who wanted some firewhiskey, he didn't anticipate the fact that the one that he had opened for himself might be stolen right out of his hands. "Oiy, that's mine..." He started to complain but after getting a good look at her face he stopped and finished his sentence off with, "But I suppose we can share, then." He pulled the bottle out of the girl's grasp before taking a long gulp out of it. Right in the middle of his drink, Andy choked on the firewhiskey when suddenly the girl asked who was having sex. "P-pardon me? What the hell? I didn't say anything... did you just?" Could it be that she could hear what he had been thinking. Humm.... well there was one way to find out. He looked wide eye at the girl before thinking, Damn you're cute... I don't mind saying it's me if you're the one I'm with. @Isabella Wood
  4. Andrew McGuffin

    Good Merlin, Andrew's heart was in his mouth when he saw his twin crash into two other players before hitting a post and finally going down. He didn't even wait for the game to finish before taking off towards the hospital wing. He gained a lot of odd looks as he zipped past the many students who didn't go to watch the game. Entering the infirmary, he looked around for his brother and saw a still figure lying in a bed at the far left of the room. Moving to go towards Cameron, he was stopped by the matron. "Mr. McGuffin, your brother is fine, but isn't awake to receive visitors yet." She said with a frown on her face. "I don't care if he's not awake. I just need to see that he's okay visibly. Hearing about it is not good enough." He complained, giving her a pleading look. After a few seconds, the matron relented allowing him to go and sit down in the only chair next to his twin's bed. "Merlin's beard, you are a reckless idiot." Andy murmured with a shake of his head as he looked down at his brother's unconscious face. He wondered if Raina knew about her boyfriend's accident, and if she knew, was she coming to visit? He reached up and channeled some of his healing hand magic into Cameron's head, hoping to at least fix something in there. @Cameron McGuffin @Raina Ashford
  5. Andrew McGuffin

    Andy rolled his eyes a little at a couple sitting a few paces away from him. They were being lovey-dovey and that made him rather envious of them. He needed to get laid and fast. Perhaps he could find a willing victim... erm he meant person that he could take to bed here. When Imogen finally started the game, perked up a little. Finally! Taking a swig of his firewhiskey, Andy waited for someone to start spinning the bottle that was brought out. He wasn't about to start the game himself.
  6. Andrew McGuffin

    Secret party? Andrew was definitely in the mood to go. Silently he moved through the hallways and made his way to the room in which most of his school mates were already there. Pushing open the door he poked his head in and held up a few bottles of fire whiskey. ”Brought some fire whiskey. Anyone want one?” He called out to the people inside as he went to sit down among them. He didn’t bother asking if his twin wanted to come for he didn’t know where the guy was. The most likely answer was with his girlfriend having hot sex or something of that nature. Pj
  7. Andrew McGuffin

    Andy was still humming to himself with his eyes closed when he heard a female voice that was mumbling to herself coming closer and closer towards his compartment. When whoever it was had stopped in front of the door and pushed it open, he saw that it was a brunette who seemed one year younger than he was. She started to mutter something about burning her luggage before she stopped when she saw him. Merlin, she looked gorgeous when taken by surprise. "Hello there." She, however, didn't say anything to him as she stared at his face intently. "Is there something on my face?" He asked with a quirk of his eyebrows. He didn't get to say much after that for the door slid open once more, and this time the person he had been waiting to see finally showed up. His twin address the girl as Sierra. Did he know her? Was she the girl he had been seeing? Andy winced mentally when Cameron sat down next to him and nudged him before asking him in a harsh tone about things at home. Ignoring the other comment about not wanting to know, he said, "Things are fine Cameron. Grams missed you as well as I. Don't say it's bullshit for you know that it's true. She did what she did out of sudden fear. She wasn't thinking straight." He momentarily forgot that they had company and he scowled to himself for the slip-up. "You didn't hear anything, got it?" Andy said in a gruff voice to the girl before looking towards the door once more when Cameron suddenly sounded a lot happier as he spoke to whoever was there. The newcomer was a redhead who seemed to have a strange glow to her. Things became clearer to Andy, and he realized that she was probably the one Cameron was dating for he had looked over just in time to see his twin kiss her on the cheek. He watched him help her with her luggage with a grim smile on his face. See, this was the side he knew that Cameron still had in him. He chuckled at the girl's comment and shrugged his shoulders at her. "It's most definitely the potion." He teased her with a smirk. @Sierra Reed @Cameron McGuffin @Raina Ashford
  8. Andrew McGuffin

    Ugh, his final year at Hogwarts and he still didn’t have a girlfriend! Andy wasn’t like his brother who slept around all the time. But hey even with that said, he still managed to land himself one. Lucky bastard. Groaning, he made his way to an empty compartment and flopped down onto the seat. He drummed his fingers on the leather as he waited for his twin to arrive. He knew that he would show up sooner or later. He just didn’t know when. He hadn’t seen Cam since their grandma kicked him out of their house a few days earlier. Andy has tried to contact him but he hadn’t heard anything from him yet. @Cameron McGuffin @Raina Ashford @Sierra Reed