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  1. Ewan Graeme

    Ewan grinned and looked up from his papers as he heard his girlfriend. Ah am glad ye culd make it. Hoo was yer day? Sae ye ur guttin' 'en? He got up and wrapped his arms around her as she kissed his cheek. Following her as she grabbed wine and ask if he wanted some, he laughed and replied: Ay coorse! Ah almost opened a bottle while Ah was waitin' fur ye. see? Ah behaved... He smiled and poured the wine handing her a glass and said: Tae us! and took a sip after clinking his glass with hers. Bringing her to her chair, he pulled it out for her to sit and kissed her cheek as he pushed her chair under the table once she was seated. He removed his spells and winked at her before he motioned for her to start eating as he did too. @Alana Auberjonois
  2. Ewan Graeme

    @Alana Auberjonois Ewan was tidying his Inn waiting on his lovely girlfriend. Today was a special day as it was their Couple’s Anniversary. It has been two years. Two years of fun, heated arguments, sex and everything in between. He had asked ‘lana to join him here after she would be done with work. Hopefully she would be off soon as it was already getting late. Dinner was being kept warm with a few conservation spells and he ended up readingnthe Prophet once he had nothing else to do but wait. Having send his last message by patronus half an hour ago, he would wait a few more minutes before trying again to reach her, unless she was already on her way. He had prepared her favourite chicken meal along with chocolate soufflés for dessert. He was also nervous as what he was about to ask her could change their lives forever.