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  1. Bruno St. James

    Bruno smirked not even afraid by her frown. Being married to her for a while now there wasn’t much of Addie’s attitude or reactions that surprised him anymore. Rolling his eyes at her comment, he added kissing Addie’s cheek: "Georgia, no matter which amazing path you choose, I’ll be there to cheer you on. Don’t be someone else, be yourself. Even if that means Daddy will be wrapped around your little finger..." He chuckled and offered Addie a light back rub and hummed to try and soothe her down. Finley did look like the happiest little boy in the world right now. Bruno laughed as Addie said he would be back to Finley. "I’m never too far, buddy. Don’t worry." He laughed again seeing Addie with their son. He then smirked and whispered in her ear: "Sercan told me there was more cake for you in our bedroom. Enjoy..." He was almost sure she’d run there to stuff her face with it. He lifted her hand to kiss it and then once they were in their bedroom, he looked at her with so much desire he pounced on her and they fell down on the bed, him on top. He started Taking her top off hen her bra and kisses her down until he reached her growing belly. Kissing it softly and caressing it, he then slowly took her maternity jeans off with her panties. Looking at his naked wife, he wolf-whistled appreciatively and began undressing himself as he kissed and caressed her. He cupped her bum and rubbed her lower half on his hard on before he wrapped his arms around her and slipped inside her hot walls pushing up against her urging her to ride him. "Come on, Cowgirl, ride me." @Adrianna St. James
  2. Bruno St. James

    Bruno was so excited for the new baby's arrival. He along with Sercan had made sure to get everything Addie would need to be done so she wouldn't go into her crazy mood of running head first then think about it later. He knew how much sacrifice Addie had gone through with Finley and now this second one halfway through the pregnancy, Bruno could see she hated giving up on her career, no matter how much she loved her son and would love her daughter once she will be born. Good. Girls should always listen to their daddies..., he said jokingly. He pecked Addie's lips and wrapped his arms around her bringing her close to him, nuzzling into the crook of her neck. Good thing I saw him or else he would have gotten a nasty bump on the head... He chuckled against her lips after her comment on Finley. You're just like Mama, little man!! Ignoring Addie's glare he kept kissing Finley and tickling him, never getting tired to hear his laugh. He set Finley down and his heart almost melted as the boy held out a hand to grab Bruno's to walk away with his help. Come on, Finley, let's get you in your chair... He lifted him up and set him in there as Addie mentioned the nap with him and he could only grin at how not subtle she was being, as usual. Oh, I don't need a nap... he started looking all serious before he burst into laughter seeing the deception on her face. Appproaching her, he whispered: I do need some time with my wife, though... He knew what she had meant earlier. He pwcked her lips again and chuckled as Finley offered him a bite of his banana. Thanks, buddy. That's nice of you to share. He said praising him and ruffling his hair, which got Finley all bouncy again and wanting to share with Addie too. Grabbing an apple and some almonds, he sat beside Finley and munched on his own snack before he got back up once he was done, asking Sercan to go put Finley down for his nap and grabbing Addie's hand to go to their bedroom. @Adrianna St. James
  3. Bruno St. James

    Bruno smiled back at her. A Couple of hours is really good.  He got closer to her and caressed her belly. Be nice to Mama, Georgia... he warned, chuckling. AS Finlry babbled, he grinned. Looking back up at Addie, he replied to her question: Bouncy... Sercan told me she kept chasing him around too...He tried climbing the DVD storage...Almost got hurt badly if I had not caught him... He smirked as she kissedhis cheek and joked saying: You missed... He then began kissing her hard on the mouth, deepening the kiss a little before bursting out laughing breaking the kiss as Finley begged for attention too, his hand patting Bruno’s cheek.I didn’t forget you, little man...Come here...He picked up his son and peppered the boy’s face with butterfly kisses, laughing as Finley giggled before handing him out to Addie again. Let’s go back inside. I need a snack. Finley grinned showing his few teeth and said excitedly: Ninny! Ninny! Bruno roared into laughter and nodded caressing the boy’s cheek. Yes, Finley can havea snack too... @Adrianna St. James
  4. Bruno St. James

    As Addie came into view, he smiled at her and was about to tell Finley, but he turned his head and started bouncing and gurgling happily as he saw her. Mama’s here! Yay! Looking at her he said: Of course, you can join in.Did you sleep a little at least? He wanted to make sure she was okay as he knewfuture practices would be rougher. Finley wriggled so much, as if he wanted to be let out so Bruno took him off the baby swing and he made grabby hands at Addie. Now it’s mama and Finny time, I guess...
  5. Bruno St. James

    Bruno was outside playing with Finley in the backyard while Addie was taking a small nap and Sercan was doing house chores. His mother had dropped by in the morning to bring Finley back as she had babysat him while Addie and Bruno had a late evening quidditch practice. It had been nice to have some alone time just the both of them as he had given the day off to Sercan as well. He was singing a silly song as he pushed Finley on his baby swing and the little boy was giggling, making Bruno laugh as well. @Adrianna St. James