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  1. Molly arrived at the Gala wearing this little outfit. Of course, her parents were already in attendance with their friends sitting at a table, but she had explicitly told them that this time she wanted to just wander around by herself being an adult and all now, so she wandered herself over to a table and took a seat down by herself, watching as couples passed by her, and people were smoothly dancing on the floor. Oh, and that Italian singer was singing so beautifully. Oh, how she wished to have someone to maybe dance with to this song. Or at least maybe someone to go up to the buffet table and just grab some bites to eat with.
  2. Molly Weasley II

    Molly didn't even realize that someone had to come to have joined her, so she was caught back a bit by hearing as someone slightly coughed, so when she turned to see who it was, she was more caught back, oh it was just her boss! Eeek, she remained cool down and hoped not to say something silly or even dared embarrass herself to him, she smiled lightly. "Oh, hello, Sir. That is correct, Molly Weasley II. At your service and to the hospital. Oh, yes. that is a great recommendation. aside with some biscuits and some of that white gravy, yummers. Erm, is that all your having, Sir? I must say, I don't see the man around here much to eat." she said with a slightly laugh and shook her head, feeling like only the women around here ate while the man just had small pieces of fruits, or just a cup of coffee, and maybe even just have simple as small seeds, but here she was about to get her grub on, so she felt a bit like the only person in here for the food. "Of course. I don't mean anything bad about that, hope you don't think I mean anything like that of sorts.. @Director Aaron Demetry
  3. Molly Weasley II

    Molly didn't expect anyone really to come and catch her half bitten down on a sandwich, so as she was taking a huge bite into her sandwich, a bit of mustard came out spreading by her right cheek and to make things more surprising, someone had now apparently come to join her, which she didn't really look up right away, but instead quickly grabbed the napkin to her side, cleaning off what she felt the bit dab of mustard on her cheek and then turned to look at the person who had joined her and it was a guy, like wow, and he wanted to sit with her? I mean, she was stunned, but of course, it was obvious the guy didn't have any other choice, so she nodded to him right away in letting him join her. "Of course, pull a seat. Oh, hello! it's nice to meet your acquaintance, Cayden Donner." she said to him a bit with a cheery tone and a smile, making some room for him to place his stuff down on the table. "Molly Weasley II, Welcome Witch. First day. It's nice to meet someone from Peds, especially the head of that department, woah, splendid." @Cayden Donner
  4. Molly Weasley II

    Whoops! She probably was arriving a bit late to the gathering and totally had just forgotten about it. Downstairs it had been chaotic and she lost track of all time and didn't want to leave the front desk short staffed, as they were already today, but luckily a few more people had now arrived, and so she was allowed to take her to break now and get a bit of a rest, also grab some bites to eat. Molly arrived to see the room already filled with loads of people. There was the group of men, with their boss, so she would have to pass swiftly with a cheerful greeting to them all and maybe just hang alone... mhm. "Good day everyone." She said to all of the staff cheerfully and bold, especially to her own boss, and passed the group of gents over to the food table and grabbed a plate. pondering on what to serve herself. Knowing for years as this was usually the way of this type of stuff. The man gathering in their little groups, others making small chat, and from time to time you had people even flirting with each other. Ugh, she was now slowly drifting into her romance dreamland.
  5. Molly Weasley II

  6. Molly Weasley II

    Molly arrives at the front steps of St Mungo's with her father, Percy Weasley. She takes a moment to look at St Mungo's with a bit of distress in her, since this is being her first official day working here, and it sure wasn't gonna be like her internship in the summers before, this was going to be the real thing. She had made it off from the chopping block and into the frying pan. As she was thinking all of these things t herself, she hears his father clear his throat and starts saying something words to her, "You got this, Moll. There's nothing to worry about. They wouldn't had hired you otherwise, and remember we are all cheering for you, especially Grandpa. And he even sent you something, which I was told to only give you to you on your first day at the new job, so this is for you from him. Now, I would suggest you open it later and hurry, you don't want to be late on your first day, right?" Molly nodded to his father listening as the street clock was chiming now as the hour had come, she grabbed the present from his father, given him a quick hug. "Thanks, daddy. I'll see you after work." With that she quickly went towards the door, taking a deep breath to herself, and walked inside the doors of the hospital. After how many hours of her first day in her new job as the welcome witch, lunchtime had rolled around, and Molly was feeling a bit hungry, so she hurried off to the hospital lunch cafeteria to grab herself a coffee and a sandwich. As she noticed the place was a bit packed, she was able to find an empty table with two seats, so she hurried down to take the table, placing her stuff down on it, and started to drink slowly first some of her coffee, in very much needed of that caffeine. @Cayden Donner
  7. Molly Weasley II

    *Steals @Cayden Donner *